Articles In title11

Article 11 Section 1 - Public school system; education of pupils who are hearing and vision impaired
Article 11 Section 2 - Conduct and supervision of school system
Article 11 Section 3 - State board of education; composition; powers and duties; compensation
Article 11 Section 4 - State superintendent of public instruction; board membership; powers and duties
Article 11 Section 5 - Regents of university and other governing boards; appointments by governor; membership of governor on board of regents
Article 11 Section 6 - Admission of students of both sexes to state educational institutions; tuition; common school system
Article 11 Section 7 - Sectarian instruction; religious or political test or qualification
Article 11 Section 8 - Permanent state school fund; source; apportionment of state funds
Article 11 Section 9 - County school fund; size of fund; free schools
Article 11 Section 10 - Source of revenue for maintenance of state educational institutions

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