Section VII-A-1

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Section VII-A-1: Removal of judges from office - Compulsory retirement - Causes.

  (a)  In addition to other methods and causes prescribed by the
Constitution and laws, the judges of any court, exercising
judicial power under the provisions of Article VII, or under any
other provision, of the Constitution of Oklahoma, shall be
subject to removal from office, or to compulsory retirement from
office, for causes herein specified, by proceedings in the Court
on the Judiciary.
  (b)  Cause for removal from office shall be:  Gross neglect of
duty; corruption in office; habitual drunkenness; commission
while in office of any offense involving moral turpitude; gross
partiality in office; oppression in office; or other grounds as
may be specified hereafter by the legislature.
  (c)  Cause for compulsory retirement from office, with or
without compensation, shall be mental or physical disability
preventing the proper performance of official duty, or
incompetence to perform the duties of the office.  

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