Section V-10A

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Section V-10A: House of Representatives - Number of members - Formula - Tenure.

  The House of Representatives shall consist of the number of
Representatives as determined by the formula and procedure set
forth herein.  The number of members of the House of
Representatives to which each county shall be entitled shall be
determined according to the following formula:
  a.  The total population of the state as ascertained by the
most recent Federal Decennial Census shall be divided by the
number one hundred and the quotient shall be the ratio of
representation in the House of Representatives, except as
otherwise provided in this Article.
  b.  Every county having a population less than one full ratio
shall be assigned one Representative; every county containing an
entire ratio but less than two ratios shall be assigned two
Representatives; every county containing a population of two
entire ratios but less than three ratios shall be assigned three
Representatives; and every county containing a population of
three entire ratios but less than four ratios shall be assigned
four Representatives.
  After the first four Representatives, a county shall qualify
for additional representation on the basis of two whole ratios of
population for each additional Representative.
  Each Representative nominated and elected shall hold office for
two years.  

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