Article 6 Section 39 - Retirement of justices and judges; vacancies

39. Retirement of justices and judges; vacancies

Section 39. On attaining the age of seventy years a justice or judge of a court of record shall retire and his judicial office shall be vacant, except as otherwise provided in section 35 of this article. In addition to becoming vacant as provided in this section, the office of a justice or judge of any court of record becomes vacant upon his death or his voluntary retirement pursuant to statute or his voluntary resignation, and also, as provided in section 38 of this article, upon the expiration of his term next following a general election at which a majority of those voting on the question of his retention vote in the negative or for which general election he is required, but fails, to file a declaration of his desire to be retained in office.

This section is alternative to and cumulative with the methods of removal of judges and justices provided in parts 1 and 2 of article 8 and article 6.1 of this Constitution.

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