2013 Wyoming Statutes
39-11-101. Definitions.

WY Stat § 39-11-101 (2013) What's This?

39-11-101. Definitions.

(a) As used in this act unless otherwise specifically provided:

(i) "Assessed value" means taxable value;

(ii) "Assessment roll" means the official list of taxable property for the ensuing tax year and may include taxes due thereon;

(iii) "Board" means the state board of equalization or its authorized agent;

(iv) "Department" means the department of revenue or its authorized agent;

(v) "Director" means the director of the department of revenue;

(vi) "Fair market value" means the amount in cash, or terms reasonably equivalent to cash, a well informed buyer is justified in paying for a property and a well informed seller is justified in accepting, assuming neither party to the transaction is acting under undue compulsion, and assuming the property has been offered in the open market for a reasonable time, except, fair market value of agricultural land shall be determined as provided by W.S. 39-13-103(b)(x) and fair market value of mine products shall be determined as provided by W.S. 39-14-103(b), 39-14-203(b), 39-14-303(b), 39-14-403(b), 39-14-503(b), 39-14-603(b) and 39-14-703(b);

(vii) "Intangible personal property" means personal property that lacks mass and cannot be seen, felt, weighed, measured or otherwise perceived by the senses; property that has no physical existence beyond merely representational. Intangible property's value lies chiefly in what it represents, and its existence may be evidenced by a document;

(viii) "In transit property" means manufactured goods, wares, seed, feed, fertilizer, tools, supplies and merchandise which is in interstate commerce, or, Wyoming assembled or manufactured products being held for out-of-state sale, which are consigned or placed in any storage area in Wyoming for storage, repackaging, processing, fabricating, milling, disassembly or assembly in transit to a final destination outside Wyoming whether the destination is specified before or after the transportation begins;

(ix) "Inventories" means any personal property held for resale consisting of goods, wares or merchandise including stocks of raw or finished material, unassembled parts, work in progress or finished products constituting the inventory of a merchant or manufacturer;

(x) "Livestock" means horses, cattle, mules and asses, sheep, swine, goats and all other animals commonly thought of as livestock;

(xi) "Manufacturer" means any person who purchases, receives or holds personal property for the purpose of adding to the value thereof, by any process of manufacturing, refining, purifying, or by the combination of different materials, and with a purpose to make a gain or profit by sale thereof;

(xii) "Merchant" means any person owning, possessing or controlling personal property with a purpose to sell the property at an advanced price or profit, or any person controlling personal property which has been consigned to the person from outside Wyoming to be sold within Wyoming;

(xiii) "Person" means an individual, partnership, corporation, company or any other type of association and any agent or officer of any partnership, corporation, company or other type of association;

(xiv) "Property used for industrial purposes" means those properties valued under W.S. 39-13-102(m)(ii) through (viii), excluding W.S. 39-13-102(m)(vi) and (ix), and those properties used or held for use for:

(A) Manufacturing, milling, converting, producing, processing or fabricating materials;

(B) The extraction or processing of minerals;

(C) The mechanical, chemical or electronic transformation of property into new products.

(xv) "Real property" means land and appurtenances, including structures, affixed thereto, and any intangible characteristic which contributes to the fair market value thereof;

(xvi) "Tangible personal property" means personal property that, by its nature, is perceptible to the senses; property that has a physical presence beyond merely representational and that is capable of being touched; property that is able to be perceived as materially existent; property that is not intangible;

(xvii) "Taxable value" means a percent of the fair market value of property in a particular class as follows:

(A) Gross product of minerals and mine products, one hundred percent (100%);

(B) Property used for industrial purposes, eleven and one-half percent (11.5%);

(C) All other property, real and personal, including property valued and assessed under W.S. 39-13-102(m)(vi) and (ix), nine and one-half percent (9.5%).

(xviii) "This act" means W.S. 39-11-101 through 39-19-111.

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