Section VII-B-2

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Section VII-B-2: Declaration of candidacy - Election.

  At the general election next before his term expires, any
Judicial Officer may seek retention in office by filing with the
Secretary of State, not less than sixty (60) days before the date
of such election, a declaration of candidacy to succeed himself.
Thereupon, at such election, there shall be submitted to the
qualified electors of the State, on a separate ballot, without
party designation, this question:
     "Shall (Here insert name of Justice or Judge) of (Here insert
     the title of the court) be retained in Office?
The question shall be decided by a majority of those voting thereon.
If the decision is "yes" the Judicial Officer shall be retained in
office for the next ensuing six (6) year term.  If the decision is
"no", or if no declaration of candidacy is filed, the office shall be
vacant upon expiration of the term then being served, and the former
Judicial Officer shall not be eligible for appointment to succeed
himself.  Retention in office may be sought for successive terms
without limit as to number, except for retirement as may be provided
by the Legislature for a maximum retirement age.  

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