2017 Wisconsin Statutes & Annotations
Chapter 25. Trust funds and their management.
25.14 State investment fund.

Universal Citation: WI Stat § 25.14 (2017)

25.14 State investment fund.


(a) There is created a state investment fund under the jurisdiction and management of the board to be operated as an investment trust for the purpose of managing the securities of all funds that are required by law to be invested in the state investment fund and all of the state's funds specified in s. 25.17 (1), except all of the following:

1. The state life fund.

2. The core retirement investment trust.

3. The variable retirement investment trust.

4. The capital improvement fund.

5. The bond security and redemption fund.

6. The state building trust fund.

7. The state housing authority reserve fund.

8. The children's trust fund.

9. The injured patients and families compensation fund.

10. The tuition trust fund.

11. Funds that under article X of the constitution are controlled and invested by the board of commissioners of public lands.

12. Funds that are required by specific provision of law to be controlled and invested by any other authority.

13. The university trust funds.

14. The trust funds of the state universities.

15. The college savings program trust fund.

15b. The college savings program bank deposit trust fund.

15d. The college savings program credit union deposit trust fund.

15g. The permanent endowment fund.

15m. Any redemption fund established under s. 18.561 (5).

16. Any redemption fund established under s. 18.562 (3).

17. Any fund established under s. 18.57 (1).

18. The artistic endowment fund.

19. The local government property insurance fund.

(b) The respective authorities controlling the investment of any fund excluded under par. (a) may authorize the transfer of any temporary cash assets of any fund excluded under par. (a) to the state investment fund in accordance with subs. (2) and (3).

(2) At such time as the board determines, all of the securities held by any of the state's funds, except those specifically excluded in sub. (1), shall be transferred, at the market value plus accrued interest as of the date of transfer, to the state investment fund together with such amounts of cash as may be required to provide each contributing fund an equity in the state investment fund which may be expressed in terms of even thousands of dollars. Thereafter, the department of administration shall make such subsequent transfers of money between the individual funds and the state investment fund as in its judgment is advisable and in accordance with cash requirements of the individual funds, such transfer to be made on the basis of even thousands of dollars, and it shall furnish to the board such information with respect to daily balances of individual funds within the investment fund as may be required.

(3) The department of administration, upon consultation with the board, shall distribute all earnings, profits, or losses of the state investment fund to each participating fund in the same ratio as each participating fund's average daily balance within the state investment fund bears to the total average daily balance of all participating funds, except as provided in s. 16.401 (14) and except that the department of administration shall credit to the appropriation account under s. 20.505 (1) (kj) an amount equal to the amount assessed under s. 25.19 (3) from the earnings or profits of the funds against which an assessment is made. Distributions under this section shall be made at such times as the department of administration may determine, but must be made at least semiannually in each complete fiscal year of operation.

(4) The department of administration shall maintain such records as may be required to account for each contributing fund's share in the state investment fund.

(5) The assets of the state investment fund shall be invested as prescribed by s. 25.17 (3) (b), (ba), (bd), and (dg).

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The investment board is an independent going concern not protected by sovereign immunity. Bahr v. State v. Investment Board, 186 Wis. 2d 379, 521 N.W.2d 152 (Ct. App. 1994).

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