2010 Wyoming Statutes
Title 11 - Agriculture, Livestock And Other Animals
Chapter 25 - Pari-mutuel Wagering



11-25-101. Pari-mutuel commission created; composition; qualifications.


The Wyoming pari-mutuel commission is created to be composed of seven (7) persons who have resided in the state for four (4) years and are qualified electors of Wyoming.


11-25-102. Definitions.


(a) As used in this act:


(i) "Breeder award" means monies collected pursuant to W.S. 11-25-105(j) and distributed by the commission to promote the improved breeding and development of the horse industry in Wyoming. Breeder awards may include purse enhancement of Wyoming bred races;


(ii) "Commission" means the Wyoming pari-mutuel commission;


(iii) "Drug" means any substance foreign to a horse's body as prescribed by the commission;


(iv) "Event" means a pari-mutuel event;


(v) "Pari-mutuel event" means the events which are authorized by the commission for the conduct of horse racing (to include quarter horse, thoroughbred or other approved races), harness racing, cutter racing, chariot racing, chuckwagon racing, professional roping events and simulcasting of dog racing and the events described in this paragraph as prescribed by the commission;


(vi) "Pari-mutuel wagering" means wagering on the outcome of pari-mutuel events in which those who wager purchase tickets of various denominations on entrants in the events and all wagers for each event are pooled and held by the permittee for distribution, and when the outcome of the event has been decided, the permittee distributes the total wagers comprising the pool, less an amount not greater than twenty-five and nine-tenths percent (25.90%) for live racing and in the event of simulcasting an amount not to exceed the percentage allowed at the host track or thirty-five percent (35%), whichever is less and less the amount for breakage to holders of tickets on the winning entries;


(vii) "Simulcasting" means the sale of pari-mutuel pools on interstate or intrastate televised pari-mutuel events as prescribed by the commission. The commission shall authorize simulcasting subject to the following conditions:


(A) Simulcasting may be conducted only by a holder of a permit to simulcast issued under this act. The permit shall be authorized annually by the commission for a specified number of days. The commissioners shall issue a simulcast permit only to an applicant authorized under this act to conduct a pari-mutuel event other than simulcasting;


(B) Simulcasting may be conducted off the permitted premises only if the board of county commissioners of the county in which such simulcasting will be conducted grant [grants] its approval;


(C) No simulcasting may be conducted within one hundred (100) miles of any premises permitted under this act, except that the commission may waive the one hundred (100) mile limitation if the simulcast permit application includes written approval from the permittee whose permitted premises is within the one hundred (100) mile limitation;


(D) The commission shall promulgate rules for conducting simulcasting as are reasonably necessary to protect the public interest.


(viii) "This act" means W.S. 11-25-101 through 11-25-113;


(ix) "Multiple wagering" means wagers which consist of a single betting interest on two (2) entries;


(x) "Exotic wagering" means wagers which consist of a single betting interest on three (3) or more entries;


(xi) "Advance deposit pari-mutuel wager" means a wager in which a person who has opened an account in advance with a licensee can place wagers from this account in person, by telephone or other electronic means;


(xii) "Horsemen's association" means the association that represents the majority of the owners and trainers licensed by the commission to race horses at an event.


NOTE: This section becomes effective 1/1/2011.


11-25-103. Pari-mutuel commission; appointment, terms of office and political affiliation of members; vacancies; appointment districts.


The governor with the consent of the senate shall appoint the seven (7) members of the commission in accordance with W.S. 28-12-101 through 28-12-103. One (1) member shall be appointed from each appointment district under W.S. 9-1-218. No more than four (4) members shall be registered in the same political party. Members shall be appointed for terms of four (4) years and until their successor is appointed and qualified. Any vacancy shall be filled by appointment by the governor as provided in W.S. 28-12-101. A member of the commission may succeed himself for one (1) full four (4) year term. The governor may remove any member as provided in W.S. 9-1-202.


11-25-104. Pari-mutuel commission; officers; director; meetings; quorum; records; licenses generally; effect of financial interest in events.


(a) The commission shall annually elect from its membership a president and vice-president, and may employ a director who has a working knowledge of pari-mutuel betting and horse racing or an executive secretary, or both. The director may be retained on a yearly basis or for the racing season only as determined by the commission. Salary for the director or executive secretary shall be determined by the commission with the consent of the personnel division. The commission may also employ other personnel required to carry out this act.


