Section X-43

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Section X-43: State construction, remodeling or other capital improvements - Amount of indebtedness - Payment and discharge of debt - Issuance of bonds.

    The State of Oklahoma may become indebted in an amount not to
exceed Three Hundred Fifty Million Dollars ($350,000,000.00) pursuant
to the provisions of Enrolled House Bill No. 2428 of the 2nd Session
of the 43rd Oklahoma Legislature and any amendments thereto for the
purpose of constructing new buildings, remodeling, modernizing and
repairing any and all existing buildings and providing other capital
improvements and for the purchase of land, equipment and furnishings
necessary for such new construction, remodeling or other capital
improvements, including any costs of issuance associated with the
indebtedness, for the following departments of state government in
the amounts and for the purposes indicated as follows:
    1.  Oklahoma State Regents for Higher
        Education for expenditure as follows:
        a.  University of Oklahoma - Norman Campus   $22,731,000.00
        b.  University of Oklahoma - Health
            Sciences Center                          $22,400,000.00
        c.  Oklahoma State University - Stillwater
            Campus                                   $22,328,000.00
        d.  Oklahoma State University -
            Agriculture Experiment Station            $4,000,000.00
        e.  Oklahoma State University - Veterinary
            Medicine                                  $5,075,000.00
        f.  Oklahoma State University - Technical
            Branch - Okmulgee                         $4,118,000.00
        g.  Oklahoma State University - Technical
            Branch - Oklahoma City                    $3,868,000.00
        h.  Oklahoma State University - College of
            Osteopathic Medicine                      $3,750,400.00
        i.  University of Central Oklahoma            $7,765,106.00
        j.  East Central University                   $5,869,000.00
        k.  Northeastern State University             $8,813,400.00
        l.  Northwestern Oklahoma State University    $2,860,000.00
        m.  Southeastern Oklahoma State University    $5,586,900.00
        n.  Southwestern Oklahoma State University
            - Weatherford Campus                      $6,297,500.00
        o.  Southwestern Oklahoma State University
            - Sayre Campus                              $300,000.00
        p.  Cameron University                       $10,200,000.00
        q.  Langston University                       $2,842,500.00
        r.  Oklahoma Panhandle State University       $2,016,500.00
        s.  University of Science and Arts of
            Oklahoma                                  $3,104,376.00
        t.  University Center at Tulsa               $15,000,000.00
        u.  Carl Albert State College                 $3,021,000.00
        v.  Connors State College                     $2,055,100.00
        w.  Eastern Oklahoma State College            $2,007,600.00
        x.  Murray State College                      $2,045,000.00
        y.  Northeastern Oklahoma Agricultural and
            Mechanical College                        $2,410,400.00
        z.  Northern Oklahoma College                 $1,206,500.00
       aa.  Oklahoma City Community College           $6,152,100.00
       bb.  Redlands Community College                $2,003,900.00
       cc.  Rogers State College                      $5,035,100.00
       dd.  Rose State College                        $6,158,600.00
       ee.  Seminole Junior College                   $2,125,924.00
       ff.  Tulsa Junior College                     $22,333,800.00
       gg.  Western Oklahoma State College            $2,500,000.00
       hh.  Enid Higher Education Program               $619,123.00
       ii.  Enid Higher Education Program -
            this allocation is contingent upon
            a $2,200,000.00 match by the local
            community                                 $1,980,877.00
       jj.  Ardmore Higher Education Program            $619,123.00
       kk.  Muskogee Higher Education Program           $619,123.00
       ll.  Idabel Higher Education Program             $619,123.00
       mm.  Tulsa Medical Center debt retirement      $6,600,000.00
       nn.  Food Processing Research Center -
            Stillwater                               $14,000,000.00
       oo.  Natural History Museum - Norman          $15,000,000.00
    2.  State Department of Vocational and
        Technical Education for expenditure as
        a.  Instructional equipment for area
            schools, including inmate training
            facilities                                $2,300,000.00
        b.  Mid-Del Vo-Tech                             $200,000.00
        c.  Okmulgee County AVTS                      $3,200,000.00
        d.  Southwest AVTS                            $1,500,000.00
        e.  Wes Watkins AVTS                          $1,000,000.00
        f.  Western Oklahoma AVTS                     $2,000,000.00
    3.  Oklahoma Water Resources Board                $5,700,000.00
    4.  Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department
        for the following purposes:
        roads, park improvements, sewage
        treatment, facility rehab, equipment,
        trails, park visitor centers, tourism
        information centers, Will Rogers Museum
        and other museums, Oklahoma Jazz Hall of
        Fame and Quartz Mountain Arts and
        Conference Center                            $18,000,000.00
    5.  Oklahoma Historical Society                   $1,700,000.00
    6.  Department of Human Services                  $5,300,000.00
    7.  Department of Corrections for the
        following purposes:
        drug offender work camps
        and meat processing facility at Jackie
        Brannon                                       $6,500,000.00
    8.  State Department of Health                    $7,500,000.00
    9.  State Department of Agriculture for
        purposes of dry fire hydrants and rural
        fire equipment                                $1,000,000.00
    10. Department of Central Services                $4,300,000.00
    11. Oklahoma Military Department                    $800,000.00
    12. Oklahoma School of Science and
        Mathematics.  Said amount shall not be
        used for purposes of subsection D of
        Section 168.3 of Title 73 of the Oklahoma
        Statutes                                      $4,500,000.00
    13. Office of State Finance for expenditure
        for telecommunications as recommended by
        the State Data Processing and
        Telecommunications Advisory Committee        $14,000,000.00
    14. Oklahoma Department of Libraries for
        expenditure for matching grant program
        for handicapped access                          $500,000.00
    15. Oklahoma Department of Veterans
        Affairs for the following purposes:
        New facility at Norman, computer
        programming-mapper system, and
        improvements at the facilities at
        Ardmore, Sulphur, Talihina, Clinton,
        Claremore and Okmulgee                       $16,432,500.00
    16. Department of Mental Health and Substance
        Abuse Services                                $6,400,000.00
    If the full amount of funding for any project specified in this
section is not necessary for provision of such project, any remaining
available funds shall be allocated as provided for by law.
    The payment and discharge of the principal of such debt, together
with principal and interest on such indebtedness, shall be paid from
one or more of the following sources of state income as follows:
    1.  Any remainder of revenue available from the taxes lawfully
levied and collected by the State of Oklahoma on the sale of
cigarettes not already committed to other obligations of the State of
    2.  Allocations by the Legislature of the State of Oklahoma from
any monies in the general revenue fund of the state not otherwise
obligated, committed or appropriated; and
    3.  The proceeds of any tax which the Legislature may impose and
collect for the purpose of paying the principal and interest on the
indebtedness herein authorized to be created, and authority is hereby
granted to the Legislature to so impose and collect such tax, if
    The bonds evidencing the indebtedness herein authorized may be
issued by the Oklahoma Building Bonds Commission, the members of
which shall be appointed by the Governor, the Speaker of the House of
Representatives and the President Pro Tempore of the State Senate as
provided for by law and may be issued in one or more series, for a
term or terms not to exceed thirty (30) years from their date, and
may contain any and all provisions which the Oklahoma State
Legislature may deem necessary or expedient to make such bonds
marketable as general obligations of the State of Oklahoma with the
full faith and credit of the state pledged thereto.
    The provisions of this section shall not become effective if
Enrolled House Bill No. 2074 of the 2nd Session of the 43rd Oklahoma
Legislature is not approved by the people of this state.

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