Article 7.--Public Institutions And Welfare

§ 1: Benevolent institutions. Institutions for the benefit of mentally or physically incapacitated or handicapped persons, and such other benevolent institutions as the public good may require, shall be fostered and supported by the state, subject to such regulations as may be prescribed by law.
§ 4: Aged and infirm persons; financial aid; state participation. The respective counties of the state shall provide, as may be prescribed by law, for those inhabitants who, by reason of age, infirmity or other misfortune, may ha ve claims upon the aid of society. The state may participate financially in such aid and supervise and control the administration thereof.
§ 5: Unemployment compensation; old-age benefits; taxation. The state may provide by law for unemployment compensation and contributory old-age benefits and may tax employers and employees therefor; and the restrictions and lim itations of section 24 of article 2, and section 1 of article 11 of the constitution shall not be construed to limit the authority conferred by this amendment. No direct ad valorem tax shall be laid on real or personal property for such purposes.
§ 6: Tax levy for certain institutions. The legislature may levy a permanent tax for the creation of a building fund for institutions caring for those who are mentally ill, retarded, visually handicapped, with a handicapping heari ng loss, tubercular or for children who are dependent, neglected or delinquent and in need of residential institutional care or treatment and for institutions primarily designed to provide vocational rehabilitation for handicapped persons, and the legisla ture shall apportion among and appropriate the same to the several institutions, which levy, apportionment and appropriation shall continue until changed by statute. Nothing herein contained shall prevent such further appropriation by the legislature as m ay be deemed necessary from time to time for the needs of said charitable and benevolent institutions. Nothing in this amendment shall repeal any statute of this state enacted prior to this amendment, and any levy, apportionment or appropriation made unde r authority of this section before its amendment, and any statute making the same, shall remain in full force and effect until amended or repealed by the legislature. End of Article 7.  Go on to Article 8.
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