Section V-58

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Section V-58: Time of taking effect of statutes - Emergency measures.

    No act shall take effect until ninety days after the adjournment
of the session at which it was passed, except enactments for carrying
into effect provisions relating to the initiative and referendum, or
a general appropriation bill, unless, in case of emergency, to be
expressed in the act, the Legislature, by a vote of two-thirds of all
members elected to each House, so directs.  An emergency measure
shall include only such measures as are immediately necessary for the
preservation of the public peace, health, or safety, and shall not
include the granting of franchises or license to a corporation or
individual, to extend longer than one year, nor provision for the
purchase or sale of real estate, nor the renting or encumbrance of
real property for a longer term than one year.  Emergency measures
may be vetoed by the Governor, but such measures so vetoed may be
passed by a three-fourths vote of each House, to be duly entered on
the journal.

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