2018 Wyoming Statutes
SECTION 21-18-314 - Bond issues; general obligation bonds; bond elections; bond tax levy.

Universal Citation: WY Stat § 21-18-314 (2018)

21-18-314. Bond issues; general obligation bonds; bond elections; bond tax levy.

(a) A majority of the community college district board may submit to the electors of the district the question of whether the board shall issue bonds of the district not to exceed four percent (4%) of the assessed valuation of the community college district:

(i) For the purchase, erection, remodeling, or completion of a building or buildings for community college purposes and the equipment and suitable site therefor;

(ii) For the purchase of equipment and facilities, including laboratories, libraries, and other such facilities as may be deemed necessary and proper for the college;

(iii) For fees and costs attendant to the services of attorneys, architects, and engineers, and for the cost of publications, the printing of bonds and prospectus.

(b) Bonds may run for a period of twenty-five (25) years or less and bear interest. In addition, not less than seven percent (7%) of the bond proceeds shall be used for the maintenance and repair and for facility obsolescence and depreciation of any building or facility to be constructed or otherwise acquired through the bond issue. The four percent (4%) limitation in subsection (a) of this section shall be separate and apart from and in addition to the ten percent (10%) limitation of indebtedness as provided for by the constitution and laws of Wyoming for school districts. The levy for payment thereof is separate and apart from and in addition to the operating levy of not to exceed four (4) mills, and additional levy imposed under W.S. 21-18-303(b) and any additional operating levy imposed under W.S. 21-18-311(f) of not to exceed five (5) mills, unless the bond election question provides otherwise.

(c) An election on the question of the issuance of bonds by a community college district shall be held on the dates and in the manner prescribed in the Political Subdivision Bond Election Law, W.S. 22-21-101 through 22-21-112.

(d) If the proposed issue of bonds is approved in the election and issuance thereof is authorized by the community college district board the bonds may be sold at either public or private sale. All costs and expenses incident to the issue and sale of the bonds made may be paid out of the proceeds of the sale of the bonds. If the bonds are sold at public sale the community college district board must give at least one (1) notice by publication in some newspaper of general circulation in the community college district, and also in some newspaper published in the capital of this state, of its intention to sell the bonds, briefly describing same, and the time and place where the sale will take place. The publication shall be made not less than fifteen (15) days, nor more than thirty (30) days prior to the date designated for the sale of the bonds.

(e) After ascertaining the best terms upon, and the lowest interest at which the bonds can be sold, the community college district board shall cause the bonds to be suitably printed or lithographed, with coupons, if any, attached, and thereafter shall have the bonds consecutively numbered and otherwise properly prepared and executed. Bonds may be in such form as the board may direct but must bear the signature of the president of the community college board of trustees, be countersigned by the secretary of the board, bear the district seal and be countersigned by the county treasurer. Bond coupons, if any, must be signed by the president and secretary of the board and by the county treasurer. The secretary of the community college board shall endorse a certificate upon every bond that it is issued pursuant to law and is within the debt limit of the issuer. Bonds shall be registered by the county treasurer in a public book provided for that purpose stating the number, date, amount, time and place of payment, rate of interest, number of coupons attached, if any, for each bond so entered and any other proper description thereof for future identification.

(f) Bonds issued by community college districts pursuant to this section shall bear interest payable annually or semiannually, and evidenced by one (1) or two (2) sets of coupons, if any, except that the first coupon may evidence interest for a period not in excess of one (1) year, and the bonds may be in one (1) or more series, may bear a date or dates, may mature in an amount or amounts, serially or otherwise, at a time or times not exceeding twenty-five (25) years from their respective dates, may be in a denomination or denominations, may be payable in a medium of payment, in a place or places, within or without the state, including, but not limited to the office of the county treasurer of the county in which the college is located, may carry such registration privileges, may be subject to terms or prior redemption in advance of maturity in order, or by lot, or otherwise, at a time or times with or without premium, may bear privileges for reissuance in the same or other denominations, may be so reissued without modification of maturities and interest rates and may be in a form, either coupon or registered, as may be provided by resolution of the community college district board. Except as the board may otherwise provide, bonds and interest coupons attached thereto, if any, are fully negotiable, within the meaning of and for all purposes of the Uniform Commercial Code, W.S. 34.1-8-101 through 34.1-8-603. A holder of each bond, by accepting the bond, shall be conclusively deemed to have agreed that the bond is and shall be fully negotiable within the meaning and for all purposes of the Uniform Commercial Code, W.S. 34.1-8-101 through 34.1-8-603.

