2010 Wyoming Statutes
Title 11 - Agriculture, Livestock And Other Animals
Chapter 22 - Livestock Markets



11-22-101. Definitions; exceptions to provisions.


(a) As used in this act:


(i) "Board" means the Wyoming livestock board;


(ii) "Livestock" means horses, mules, cattle, swine, sheep and goats. Bison are considered livestock unless otherwise designated by the board and the Wyoming game and fish commission;


(iii) "Livestock market" means a place operated for profit as a public market, consisting of pens or enclosures and their appurtenances, in which livestock are received, held for sale, sold or offered for sale at either public auction or private sale, except that this act does not apply to:


(A) Any place used solely for a dispersal sale of the livestock of a farmer, dairyman, livestock breeder or feeder who is discontinuing business;


(B) Repealed by Laws 2006, Chapter 27, 4.


(C) Any place where an association of breeders of livestock assembles, offers for sale and sells under its own management registered livestock or breeding sires, if the association assumes all responsibility of the sale and guarantees title to the livestock and arranges for the proper inspection of all animals sold.


(iv) "Livestock dealer" means:


(A) Any person engaged in the business of buying or selling livestock in commerce, either for his own account or as an employee or agent of the seller or buyer; or


(B) Any person who engages in the regular business of buying or selling livestock in commerce on a commission basis as set forth in rules by the Wyoming livestock board. This paragraph is repealed effective June 30, 2016.


(v) "Livestock dealer" does not include any person who buys or sells livestock as part of his own bona fide breeding, feeding, showing, dairy, meat or wool production operation; any person who takes a security interest, including liquidation of that interest, in livestock in the ordinary course of his business; or any person who buys occasionally but not as a part of his regular business as set forth in rules promulgated by the Wyoming livestock board. This paragraph is repealed effective June 30, 2016;


(vi) "This act" means W.S. 11-22-101 through 11-22-119.


11-22-102. Board authorized to adopt and publish rules.


The board shall adopt and publish reasonable rules and regulations necessary for the administration of this act.


11-22-103. License; requirements therefor.


Upon making a satisfactory written statement to the board of financial responsibility and ownership or control of adequate facilities for the care, sorting, feeding, loading, unloading and shipment of livestock for the operation of a livestock market, and tendering the fee prescribed, any person may procure a license from the board to establish and operate within Wyoming for one (1) year a livestock market.


11-22-104. License; requirement; fees generally; expiration; renewal; effect of refusal of issuance or renewal.


No person shall operate a livestock market within Wyoming without first procuring a license from the board and paying a fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00). Each license issued shall expire on April 30 next after the issuance of the license. If a license is obtained on or after September 1 of any year, the person obtaining same shall pay a fee in proportion to the number of months of the year remaining until April 30. The license may be renewed by eligible applicants prior to May 1 each year upon application and payment of the required fee. An application for a license to operate a livestock market shall be in writing upon a form furnished by the board, and shall be accompanied by the required fee. If the board does not issue a license or renewal, the fee shall be returned to the applicant.


11-22-105. License; disposition of fees; payment of expenses.


All license fees collected under this act shall be deposited in the state general fund. Expenses incurred in the administration of this act shall be paid out of a general fund appropriation as provided by law.


11-22-106. License; cancellation.



(a) The following are grounds for cancellation of the license to operate a livestock market if the board finds:


(i) The licensee has violated this act, any rule or regulation properly adopted hereunder, any law of Wyoming or official rule or regulation made pursuant thereto governing the interstate or intrastate movement, shipment or transportation of livestock or the requirements for brand or health inspection;


(ii) The licensee is guilty of fraud or misrepresentation as to the titles, brands or ownership of livestock;


(iii) The licensee is guilty of buying, receiving or offering for sale any livestock known by him to be diseased or to have been exposed to infectious or contagious disease;


(iv) The licensee has failed or refused to practice measures of sanitation and inspection required by this act or by any rule or regulation of the board concerning premises or vehicles used for stabling, yarding, housing, holding or transporting animals in the operation of a livestock market;


(v) The licensee has neglected or refused to keep records required by this act, or rules or regulations of the board, or fails or refuses to permit inspection of such records by any authorized agent of the board;