(b) The commission shall hold an annual fall meeting in Wyoming and shall hold special meetings at such times and places within Wyoming as the majority of the members determine. A majority of the commission constitutes a quorum and a majority vote of a quorum may act for the commission. The secretary of the commission shall keep a record of the proceedings of the commission which is open at all times for public inspection.


(c) Any member of the commission who has a personal or private interest in any matter proposed or pending before the commission shall publicly disclose this fact to the commission and shall not vote on the matter.


(d) Any member of the commission who owns or has any interest, or whose spouse or member of his immediate family has any interest, in an animal participating in a pari-mutuel event shall disclose that interest and shall not participate in any commission decision involving a protest occurring at that pari-mutuel event.


(e) The commission shall authorize by permits and supervise the conduct of all events provided for and regulated by this act, and shall make reasonable rules and regulations for the control, supervision and direction of applicants and permittees, including regulations providing for resolving scheduling conflicts and settling disputes between permittees and the supervising, disciplining, suspending, fining and barring from pari-mutuel events of all persons required to be licensed by this act, and for the holding, conducting and operating of all pari-mutuel events conducted pursuant to this act. The commission may require that license applicants be fingerprinted for identification purposes as a condition of licensing. The commission shall announce the place, time and duration of pari-mutuel events for which license or permit fees shall be required and establish reasonable fees for all licenses and permits provided for by this act. The fees shall be established to ensure that the costs of administering this act are recovered through the total revenues received under this act. The commission shall establish security access safeguards for licensees to use for advance deposit pari-mutuel wagering. The commission shall prohibit advance deposit pari-mutuel advertising that it determines to be deceptive to the public.


(f) Each permittee, participant and employee shall be licensed by the commission and shall comply with all rules and regulations and all orders issued by the commission. No person shall hold any event with pari-mutuel wagering without obtaining a permit.


(g) The commission may delegate authority to enforce rules of the commission and this act to three (3) stewards at each pari-mutuel event, at least one (1) of whom shall be an employee of and selected by the commission. The commission shall require at least one (1) steward to supervise each simulcast location that is approved by the commission. Stewards shall exercise such reasonable and necessary authority as is designated by rules of the commission including the following:


(i) Enforce rules of the commission and this act;


(ii) Rule on the outcome of events;


(iii) Levy fines not to exceed two hundred dollars ($200.00) for violations of rules of the commission. Violations shall be reported daily and fines paid to the commission within forty-eight (48) hours of imposition and notice;


(iv) Suspend licenses not to exceed thirty (30) calendar days for violations of rules of the commission. Suspensions shall be reported to the commission daily;


(v) Recommend the commission impose fines or suspensions greater than permitted by paragraphs (iii) and (iv) of this subsection.


(h) Only a licensed steward of the permitted event may impose fines or license suspensions except that a starter may impose fines when horses arrive at the gate until off time in an amount not exceeding two hundred dollars ($200.00).


(j) Any fine or license suspension imposed by a steward or fine imposed by a starter may be appealed in writing to the commission within five (5) days after its imposition. The commission may affirm or reverse the decision of a steward or starter or may increase or decrease any fine or suspension. A fine imposed by the commission shall not exceed ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00). Suspensions of a license may be for any period of time, but shall be commensurate with the seriousness of the offense.


(k) The commission is authorized to access criminal history record information for all licensees, permittees and employees of the commission under W.S. 9-1-627(d) for the purposes of this act. Every applicant for a permit or license under this act shall provide the commission fingerprints and other information necessary for a criminal history record background check as provided under W.S. 7-19-201.


(m) The commission shall establish the number of actual live horse racing or pari-mutuel event days required to qualify for a simulcasting permit. The commission shall adopt rules governing establishment of live horse racing or pari-mutuel event days required for a simulcasting permit in a manner that ensures fair and equitable involvement of all affected parties, including consideration of the economic viability of those days to permit applicants.


NOTE: This section becomes effective 1/1/2011.


11-25-105. Pari-mutuel permits; fees and reports; disposition of funds; enforcement of provisions.


