2019 Wyoming Statutes
Title 35 - Public Health and Safety
Chapter 12 - Industrial Development and Siting
Section 35-12-109 - Application for Permit; Form; Fee; Financial Accounting.

Universal Citation: WY Stat § 35-12-109 (2019)

35-12-109. Application for permit; form; fee; financial accounting.

(a) An application for a permit shall be filed with the division, in a form as prescribed by council rules and regulations, and shall contain the following information:

(i) The name and address of the applicant, and, if the applicant is a partnership, association or corporation, the names and addresses of the managers designated by the applicant responsible for permitting, construction or operation of the facility;

(ii) The applicant shall state that to its best knowledge and belief the application is complete when filed and includes all the information required by W.S. 35-12-109 and the rules and regulations, except for any requirements specifically waived by the council pursuant to W.S. 35-12-107;

(iii) A description of the nature and location of the facility;

(iv) Estimated time of commencement of construction and construction time;

(v) Estimated number and job classifications, by calendar quarter, of employees of the applicant, or contractor or subcontractor of the applicant, during the construction phase and during the operating life of the facility. Estimates shall include the number of employees who will be utilized but who do not currently reside within the area to be affected by the facility;

(vi) Future additions and modifications to the facility which the applicant may wish to be approved in the permit;

(vii) A statement of why the proposed location was selected;

(viii) A copy of any studies which may have been made of the environmental impact of the facility;

(ix) Inventory of estimated discharges including physical, chemical, biological and radiological characteristics;

(x) Inventory of estimated emissions and proposed methods of control;

(xi) Inventory of estimated solid wastes and proposed disposal program;

(xii) The procedures proposed to avoid constituting a public nuisance, endangering the public health and safety, human or animal life, property, wildlife or plant life, or recreational facilities which may be adversely affected by the estimated emissions or discharges;

(xiii) An evaluation of potential impacts together with any plans and proposals for alleviating social and economic impacts upon local governments or special districts and alleviating environmental impacts which may result from the proposed facility. The evaluations, plans and proposals shall cover the following:

(A) Scenic resources;

(B) Recreational resources;

(C) Archaeological and historical resources;

(D) Land use patterns;

(E) Economic base;

(F) Housing;

(G) Transportation;

(H) Sewer and water facilities;

(J) Solid waste facilities;

(K) Police and fire facilities;

(M) Educational facilities;

(N) Health and hospital facilities;

(O) Water supply;

(P) Other relevant areas;

(Q) Agriculture;

(R) Terrestrial and aquatic wildlife;

(S) Threatened, endangered and rare species and other species of concern identified in the state wildlife action plan as prepared by the Wyoming game and fish department.

(xiv) Estimated construction cost of the facility;

(xv) What other local, state or federal permits and approvals are required;

(xvi) Compatibility of the facility with state or local land use plans, if any;

(xvii) Any other information the applicant considers relevant or required by council rule or regulation;

(xviii) A description of the methods and strategies the applicant will use to maximize employment and utilization of the existing local or in-state contractors and labor force during the construction and operation of the facility;

(xix) Certification that the governing bodies of all local governments which will be primarily affected by the proposed facility were provided notification, a description of the proposed project and an opportunity to ask the applicant questions at least thirty (30) days prior to submission of the application;

(xx) For facilities permitted pursuant to W.S. 35-12-102(a)(vii)(E) or (F), a site reclamation and decommissioning plan, which shall be updated every five (5) years, and a description of a financial assurance plan which will assure that all facilities will be properly reclaimed and decommissioned. All such plans, unless otherwise exempt, shall demonstrate compliance with any rules or regulations adopted by the council pursuant to W.S. 35-12-105(d) and (e);

(xxi) Information demonstrating the applicant's financial capability to decommission and reclaim the facility. For facilities meeting the definition of W.S. 35-12-102(a)(vii)(E) the information shall also demonstrate the applicant's financial capability to construct, maintain and operate the facility;

(xxii) For proposed facilities meeting the requirements of W.S. 35-12-102(a)(vii)(E) or (F), a list of all affected landowners with an address at which each affected landowner can be given the notices required by this act.

(b) At the time of filing an application or a written request for a waiver of the application provisions of this chapter as provided in W.S. 35-12-107, or as subsequently required by the director, an applicant shall pay a fee to be determined by the director based upon the estimated cost of investigating, reviewing, processing and serving notice of an application, holding a hearing in case of a request for waiver, inspection and compliance activities and processing application update requests. The fee shall be credited to a separate account and shall be used by the division as required to investigate, review, process and serve notice of the application, to hold a hearing in case of a request for waiver and to pay the reasonable costs of any meeting or hearing associated with permit compliance. Unused fees shall be refunded to the applicant. The maximum fee chargeable shall not exceed one-half of one percent (0.5%) of the estimated construction cost of the facility or one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00), whichever is less.

(c) The director shall provide the applicant with a full financial accounting, including but not limited to all materials, labor and overhead costs relating to the expenditures of the fee at the time of the council's decision as provided in W.S. 35-12-113 or at the completion of construction, whichever occurs later.

(d) At any time after the fee required by subsection (b) of this section has been exhausted or refunded and in addition to the fee imposed under subsection (b) of this section, the applicant may be required to pay a fee, as determined by the director, for the costs of any meeting or hearing associated with permit compliance. The director shall provide the applicant with a full financial accounting for the expenditure of the fee, including but not limited to all materials, labor and overhead costs, at the conclusion of the council meeting or hearing.

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