Articles In title5

Article 5 Section 1 - Executive department; state officers; terms; election; residence and office at seat of government; duties
Article 5 Section 1 Version 2 - Term limits on executive department and state officers; term lengths; election; residence and office at seat of government; duties.
Article 5 Section 2 - Eligibility to state offices
Article 5 Section 3 - Governor, commander-in-chief of the military forces
Article 5 Section 4 - Governor; powers and duties; special sessions of legislature; message and recommendations
Article 5 Section 5 - Reprieves, commutations and pardons
Article 5 Section 6 - Death, resignation, removal or disability of governor; succession to office; impeachment, absence from state or temporary disability
Article 5 Section 7 - Presentation of bills to governor; approval; veto; filing with secretary of state; veto of items in appropriation bills; inapplication of veto power to referred bills
Article 5 Section 8 - Vacancies in office
Article 5 Section 9 - Powers and duties of state officers
Article 5 Section 10 - Canvass of election returns for state officers; certificates of election
Article 5 Section 11 - Commissions
Article 5 Section 12 - Compensation of elective state officers; commission on salaries for elective state officers

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