2010 Wisconsin Code
Chapter 60. Towns.
60.33 Duties of town clerk.


60.33 Duties of town clerk. The town clerk shall:


(1) Clerk of town meeting. Serve as clerk of the town meeting under s. 60.15.


(2) Clerk of town board.


(a) Serve as clerk of the town board, attend meetings of the board and keep a full record of its proceedings.


(b) File all accounts approved by the town board or allowed at town meetings and enter a statement of the accounts in the town's record books.


(c) File with the town board claims approved by the clerk, as required under s. 60.44 (2) (c).


(3) Finance book. Maintain a finance book, which shall contain a complete record of the finances of the town, showing the receipts, with the date, amount and source of each receipt; the disbursements, with the date, amount and object of each disbursement; and any other information relating to town finances prescribed by the town board.


(4) Elections and appointments.


(a) Perform the duties required by chs. 5 to 12 relating to elections.


(b) Transmit to the county clerk, within 10 days after election or appointment and qualification of any town supervisor, treasurer, assessor or clerk, a written notice stating the name and post-office address of the elected or appointed officer. The clerk shall promptly notify the county clerk of any subsequent changes in such offices.


(c) Transmit to the clerk of circuit court, immediately after the election or appointment of any constable or municipal judge in the town, a written notice stating the name of the constable or municipal judge and the term for which elected or appointed. If the judge or constable was elected or appointed to fill a vacancy in the office, the clerk shall include in the notice the name of the incumbent who vacated the office.


(5) Sale of real property. Execute the conveyance of real property of the town.


(6) Notices.


(a) Publish or post ordinances and resolutions as required under s. 60.80.


(b) Give notice of annual and special town meetings as required under ss. 60.11 (5) and 60.12 (3).


(7) Records.


(a) Comply with subch. II of ch. 19 concerning any record of which the clerk is legal custodian.


(b) Demand and obtain the official books and papers of any municipal judge if the office becomes vacant and the judge's successor is not elected or appointed and qualified, or if any municipal judge dies. The town clerk shall dispose of the books and papers as required by law.


(8) Licenses. Issue any license or permit granted by the town board when presented with a receipt from the town treasurer indicating that any required fee has been paid.


(8m) Street trade permits. Stamp or endorse street trade permits at the request of an employer under s. 103.25 (3m) (b).


(8p) Traveling sales crew worker permits. Stamp or endorse traveling sales crew worker permits at the request of an employer under s. 103.34 (11) (c).


(9) Schools.


(a) Perform the clerk's duties under chs. 115 to 121, relating to public instruction.


(b) Within 10 days after the clerk's election or appointment, report his or her name and post-office address to the administrator of each cooperative educational service agency which contains any portion of the town. The clerk shall report to the administrator the name and post-office address of each school district clerk within 10 days after the name and address is filed in the clerk's office.


(c) Make and keep in the clerk's office a map of the town, showing the exact boundaries of school districts within the town.


(d) Apportion, as provided by law, tax revenues collected by the town for schools.


(10) Highways and bridges. Perform the duties specified in chs. 82 to 92, relating to highways, bridges and drains.


(10m) Notice of property tax revenue. Notify the treasurer of the county in which the town is located, by February 20, of the proportion of property tax revenue and of the credits under s. 79.10 that is to be disbursed by the taxation district treasurer to each taxing jurisdiction located in the town.


(11) In general. Perform all other duties required by law, ordinance or lawful direction of the town meeting or town board.

60.33 - ANNOT.

History: 1983 a. 532; 1985 a. 39 s. 17; 1989 a. 113; 1991 a. 39; 1995 a. 27; 1997 a. 27; 2003 a. 214; 2009 a. 3.

60.33 - ANNOT.

NOTE: 2003 Wis. Act 214, which affected this section, contains extensive explanatory notes.

60.33 - ANNOT.

The offices of president of a common school district board and chairperson of a town board within the school district and the offices of school board member and town clerk are probably compatible. 74 Atty. Gen. 50.

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