(vi) The licensee has failed or refused to withhold sale proceeds of any livestock designated by the brand inspector as having questionable title, or the licensee has failed or refused to transmit promptly to the board, after expiration of sixty (60) days, the proceeds of livestock to which ownership has not been established, in accordance with W.S. 11-22-116;


(vii) The licensee is carrying on the business of a livestock market without filing and maintaining a valid surety bond in conformity with W.S. 11-22-107;


(viii) The licensee is carrying on the business of a livestock market while his current liabilities exceed his current assets;


(ix) The licensee willfully makes or causes to be made any false entry or statement of facts in any application, financial statement or report filed with the board; or


(x) The licensee or operator of any livestock market has negligently remitted the proceeds of sale of any livestock subject to brand inspector tally, consigned and delivered to the licensee for sale, to any person other than the owner of the livestock, without the prior and express written direction and approval by the owner of the livestock. If a licensed market licensee or operator has express notice that any livestock consigned for sale are mortgaged or subject to other security agreement, all remittances of proceeds of sale shall be made in the name of the owner and the party holding the mortgage or security agreement.


11-22-107. License; bond required; approval; filing; statement in lieu of bond; action on bond; termination of bond; copies of license and bond as evidence.



(a) No license or renewal of license to operate a livestock market within Wyoming shall be issued until the applicant has executed to the state of Wyoming a bond in the penal sum of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000.00) upon a form prescribed by the board, with surety approved by the board, conditioned for the payment of all money received by the licensee and operator of the livestock market to the rightful owner of the livestock consigned for sale, or to any other person entitled to receive the proceeds of the sale, less reasonable expenses and agreed commissions, forthwith upon the sale of the livestock. The bond shall also be conditioned for full compliance with all of the terms and requirements of this act, shall be approved and accepted by the board and approved as to form by the attorney general of Wyoming. When so approved, the bond shall be filed with the secretary of state.


(b) In lieu of the bond required by subsection (a) of this section, the applicant shall file a statement in the form prescribed by the board evidencing that he is registered and maintaining a valid and effective bond of or in excess of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000.00) or its equivalent under the provisions of the Packers and Stockyards Act 1921 (7 U.S.C. 181 et seq.). The statement shall name the executive officer of the board as trustee, and shall include a copy of the bond, to be filed with the secretary of state. Actions at law may be brought in the name of the state upon any such bond by any aggrieved party, for the use and benefit of any person who suffers loss or damage from violations thereof. Each bond filed with the board shall be conditioned that the bond cannot be terminated except on at least thirty (30) days prior notice in writing to the board by the party terminating the bond. Copies of any such license and bond, certified by the executive officer of the board, may be procured upon payment of a fee of one dollar ($1.00) each, and shall be received as competent evidence in any court in Wyoming.


11-22-108. License; certified copy; fee; posting.


A certified copy of a license may be procured by the holder of the original upon payment of one dollar ($1.00), and the original or certified copy of the license shall be posted during sale periods in a conspicuous place on the premises where the livestock market is conducted.


11-22-109. Investigations of sales; filing charges; hearing; notice thereof.


The executive officer of the board may make or have an investigation made of the sales and transactions of any livestock market and the conditions under which its business is conducted. If he finds probable cause, he shall file charges against the licensee and operator with the board, and the charges shall be set down for hearing before the board upon ten (10) days notice served upon the licensee.


11-22-110. Sanitation; veterinarian supervision required.


Every livestock market shall be maintained in a sanitary condition, and that portion which is used for handling hogs shall be cleaned and disinfected after each day's sales with disinfectant approved by the board, under the supervision of a veterinarian authorized by the board.


11-22-111. Scales; inspection and testing.


All scales used in the operation of a livestock market must be inspected and tested by the state superintendent of weights and measures, who may make reasonable rules and regulations relative to the method of weighing livestock at all livestock markets. All livestock sold by weight must be weighed on scales.


11-22-112. Records of receipts and sales; availability for inspection.