(a) The commission may issue pari-mutuel permits for a specified period not to exceed one (1) year to any Wyoming county, city, incorporated town, county fair board or any corporation or association which has been approved by the board of county commissioners and provides a bond acceptable to the commission. No permit shall be granted to any city, town, county, county fair board or any corporation or association except upon the express condition that it shall not, by any lease, contract, understanding or arrangement of whatever kind or nature, grant, assign or turn over to any person, corporation or association the operation or management of the pari-mutuel event permitted under this act or of the pari-mutuel system of wagering or in any manner permit any person, corporation or association to retain any of the money received for admission to the race meeting or from the operations of the pari-mutuel system. The commission shall revoke the permit of any permittee for any violation of the foregoing condition and such acts are a violation of this act. The permit is effective only for the times and at the places for which issued. In addition to all other fees and charges, there shall be charged before issuance of a permit a daily fee established by the commission to defray expenses of enforcing this act.


(b) Every Wednesday following any pari-mutuel event, the permittee shall:


(i) File a report with the commission showing the total amount of money wagered during the period;


(ii) Pay an amount equal to one and one-half percent (1 1/2%) of the total amount wagered shown by the report to the commission to be credited by the state treasurer to a separate account, in the manner indicated in subsection (d) of this section.


(c) The permittee may retain an amount equal to nineteen and four-tenths percent (19.40%) of the total amount wagered shown by the report and may retain up to an additional five percent (5%) of the amount wagered on multiple or exotic wagers. The permittee shall retain the breakage on not more than ten cents ($.10) and retain unclaimed tickets not claimed within one (1) year following the event for the expenses of the race meet and purses and for the promotion of the racing industry.


(d) All sums paid to the commission under this act except contributions from permittees to the breeder award fund, fines and penalties shall be credited to the pari-mutuel account which shall be used by the commission for the payment of all expenses incurred in enforcing this act. All fines and penalties collected under this act shall be paid to the state treasurer and credited as provided in W.S. 8-1-109. The state treasurer shall pay out of the account all warrants drawn by the state auditor, upon vouchers issued and signed by the president, vice-president or executive secretary of the commission. The commission shall keep an accurate and true account of all funds received and all vouchers issued by the commission. All funds received and all vouchers issued by the commission shall be audited at least biennially by the director of the state department of audit or his designee and a copy of the audit shall be delivered within thirty (30) days after completion to the governor and the commission. The costs of the audit shall be borne by the commission. The members of the commission shall receive statutory per diem expenses and mileage as allowed state employees, and compensation of fifty dollars ($50.00) for each day during which they are actually engaged in the discharge of their duties. The total expenses incurred by the commission shall not exceed the total amount in the pari-mutuel account.


(e) Applications for permits shall be made to the commission and shall fully identify the applicant, include a proper financial statement showing the financial responsibility of the applicant, show the purpose and use of the permit and describe the events to be conducted and the arrangements therefor, the manner of wagering and the names and identification of those to supervise the manner of wagering and the controls and supervision by the permittee.


(f) The commission may issue, amend or refuse to issue permits in its discretion.


(g) The rules of racing set forth by the commission shall be made available to all participants of each event, and violations shall be misdemeanors punishable as provided herein.


(h) The commission shall observe and supervise the conduct of pari-mutuel wagering under permits issued by the commission and shall appoint one (1) of its members or employ one (1) or more persons to represent the commission in the administration and enforcement of this act and in the supervision of the conduct of pari-mutuel wagering and the events in connection therewith under each permit issued. Representatives of the commission shall have access to the events and to the pari-mutuel booths and records and shall be paid an amount determined by the commission plus expenses and mileage as fixed by law for state officers, payment therefor to be made by the state treasurer.


(j) As a condition of receiving a pari-mutuel permit, the permittee shall agree to and shall contribute to the breeder award fund administered by the commission an amount equal to four-tenths of one percent (0.40%) of the total handle wagered during the pari-mutuel event and an additional sum equal to twenty percent (20%) of the additional amount retained pursuant to subsection (c) of this section on multiple or exotic wagers. The contribution shall be derived from the net proceeds of the race meet revenues, other than the permittee's share of the pari-mutuel wagering handle. Contributions shall be used only for breeder awards.


(k) The commission may authorize advance deposit pari-mutuel wagering at any premise where a pari-mutuel event is authorized, provided that the licensee shall:


(i) Only accept an advance deposit pari-mutuel wager made by the person owning the account;


(ii) Ensure the identification of the account owner by using methods and technologies approved by the commission;


(iii) Provide a full accounting and verification of the sources of wagers at the request of, and in the form provided by, the commission;


(iv) Allow the commission and agents of the commission access to its premises to determine that the rules and regulations are being followed;


(v) Not allow minors to open, own or have access to advance deposit pari-mutuel wagering accounts;


(vi) Include a statement in all forms of advertising for advance deposit pari-mutuel wagering accounts that "minors are not allowed to open or have access to advance deposit pari-mutuel wagering accounts."


