Bingo Games in Greene County.

For purposes of this amendment, the following words have the following meanings:

1. BINGO. That specific kind of game commonly known as bingo in which prizes are awarded on the basis of designated numbers or symbols on a card or electronic marking machine conforming to numbers or symbols selected at random.

2. EQUIPMENT. The receptacle and numbered objects drawn from it, the master board upon which such objects are placed as drawn, the cards or sheets bearing numbers or other designations to be covered and the objects used to cover them or electronic card marking machines, and the board or signs, however operated, used to announce or display the numbers or designations as they are drawn.

3. NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION. A bona fide religious, educational, service, senior citizens', fraternal, or veterans' organization which operates without profit to its members and which either has been in existence continuously as such an organization for a period of three years or is exempt from taxation by virtue of having been classified as a tax exempt nonprofit organization by the Internal Revenue Service, United States Government. This term includes a volunteer fire department and a volunteer rescue squad.

Bingo games for prizes or money may be operated by a nonprofit organization in Greene County. The sheriff shall promulgate rules and regulations for the licensing, permitting, and operation of bingo games within the county. The sheriff shall insure compliance with such rules or regulations and all of the following:

(1) No person under the age of 19 years shall be permitted to play any game or games of bingo, nor shall any person under the age of 19 years be permitted to conduct or assist in the operation of any game of bingo.

(2) Bingo games shall be operated exclusively on the premises owned or leased by the nonprofit organization operating the bingo game. Such location shall be specified in the application of the nonprofit organization.

(3) A nonprofit organization may not enter into any contract with any individual, firm, association, or corporation to have the individual or entity operate bingo games or concessions on behalf of the nonprofit organization. A nonprofit organization may not pay consulting fees to any individual or entity for any services performed in relation to the operation or conduct of a bingo game.

(4) A nonprofit organization may not lend its name or allow its identity to be used by another person or entity in the operating, promoting, or advertising of a bingo game in which the nonprofit organization is not directly and solely operating the bingo game.

(5) All equipment shall be stamped or clearly marked in letters no less than one-half inch in height and one-fourth inch in width (except for the letter "I") with the name of the nonprofit organization using the equipment. A nonprofit organization or other person or entity may not use equipment marked with the name of another nonprofit organization.

(6) Prizes given by any nonprofit organization for the playing of bingo games shall not exceed ten thousand dollars ($10,000) in cash or gifts of equivalent value during any bingo session .

(7) A nonprofit organization may not advertise bingo except to the extent and in the manner authorized by rule of the sheriff. If the sheriff allows a nonprofit organization to advertise bingo, the nonprofit organization shall indicate in the advertisement the purposes for which the net proceeds will be used by the nonprofit organization.

(8) A nonprofit organization shall display its bingo license conspicuously at the location where the bingo game is conducted.

(9) The sheriff shall determine by regulation the days of operation during any calendar week and the hours of operation.

A violation of this amendment is a Class A misdemeanor as specified by general law.

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