2022 Wyoming Statutes
Title 27 - Labor and Employment
Chapter 14 - Worker's Compensation
Article 6 - Contested Cases
Section 27-14-601 - Payment or Denial of Claim by Division; Notice; Objections; Review and Settlement of Claims; Filing Fee; Preauthorization of Hospitalization or Surgery.

Universal Citation: WY Stat § 27-14-601 (2022)

27-14-601. Payment or denial of claim by division; notice; objections; review and settlement of claims; filing fee; preauthorization of hospitalization or surgery.

(a) Upon receipt, the division shall review the initial injury reports to determine if the injury or death resulting from injury is compensable and within the jurisdiction of this act. No subsequent claim for compensation under this act shall be approved if the division determines the injury or death is not compensable and under the jurisdiction of this act or if the employer states on his injury report that the injury is not compensable, until a determination is rendered by the division. The division shall provide notice of its determination to the employee, employer and the claimant.

(b) Following review of each bill and claim for medical and hospital care pursuant to W.S. 27-14-401(b), the division may approve or deny payment of all or portions of the entire amount claimed and shall:

(i) Notify the employee and the health care provider in writing of any portion of a claim for which the employee may be liable for payment;

(ii) Provide the health care provider with a detailed monthly statement of respective claims and bills for services rendered and the amount approved for payment;

(iii) Provide the employer with a detailed monthly statement of all medical and hospital claims affecting his experience rating.

(c) Repealed by Laws 1994, ch. 86, § 3.

(d) Upon receipt of a claim for impairment, disability or death benefits filed under W.S. 27-14-403(g) or 27-14-501(e) and (f) and if the initial injury or death resulting from injury is determined compensable and within the jurisdiction of this act, the division shall determine if the injured employee or his dependents are eligible for benefits and shall approve or deny the claim in accordance with this act. If a claim is approved, the division shall determine the amount of the award for compensation in accordance with W.S. 27-14-403 through 27-14-406 and 27-14-408, if applicable. The division shall provide notice of any determination under this subsection to the employer, employee and the claimant.

(e) In accordance with this act, the division shall by rule and regulation establish necessary procedures for the review and settlement of the compensability of an injury or death resulting from injury and of claims filed under this act through interviews with employees, employers and health care personnel or through review of written reports. Nothing in this act shall prohibit the employer or division from reaching a settlement of up to two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500.00) under this subsection in any one (1) case without an admission of compensability or that the injury was work related.

(f) A health care provider receiving payment erroneously under this act pursuant to a determination by the division following review and settlement under subsection (e) of this section or a decision by a hearing examiner is liable for repayment to the worker's compensation account. Except in contested cases, the division may deduct the amount liable from future payments under this act limited to deduction of those mistaken payments made for services provided within twelve (12) months before the deduction. If necessary, the division may recover repayment by civil action as provided in W.S. 27-14-511.

(g) No claim for benefits under this act shall be denied based solely on the failure of the employer to have complied with the requirements of this act.

(h) If any claim under W.S. 27-14-404 through 27-14-406 which has been approved and for which an employee is receiving benefits is objected to by an employer, the employee shall be notified by the division within one (1) working day of the objection.

(j) Notice to any employee or his dependents under this section of a final determination by the division denying the compensability of an initial injury, a claim for medical or hospital care for which the employee or his dependents may be liable for payment or denying any impairment, disability or death benefit, shall include reasons for denial and a statement of the employee's or his dependents' rights to a hearing before a hearing examiner as provided by this act and to legal representation.

(k) Determinations by the division pursuant to this section and W.S. 27-14-605 shall be in accordance with the following:

(i) The initial review of entitlement to benefits pursuant to subsections (a) and (e) of this section shall be made by the division within fifteen (15) days after the date the injury report or claim is filed. Following initial review, the division shall issue a final determination or if a final determination cannot be made based upon available information at that time, the division may issue a request for additional information as necessary;

(ii) Following issuance of a request for additional information under paragraph (k)(i) of this section, the division shall investigate the matter and issue its final determination within forty-five (45) days after issuing the request;

(iii) Notice of a final determination issued by the division under this subsection shall include a statement of reasons and notice of the right to a hearing;

(iv) Any interested party may request a hearing before a hearing examiner on the final determination of the division by filing a written request for hearing with the division within fifteen (15) days after the date the notice of the final determination was mailed by the division. If the division has not rendered a final determination within sixty (60) days following the date the claim was filed, any interested party may request a hearing before a hearing examiner in the manner prescribed by this paragraph. The date a written request for hearing is filed shall be determined pursuant to W.S. 16-4-301(a);

(v) Upon receipt of a request for hearing, the division shall immediately provide notice of the request to the appropriate hearing authority as determined pursuant to W.S. 27-14-616;

(vi) If timely written request for hearing is not filed, the final determination by the division pursuant to this subsection shall not be subject to further administrative or judicial review, provided however that, in its own discretion, the division may, whenever benefits have been denied to a worker, make a redetermination within one (1) year after the date of an original determination regardless of whether or not a party has filed a timely appeal pursuant to paragraph (iv) of this subsection.

(m) Repealed by Laws 1996, ch. 82, § 2.

(n) The division shall maintain a complete and current file for every worker's compensation case filed with the division in accordance with this act.

(o) The division pursuant to its rules and regulations may issue a determination of preauthorization for an injured worker's nonemergency hospitalization, surgery or other specific medical care, subject to the following:

(i) The division's determination that the worker suffered a compensable injury is final and not currently subject to contested case or judicial review;

(ii) A claim for preauthorization is filed by a health care provider on behalf of the injured worker;

(iii) The division's determination pursuant to this subsection is issued in accordance with the procedures provided in subsection (k) of this section;

(iv) Following a final determination to preauthorize, the necessity of the hospitalization, surgery or specific medical care shall not be subject to further review and providers' bills shall be reviewed only for relatedness to the preauthorized care and reasonableness in accord with the division's fee schedules.

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