2010 Wyoming Statutes
Title 11 - Agriculture, Livestock And Other Animals
Chapter 1 - General Provisions



11-1-101. Definitions.



(a) As used in title 11, unless the context otherwise requires or unless otherwise specifically noted:


(i) "Board" means the state board of agriculture;


(ii) "Director" means the director of the department of agriculture for the state of Wyoming or his designated representative;


(iii) "Crop" or "agricultural crop," when not otherwise defined by statute, means corn, oats, wheat, barley, flax, sorghums and other grains, potatoes, vegetables, hay, wheatgrasses (agropyron species), needlegrasses (stipa species), bluegrasses (poa species), fescue grasses (festuca species), grama grasses (bouteloua species), sedges and rushes, shrubby or woody forage plants which include salt sages (atriplex species), sagebrushes (artemisia species), winterfat (eurotia lanata), and forage legumes which include astragalus, lupinus and other members of the family leguminosae;


(iv) "Department" means the Wyoming department of agriculture;


(v) "Person" includes an individual, partnership, corporation, joint stock company or any other association or entity, public or private.


11-1-102. Disposition of revenue.


Except as otherwise provided by law, all licensing, registration and service fees collected by the department together with such other monies as may accrue by law to the department shall be deposited with the state treasurer and credited to the general fund.


11-1-103. Penalty for violations.


A person who violates any of the following sections commits a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for not more than six (6) months, a fine of not more than seven hundred fifty dollars ($750.00), or both for the first offense, or by imprisonment for not more than one (1) year, a fine of not more than one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500.00), or both for second or subsequent offenses: W.S. 11-6-210(a) or (f), 11-18-112, 11-19-101, 11-19-102, 11-19-111, 11-19-401, 11-20-114, 11-20-117, 11-20-229, 11-20-230, 11-21-104, 11-22-118, 11-23-106, 11-23-207, 11-24-106 and 11-30-114. A person who violates board rules promulgated pursuant to W.S. 11-18-103(a)(v) shall be subject to the penalties specified in this section.


11-1-104. License and regulation by the department of agriculture; fee.



(a) The department shall collect a minimum annual fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for the first license or activity issued or regulated under subsection (b) of this section which shall be deposited in the general fund. An additional annual fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) shall be collected for each subsequent license issued or activity regulated under subsection (b) of this section. No person shall be required to pay more than one hundred dollars ($100.00) in any calendar year for each place of business even if the person obtains more than four (4) licenses from the department.


(b) The fee imposed by subsection (a) of this section shall be collected upon the following persons or activities:


(i) Aerial hunting permit under W.S. 11-6-105;


(ii) Apiary registration under W.S. 11-7-212;


(iii) Resident and nonresident nursery stock dealers and salesmen licensed under W.S. 11-9-102;


(iv) Repealed by Laws 1994, ch. 46, 2.


(v) Seed dealers licensed under W.S. 11-12-103;


(vi) Aircraft registration under W.S. 35-7-373(b);


(vii) Repealed By Laws 2000, Ch. 37, 4.


(viii) Repealed By Laws 2000, Ch. 37, 4.


(ix) Repealed By Laws 2000, Ch. 37, 4.


(x) Repealed By Laws 2000, Ch. 37, 4.


(xi) Repealed By Laws 2000, Ch. 37, 4.


(xii) Repealed by Laws 1995, ch. 21, 2.


(xiii) Repealed by Laws 2009, Ch. 191, 2.


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