2013 Wisconsin Statutes & Annotations
118. General school operations.
118.24 School district administrator.

WI Stat § 118.24 (2013 through Act 380) What's This?

118.24 School district administrator.

118.24(1) (1) A school board may employ a school district administrator, a business manager and school principals and assistants to such persons. The term of each employment contract may not exceed 2 years. A contract for a term of 2 years may provide for one or more extensions of one year each.

118.24(2) (2)

118.24(2)(a)(a) Under the direction of the employing school board, the school district administrator shall have general supervision and management of the professional work of the schools and the promotion of pupils.

118.24(2)(b) (b) The school district administrator shall not be a member of the school board and shall not engage in any pursuit which interferes with the proper discharge of the duties.

118.24(2)(c) (c) The school district administrator shall make written recommendations to the school board on teachers, courses of study, discipline and such other matters as the administrator thinks advisable and shall perform such other duties as the school board requires.

118.24(2)(d) (d) The school district administrator may act as principal or teacher in any school under the administrator's supervision.

118.24(2)(f) (f) The school district administrator shall ensure that the administrative and pupil service staff in the district cooperate with the county department under s. 51.42 in the dissemination of information regarding the availability of alcohol and drug abuse services and to jointly establish procedures for the referral to appropriate agencies of students experiencing problems resulting from the use of alcohol or other drugs.

118.24(3) (3) The principal shall perform such administrative and instructional leadership responsibilities as are assigned by the district administrator under the rules and regulations of the school board.

118.24(4) (4) A business administrator shall perform such fiscal and business management and other administrative duties as are assigned by the district administrator subject to the rules, regulations and approval of the school board.

118.24(5) (5) School principals and business administrators, and assistants thereto, may, upon authorization from the school board or district administrator, attend conventions for the purpose of promoting and stimulating their professional growth and for improving the schools of the district and the state. For such approved attendance they may be reimbursed for actual and necessary expenses incurred for travel, board, lodging and attendance at such conventions upon proper filing of proof of attendance and of such necessary expenditures.

118.24(6) (6) The employment contract of any person described under sub. (1) shall be in writing and filed with the school district clerk. At least 4 months prior to the expiration of the employment contract, the employing school board shall give notice in writing of either renewal of the contract or of refusal to renew such person's contract. If no such notice is given, the contract then in force shall continue in force for 2 years. Any such person who receives notice of renewal or who does not receive notice of renewal or refusal to renew the person's contract at least 4 months before the contract expiration shall accept or reject the contract in writing on or before a date 3 months prior to the contract expiration. No such person may be employed or dismissed except by a majority vote of the full membership of the school board. Nothing in this section prevents the modification or termination of an employment contract by mutual agreement of the parties. No school board may enter into a contract of employment with any such person for a period of time as to which such person is then under a contract of employment with another school board.

118.24(7) (7) Prior to giving notice of refusal to renew the contract of any person described under sub. (1), the employing board shall give such person preliminary notice in writing by registered mail at least 5 months prior to the expiration of such contract that the board is considering nonrenewal of the contract, and that if such person files a written request with the board within 7 days after receiving such notice, the person has the right to a hearing before the board prior to being given written notice of refusal to renew the contract. The written request for a hearing shall include a statement requesting either a private hearing or a public hearing before the board. Section 118.22 does not apply to such a proceeding. If a hearing concerning nonrenewal of the contract is requested, the reasons upon which the board is considering nonrenewal may also be requested and the board shall furnish such reasons before the hearing in writing.

118.24(8) (8) Personnel administrators and supervisors, curriculum administrators and assistants to such administrative personnel, when employed by the school board of any school district to perform administrative duties only, may be employed for a term that does not exceed 2 years. A contract for a term of 2 years may provide for one or more extensions of one year each. Subsections (5) to (7) are applicable to such persons when they are employed to perform administrative duties only.

118.24(9) (9) Nothing in this section shall be construed:

118.24(9)(a) (a) To prohibit the school board of any district from hiring part-time administrative personnel; or

118.24(9)(b) (b) To prohibit the employment relations commission from making a determination that persons hired as part-time administrative personnel shall be included in the collective bargaining unit of persons hired as teachers and shall be covered by the terms of a collective bargaining agreement which exists pursuant to s. 111.70.

118.24(10) (10) No principal or assistant principal may be granted tenure or permanent employment.

History: 1975 c. 379, 421; 1979 c. 331; 1983 a. 317; 1985 a. 176; 1993 a. 16; 1995 a. 27, 50; 2009 a. 215.

The school board and district under sub. (3) can require a principal to perform administrative responsibilities as long as their performance does not modify the terms of an employment contract. Kabes v. School District of River Falls, 2004 WI App 55, 270 Wis. 2d 502, 677 N.W.2d 667, 03-0522.

The statutes do not support the existence of a school principal's property interest in performing specific duties. Ulichny v. Merton Community School District, 93 F. Supp. 2d 1011 (2000). Affirmed. 249 F.3d 686 (2001).

Due process does not require that an outside decisionmaker conduct the hearing provided for under sub. (7). Beischel v. Stone Bank School District, 362 F.3d 430 (2004).

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