Operators of all livestock markets shall keep an accurate record of the date on which each consignment of animals was received and sold, the name and address of the buyer and seller, the number and species of the animals received and sold, and the marks and brands on each animal. The records, together with the gross selling prices, commission and other care, handling and sales charges on each consignment shall be available for inspection by the executive officer of the board, his deputy or authorized inspector. A copy shall be supplied to the owner of the livestock. All records of sales during preceding months shall be kept readily accessible for immediate examination.


11-22-113. Inspection of livestock and goats; report on unbranded calves.



(a) All livestock and goats entering a livestock market shall be inspected for health and all livestock except swine and goats shall be inspected for brands before being offered for sale. The health inspection shall be made by a veterinarian approved by the board and appointed by the executive officer of the board as an authorized veterinarian for livestock markets. The brand inspection shall be made by a brand inspector.


(b) The Wyoming livestock board shall require from brand inspectors employed at all Wyoming livestock markets a monthly report of all unbranded calves of the beef breeds that are not accompanied by their mothers, inspected prior to sale. The report shall show for each consignment of such calves the date and place of sale, the county of origin, the name and address of consignor and the number of calves inspected and sold.


(c) Repealed by Laws 1990, ch. 87, 3.


11-22-114. When removal of livestock from establishment permitted.


It is unlawful for the operator of a livestock market to permit the removal of any livestock from the establishment until it has been treated in accordance with the rules and regulations prescribed by the board. In cases of livestock destined interstate, the health certificate shall show that the livestock has been inspected in accordance with the requirements of the state of destination. All fees for veterinary inspection, treatment and services shall be collected by the operator of the livestock market and paid to the veterinarian in the manner prescribed by the board.


11-22-115. Removal of veterinarian.


The executive officer of the board may remove any authorized veterinarian whenever he finds that his work is not performed in conformity with this act and the rules and regulations of the board.


11-22-116. Warranty of title; disposition of proceeds from sale; receipt by board.


The operator of each livestock market in this state shall warrant to the purchaser the title of all livestock sold through the market and is liable to the owner for the net proceeds in cash received for the livestock sold. When notified by the brand inspector that there is a question as to whether any designated livestock sold through the ring is lawfully owned by the consignor, the market operator shall hold the proceeds received from the sale of the livestock for a reasonable time, not to exceed sixty (60) days, to permit the consignor to establish ownership. If at the expiration of that time the consignor fails to establish his lawful ownership of the livestock to the satisfaction of the brand inspector, the proceeds shall be transmitted by the operator to the board. The board may dispose of the proceeds in accordance with the law relating to the distribution of estray money, and the board's receipt shall relieve the operator from further responsibility for the proceeds.


11-22-117. Dispersal sales.


All dispersal sales made at livestock markets shall meet the requirements prescribed for other livestock passing through such markets.


11-22-118. Registration of livestock dealers; records; repeal.


(a) Livestock dealers shall be registered with the board. Registration shall include the livestock dealer's address, phone number and premise identification number of their place of business if available.


(b) A livestock dealer shall maintain for a period of two (2) years brand inspection forms, all certificates of veterinary health inspection, all disease test charts and bills of sale showing purchase and sale of all livestock. Information showing purchase or sale prices may be redacted from these records. A livestock dealer shall make the records available to the board as part of any contagious disease outbreak investigation. The board may randomly audit up to ten percent (10%) of the livestock dealers annually to monitor for compliance.


(c) After giving due notice and opportunity for hearing in accordance with the Wyoming Administrative Procedure Act, the board shall have the authority to deny an application for registration or to suspend or cancel the registration of a livestock dealer if:


(i) There is adequate evidence to establish the livestock dealer had intent to violate or circumvent the record keeping requirements of this section or other animal health regulations; or


(ii) The livestock dealer has repeatedly demonstrated an unwillingness to keep records as required by subsection (b) of this section.


(d) Records obtained by the board pursuant to subsection (b) of this section are privileged and confidential commercial information for purposes of the Wyoming Public Records Act, W.S. 16-4-201 through 16-4-205.


(e) This section is repealed effective June 30, 2016.


11-22-119. Penalty.


Any person who violates W.S. 11-22-101 through 11-22-118 or any rule or regulation adopted by the board pursuant to this act shall be punished as provided in W.S. 11-1-103.


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