(g) Whenever the issuance of bonds by a community college district may be lawful, the community college district board having authority to issue said bonds may, at its discretion, divide such issues into series so that substantially equal amounts of the indebtedness shall mature annually, or so that substantially equal tax levies shall be required for the payment of principal and interest of such bonds, or that substantially equal tax payments shall be required for the payment of principal and interest of all outstanding bonds of the district issuing said bonds, the bonds of each such series being made due and payable at a definite date within the period permitted by law for the discharge of such indebtedness.

(h) The sale of bonds must be conducted by the community college district board. All proceeds from the sale of bonds shall be paid to the treasury of the county in which the college is located to the credit of the community college district and shall be made immediately available to the community college district upon order of the community college district board. Bonds shall not be sold for less than par value, and the board is authorized to reject any bids. The faith, credit, and all property lying within the community college district are solemnly pledged for the payment of the interest and the redemption of the principal of all bonds issued pursuant to this section.

(j) The board of county commissioners shall cause to be levied annually upon all taxable property of the community college district, in addition to other authorized taxes, a sufficient sum to pay the principal and interest on bonds as the payments thereon become due to be levied, assessed, and collected in the same manner as other taxes for school purposes. The tax shall be known as "District bond tax of .... Community College District" and shall be levied until the principal and interest of the bonds are fully paid. If the tax for the payment of interest on any bonds issued under this act at any time is not levied or collected in time to meet payment, the interest shall be paid out of any monies in the general fund of the district and the monies so used for payment shall be repaid to the fund from which taken out of the first monies collected from district taxes.

(k) The county treasurer shall pay out of any monies belonging to the community college district tax fund, the interest upon any bonds issued under this section by the college district when due upon presentation at his office of the proper coupon, which must show the amount due, and the number of the bond to which it belonged. All coupons paid must be reported to the community college district board at its meeting thereafter.

(m) If any member of the community college district board fraudulently fails or refuses to pay into the proper county treasury the money arising from the sale of any bonds provided for by this act, he is guilty of a felony and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by imprisonment in the state penitentiary for a term of not less than one (1) year nor more than ten (10) years.

(n) The community college district board shall require the county treasurer to give the district a separate bond in such sum as the board deems proper, with two (2) or more sufficient sureties, conditioned upon the faithful performance of the duties required of him by this section and the faithful accounting for the monies deposited with him and realized from the sale of said bonds, as herein provided for. Bonds shall be approved by the board and shall be and remain in the custody of the district board.

(o) The bonds and any coupons bearing the signatures of the officers in office at the time of the signing thereof are valid and binding obligations of the community college district board, notwithstanding that before delivery or payment thereof, any or all of the persons whose signatures or facsimiles appear thereon have ceased to fill their respective offices.

(p) Any officer of the board authorized or permitted to sign any bonds, including revenue bonds, refunding bonds, and bonds specified in this section, or interest coupons at the time of its execution, upon the execution and filing of a signature certificate, may execute or cause to be executed with a facsimile signature in lieu of his manual signature any bonds and coupons, if any, issued pursuant to the provisions of this act and may adopt as and for his own signature the facsimile signature of his predecessor in office in the event that the facsimile signature, having been executed by an officer then authorized to do so, appears upon the bonds or coupons. When the seal of the district is required in the execution of a bond or instrument of payment, the secretary of the community college district board may cause the seal to be imprinted, engraved, stamped, or otherwise placed in facsimile thereon.

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