Section VI-10

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Section VI-10: Reprieves, commutations, paroles and pardons.

    There is hereby created a Pardon and Parole Board to be composed
of five members; three to be appointed by the Governor; one by the
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; one by the Presiding Judge of the
Criminal Court of Appeals or its successor.  An attorney member of
the Board shall be prohibited from representing in the courts of this
state persons charged with felony offenses.  The appointed members
shall hold their offices coterminous with that of the Governor and
shall be removable for cause only in the manner provided by law for
elective officers not liable to impeachment.  It shall be the duty of
the Board to make an impartial investigation and study of applicants
for commutations, pardons or paroles, and by a majority vote make its
recommendations to the Governor of all deemed worthy of clemency.
Provided, the Pardon and Parole Board shall have no authority to make
recommendations regarding parole for convicts sentenced to death or
sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.
    The Governor shall have the power to grant, after conviction and
after favorable recommendation by a majority vote of the said Board,
commutations, pardons and paroles for all offenses, except cases of
impeachment, upon such conditions and with such restrictions and
limitations as he may deem proper, subject to such regulations as may
be prescribed by law.  Provided, the Governor shall not have the
power to grant paroles if a convict has been sentenced to death or
sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.  The Legislature shall
have the authority to prescribe a minimum mandatory period of
confinement which must be served by a person prior to being eligible
to be considered for parole.  The Governor shall have power to grant
after conviction, reprieves, or leaves of absence not to exceed sixty
(60) days, without the action of said Board.
    He shall communicate to the Legislature, at each regular session,
each case of reprieve, commutation, parole or pardon, granted,
stating the name of the convict, the crime of which he was convicted,
the date and place of conviction, and the date of commutation,
pardon, parole and reprieve.

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