2010 Wisconsin Code
Chapter 812. Garnishment.
812.11 Garnishee answer.


812.11 Garnishee answer. The garnishee shall, within 20 days from the service of a garnishee summons and complaint, exclusive of the day of service, serve upon the attorney for the plaintiff, and file with the clerk of court, an answer in which the garnishee shall state:


(1) Whether the garnishee was, at the time of the service of the garnishee summons, indebted or under any liability to the defendant, naming the defendant, in any manner or upon any account, specifying, if indebted or liable, the amount, the interest thereon, the manner in which evidenced, when payable, whether an absolute or contingent liability and the facts necessary to a complete understanding of such indebtedness or liability. When the garnishee is in doubt respecting any liability or indebtedness to the defendant, the garnishee may set forth the facts concerning the possible liability or indebtedness.


(2) Whether the garnishee held, at the time of the service of the garnishee summons, title to, possession of or any other interest in any land or personal property or any instruments or papers relating to any such land or personal property belonging to the defendant or in which the defendant is interested. If the garnishee admits holding any interest in property described in this subsection or is in doubt respecting whether the garnishee holds an interest in property described in this subsection, the garnishee shall set forth a description of the property and the facts concerning the property, and the title, interest or claim of the defendant in or to the property.


(3) If the garnishee claims any setoff or defense to any debt or liability or any lien or claim to property described in sub. (2), the garnishee shall allege the facts.


(4) The garnishee may state any claim of exemption from execution on the part of the defendant or other objection, known to the garnishee, against the right of the plaintiff to apply upon the plaintiff's demand the debt or property disclosed.


(5) If the garnishee discloses any debt or the possession of any property to which the defendant and other persons make claim, the garnishee may allege the names and residences of such other claimants and, so far as known, the nature of their claims.


(7) In addition to the requirements of sub. (1), if the garnishee is indebted to or under any liability to the defendant for payment for the sale of any crops, livestock, dairy products or another product grown or produced by a person or by his or her minor children, the garnishee answer shall state the amount to be paid under s. 812.18 (2m) (b) to the defendant and the balance held by the garnishee.


(8) Service upon the attorney for the plaintiff may be effected by mailing a copy of the garnishee answer to the attorney for the plaintiff at the attorney's post-office address as shown on the summons.

812.11 - ANNOT.

History: Sup. Ct. Order, 67 Wis. 2d 585, 759 (1975); Stats. 1975 s. 812.11; 1983 a. 92; 1993 a. 80, 486.

812.11 - ANNOT.

A garnishee's answer indicating that it had no assets of the debtor was proper when it held partnership property but the garnishee complaint only named the partners as individuals and in no way identified the partnership although the underlying judgment was against the partnership. Ag Services of America, Inc. v. Krejchik, 2002 WI App 6, 250 Wis. 2d 340, 640 N.W.2d 125, 00-3430.

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