11-25-106. Qualifications as to horses; preference to Wyoming bred horses.



(a) Every horse entered in any race authorized by a permit issued under this act shall be a thoroughbred horse which means any horse (including mare, gelding, colt and filly) that meets the requirements of and is registered by the Jockey Club of New York, including racing permits issued to foreign thoroughbred horses, or registered as an American quarter horse in the official stud book and registry of the American Quarter Horse Association, or registered as one (1) of another breed which maintains a recognized national stud book and registry.


(b) Every permittee conducting a pari-mutuel event shall provide each day for the running of at least one (1) race preferred to Wyoming bred horses if Wyoming bred horses are available.


11-25-107. Horses to race under true name; substitution of horses, concealment of identification, prohibited.


Every horse participating in any event authorized by a permit issued under this act shall participate under its true and registered name, shall be fully and truly identified and shall not participate under any other name or identification. There shall be no substitution of horses nor shall any device whatsoever be used to conceal or confuse the name and identification of any horse.


11-25-108. Stimulation or retardation of animals prohibited; tests.


It is unlawful for any person to use or permit to be used any mechanical or electrical device, or drug of any kind, to stimulate or retard any animal in any event authorized by this act except as prescribed by the commission. A commission member, a roping judge or race steward may cause such tests to be made as they deem proper to determine whether any animal has been stimulated or retarded. Tests performed in furtherance of this section shall be conducted by or under the supervision of a qualified Wyoming veterinarian.


11-25-109. Bribery, touting and betting by minors prohibited.



(a) It is unlawful for any person to give or promise to give or attempt to give or for any person to receive or agree to receive or attempt to receive, any money, bribe or thing of value with intent to influence any person to dishonestly umpire, manage, direct, judge, preside, officiate at or participate in any event conducted under this act with the intention or purpose that the result of the event will be affected or influenced thereby. Violation of this subsection is a felony punishable by imprisonment for not more than five (5) years, a fine of not more than five thousand dollars ($5,000.00), or both.


(b) Any person who knowingly and designedly persuades, procures or causes, or attempts to persuade, procure or cause another person to wager on an animal or roper in any event authorized by this act and asks or demands compensation as a reward for information or purported information given in such case is guilty of unlawful touting. The representative of the commission may exclude from attendance at or near any event authorized by this act any person who has been convicted of touting and any person who refuses to leave when ordered to do so by the representative is guilty of a misdemeanor.


(c) No person under the age of eighteen (18) years shall place or be allowed to place a bet.


(d) Any person who has been convicted of bookmaking, bribery, touting or drugging animals may be evicted from a pari-mutuel event by a steward or roping judge.


11-25-110. County elections as to pari-mutuel events.


No pari-mutuel event shall be held in any county until the question has been put to the people of the county to accept or reject pari-mutuel wagering. If the election fails no other election shall be held for two (2) years.


11-25-111. Bond of permittees; required; conditions; prosecution of actions.



(a) The commission may require any permittee other than a political subdivision licensed to conduct an event to provide and deliver to the commission a bond signed by a surety company authorized to do business in this state in such form and amount as specified by the commission, or certificate of deposit, or irrevocable letter of credit, but not less than five thousand dollars ($5,000.00), conditioned that the permittee will pay to the state of Wyoming all monies due it under this act and will perform such other obligations as may be imposed by the commission.


(b) The county attorney of the county in which an event is held shall prosecute all action on the bonds on behalf of the state against any permittee for any reason whatever except a cause of action covered by public liability insurance.


11-25-112. Penalties for conducting event without permit.


Any person, corporation or association holding or conducting any pari-mutuel event in connection with the pari-mutuel system of wagering without a permit issued in accordance with this act, or any person, corporation or association who violates any other provision of this act is guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be fined not more than ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00), imprisoned for not more than six (6) months, or both.


11-25-113. Removal of livestock from quarters at county or state fairs.


At no time and under no conditions shall any livestock at any county or state fair that are there to be shown be removed from quarters provided for them in order to place pari-mutuel horses in the stalls or quarters. Removal shall be cause for rescinding the permit for the pari-mutuel event.


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