2017 Wisconsin Statutes & Annotations
Chapter 25. Trust funds and their management.
25.50 Local government pooled-investment fund.

Universal Citation: WI Stat § 25.50 (2017)

25.50 Local government pooled-investment fund.

(1)Definitions. In this section:

(b) “Fund" means the local government pooled-investment fund.

(c) “Local funds" means funds under the control or in the custody of any local government or local official that are not required to meet current expenditures or demands.

(d) “Local government" means any county, town, village, city, power district, sewerage district, drainage district, town sanitary district, public inland lake protection and rehabilitation district, local professional baseball park district created under subch. III of ch. 229, long-term care district under s. 46.2895, local professional football stadium district created under subch. IV of ch. 229, local cultural arts district created under subch. V of ch. 229, public library system, school district or technical college district in this state, any commission, committee, board or officer of any governmental subdivision of this state, any court of this state, other than the court of appeals or the supreme court, or any authority created under s. 114.61, 231.02, 233.02, or 234.02.

(e) “Local official" means each officer or employee of a local government who by law or vote of the governing body of the local government is made the custodian of funds.

(2)Creation. There is established within the state investment fund a local government pooled-investment fund with a separate and identifiable account within the fund for each local government.

(3)Local governments authorized to place funds in pool.

(a) With the consent of the governing body, a local official may transfer local funds to the department of administration for deposit in the fund.

(b) On the dates specified and to the extent to which they are available, subject to s. 16.53 (10), funds payable to local governments under ss. 79.035, 79.04, 79.05, 79.08, and 79.10 shall be considered local funds and, pursuant to the instructions of local officials, may be paid into the separate accounts of all local governments established in the local government pooled-investment fund and, pursuant to the instructions of local officials, to the extent to which they are available, be disbursed or invested.

(4)Period of investments; withdrawal of funds. Subject to the right of the local government to specify the period in which its funds may be held in the fund, the department of administration shall prescribe the mechanisms and procedures for deposits and withdrawals.

(5)Investment policies. The board shall formulate policies for the investment and reinvestment of moneys in the fund and the acquisition, retention, management and disposition of such investments. The board shall provide a copy of the investment policies, together with any guidelines adopted by the board to direct staff investment activity, to each local government having an investment in the fund upon the local government's request and at least annually to all investors. The board shall distribute at least annually performance information over the preceding one-year, 5-year and 10-year periods, compared with appropriate indexes or benchmarks in the private sector. The investment policies shall include all of the following:

(a) Any types of prohibited investments.

(b) Any restrictions on allocation of assets among various asset types.

(c) Credit standards for private companies in which the fund may invest.

(d) Dollar or percentage limits on investments in a single company or bank.

(5m)Monthly reporting requirements.

(a) The board, in cooperation with the department of administration, shall provide a monthly report to each local government having an investment in the fund. The board shall use all reasonable efforts to provide the report to the local government no later than 6 business days after the end of the month covered by the report. The report shall include information on the fund's earnings for the month, with comparison to appropriate indexes or benchmarks in the private sector.

(b) Upon request of any local government having an investment in the fund, the board shall provide a summary of securities held by the fund, including for each type of security, its cost, current value and, in the case of debt instruments, the average maturity. The board shall provide the information as soon as practicable after receiving the request.

(6)Board to invest, reinvest pooled funds. In the amounts available for investment purposes and subject to the policies formulated by the board, the board shall invest and reinvest moneys in the fund and acquire, retain, manage, including the exercise of any voting rights, and dispose of investments of the fund.

(7)Reimbursement of expenses. The department of administration shall deduct monthly from the earnings of the fund during the preceding calendar month an amount sufficient to cover all actual and necessary expenses incurred by the state in administering the fund in the preceding calendar month, except that in no fiscal year may the department of administration deduct an amount exceeding the amount appropriated under s. 20.505 (1) (gc) for that fiscal year.

(8)Separate accounts.

(a) The department of administration shall keep a separate account for each local government and shall record the individual amounts and the totals of all investments of each local government's moneys in the fund.

(b) The department of administration shall report monthly to each local official the deposits and withdrawals of the preceding month and any other activity within the account.

(c) For each municipality that invests in the fund surplus debt service funds under s. 67.11 (2) (d), the department of administration shall keep separate accounts for such surplus debt service funds and for all other local funds of the municipality that are invested in the fund.

(9)Rules. The department of administration may promulgate rules to carry out the purposes of this section.

(10)Insurance of principal. The department of administration may obtain insurance for the safety of the principal investments of the fund. The insurance is a reimbursable expense under sub. (7).

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