2010 Wyoming Statutes
Title 11 - Agriculture, Livestock And Other Animals
Chapter 10 - State Fair



11-10-101. Department of agriculture to conduct; where held; purpose; awards generally.


The department of agriculture shall hold an annual state fair at Douglas, Wyoming, where all important products of the state shall be recognized according to merit by premiums or rewards for excellence offered out of an appropriation provided by the legislature. No person shall collect any award until he furnishes to the department, if requested, a complete history in writing of how the exhibit was produced and all other information concerning the entry that would be of interest or benefit to the general public.


11-10-102. Supervision generally.


The general charge and supervision of the state fair is under the director of the department of agriculture. The director may employ a competent manager and other employees necessary for the proper conduct and management of the fair. The director is responsible for the proper disbursement of all funds appropriated for the maintenance of the fair.


11-10-103. Reversion of fairgrounds to donor.


If the state fails for three (3) consecutive years to hold a state fair, the lands used for the purpose of a state fair shall revert to the person donating them, the state having the right to remove all buildings, fences and improvements of whatever nature within three (3) months after the date on which the fair should have been held. All buildings, fences and improvements remaining on the land after the expiration of the three (3) months shall become the property of the owner of the land.


11-10-104. Catalogues.


At least three (3) months before any annual fair, the director of the department of agriculture shall have a catalogue prepared and copies sent to the county clerks of the state for distribution to any person requesting it.


11-10-105. Entry fees.


A fee may be charged for any in-state or out-of-state exhibit to be entered in the state fair at an amount set by the director of the department of agriculture and the board.


11-10-106. Admission charges; other revenues.


(a) There shall be charged at the gates of the fairground an admission fee to be set by the board. An extra charge may be made for seats in the grandstand or other structure providing added comforts. The charge for vehicles driven or stock ridden into the grounds may be fixed by the board. All fees collected shall be deposited in the Wyoming state fair account.


(b) The department of agriculture may receive any money or property of any kind or character donated, granted or bequeathed for any activities of the state fair. Monies shall be credited to the state fair account. The department shall submit an annual report to the joint appropriations committee itemizing all gifts, income and expenditures under this subsection.


11-10-107. Power of board to acquire land; authority to make rules and regulations; renting and use of fairgrounds; gambling and liquor prohibited.


The board may acquire by donation or lease in the name of the state any lands necessary for conducting the state fair, and may make all rules and regulations necessary for the conduct and government of the exhibitions, the sale of privileges, and the proper control, operation and conduct of the state fair not inconsistent with the constitution and laws of this state. The board may rent out or donate the use of the state fairgrounds for stabling and training stock and holding stock sales. The grounds may be used free of charge for encampment grounds for the state militia under the direction of the adjutant general of the state. The board in its discretion may permit the grounds and facilities to be used for other purposes and may charge fees as it deems necessary to pay the expenses of maintaining the grounds and facilities. The board shall not permit any gambling device of any nature to be operated on the grounds, or permit any unlawful betting, or permit any intoxicating liquors to be sold thereon except as provided by W.S. 12-4-505.


11-10-108. Rodeos; generally.


The director of the department of agriculture and the board may provide a rodeo as part of the state fair program, provided there is no restriction on any Wyoming resident who desires to participate in the rodeo other than the prescribed entry fee, unless the restriction is required by a sanctioning body as part of the terms and conditions to sanction the rodeo. Any contract entered into with any person to provide entertainment under this section is void if it in any manner excludes a Wyoming resident from participation in the entertainment because of membership or nonmembership in any organization or group.


11-10-109. Rodeos; liability for injuries.


The state of Wyoming is not responsible or liable in any manner for any injury sustained by anyone participating in the rodeo at the Wyoming state fair.


11-10-110. Allocation of funds to county agricultural fair associations for prizes; funds to be prorated.


For the purpose of promoting and assisting county agricultural fair associations in providing premiums, prizes and awards to junior exhibitors, the board may pay the associations monies from the state fair appropriation in the amount set aside by the board for this purpose. The amount paid to each county shall be prorated according to the amount of monies appropriated by the county commissioners for each county agricultural fair association.


11-10-111. Reports.


The director of the department of agriculture shall make reports as required by W.S. 9-2-1014 in regard to the state fair.


11-10-112. Wyoming Pioneer Memorial Museum.


A building to be known as the "Wyoming Pioneer Memorial Museum" is authorized to house pioneer relics on the state fairgrounds, and for such other purposes as deemed necessary by the board.


11-10-113. Wyoming Pioneer Memorial Museum; supervision thereof.


The supervision, maintenance and operation of the museum is under the director of the department of state parks and cultural resources. The director may assign or employ necessary personnel to maintain the exhibits and receive visitors, and may enter into agreements for the loan of exhibits, providing the state of Wyoming is not liable therefor.


11-10-114. Wyoming Pioneer Memorial Museum; admission fee.


A nominal admission fee may be charged to reimburse the general fund for maintenance costs.


11-10-115. State fair advisory board; membership.


(a) There is created the state fair advisory board which shall serve as advisor to the board of agriculture on the operation of the state fair and the operation and maintenance of the state fairgrounds. The board shall consist of ten (10) members, one (1) member appointed by each of the seven (7) members of the board of agriculture appointed pursuant to W.S. 11-2-102(b), one (1) member appointed by the Converse county board of commissioners, one (1) member appointed by the dean of the University of Wyoming college of agriculture from the Wyoming cooperative extension service, and one (1) member selected by the Wyoming vocational agriculture teachers association from its membership. The members shall receive no salary in the performance of their duties but shall receive mileage and per diem the same as state employees as provided by W.S. 9-3-102.


(b) The state fair advisory board member appointed by the Converse county board of commissioners, the member appointed by the dean of the University of Wyoming college of agriculture and the member selected by the Wyoming vocational agriculture teachers association shall serve a four (4) year term. All other board members shall serve at the pleasure of the person who appointed the board member and in no event shall the term of any member exceed the corresponding term of the appointing board of agriculture member.


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