2010 Wisconsin Code
Chapter 40. Public employee trust fund.
40.70 Life insurance coverage.


40.70 Life insurance coverage.


(1) Except as provided in sub. (11), each eligible employee of an employer shall be insured under the group life insurance plan provided under this subchapter if all of the following apply:


(a) The employer is a participating employer under the Wisconsin retirement system and was included in the group life insurance program by s. 40.20 (5m), 1979 stats., or the governing body of the employer has adopted a resolution in a form prescribed by the department to make coverage available to its employees or is the state. Coverage may also be extended by rule to employees under other retirement systems if the employer adopts a resolution as specified in this paragraph. A certified copy of the resolution shall be filed with the department and the resolution takes effect on the first day of the 4th month beginning after the date of filing. An employer may provide group life insurance for its employees through separate contracts in addition to, or in lieu of, the group life insurance provided by the department under this subchapter.


(b) The employee files an application in the manner provided by rule or contract, to be effective on a date fixed by the department, for one or more of the types of coverage established under this subchapter. The group insurance board may provide a different method of enrollment than provided under this subsection.


(c) The employee pays the employee contribution toward the life insurance premium under s. 40.05 (6).


(2) A resolution adopted under sub. (1) (a) takes effect only if the department determines that at least 50% of the eligible employees of that employer will be covered at the time that the resolution is effective. The department's determination shall be based on the employer's prior year-end report of the number of employees participating in the Wisconsin retirement system or, if the employer was not a participating employer in the prior year, on the number of employees who, on or before the 15th day of the month immediately preceding the effective date of the resolution, have applied for group life insurance coverage under this subchapter. If the department nullifies a resolution based on insufficient participation, the employer may not file another resolution under sub. (1) (a) during the first 6 months after the date of the previous filing.


(3) Employers may adopt resolutions providing all the coverages provided under this subchapter or provided by contract or may identify in the resolution only specified coverages that are authorized by contract to be offered separately. Employees may file an application under sub. (1) (b) for the amount of coverage provided under s. 40.72 (1) and for any other coverage offered by their employer. The department shall determine the method of administration and the procedure for collection of premiums and employer costs.




(a) The governing body of any employer may do any of the following:


1. Change the coverage that it makes available to its employees under s. 40.72 (2) or (3) by adopting an amended resolution and filing a certified copy of the amended resolution with the department.


2. Withdraw from making coverage under this subchapter available to its employees by adopting a withdrawal resolution and filing a certified copy of the withdrawal resolution with the department.


3. Nullify its amended resolution or withdrawal resolution at any time before it becomes effective by adopting a nullifying resolution and filing a certified copy of the nullifying resolution with the department.


(b) Except as provided in sub. (5), amended resolutions and withdrawal resolutions take effect on the first day of the 4th month beginning after the date of filing. Nullifying resolutions take effect on the date of filing.


(c) If a withdrawal resolution becomes effective, the employer may not file another resolution under sub. (1) (a) during the first 12 months after the effective date of the withdrawal resolution.


(5) The department may accept or reject an amended resolution, or a resolution under sub. (1) (a) that is filed after the employer's withdrawal resolution becomes effective, and may charge the employer for any postretirement insurance liability.


(6) Except as provided in sub. (7m), any employee who has not applied for coverage under sub. (1) within the time period specified by rule or contract after becoming eligible for coverage or any employee whose insurance terminates under sub. (8) shall not thereafter become insured for that coverage unless the employee furnishes evidence of insurability satisfactory to the insurer, at his or her own expense. If the evidence is approved, the employee shall become insured on the first day of the first month beginning after the approval.


(7m) If, as a result of employer error, an employee has not filed an application with the department as required under sub. (1) (b) or made premium contributions as required under sub. (1) (c) within 60 days after becoming eligible for group life insurance coverage, the employee is considered not to be insured for that coverage. The employee may become insured by filing a new application under sub. (1) (b) within 30 days after the employee receives from the employer written notice of the error. An employee is not required to furnish evidence of insurability to become insured under this subsection. An employee becomes insured under this subsection on the first day of the first month beginning after the date on which the employer receives the employee's new application under sub. (1) (b).


(8) An insured employee may at any time cancel one or more of the types of life insurance coverage provided under this subchapter by filing a cancellation form with the employing office. The cancellation form shall be transmitted immediately to the department. The cancellation shall be effective and the insurance shall cease at the end of the calendar month which begins after the cancellation form is received by the appropriate office.


(9) The life insurance shall terminate as provided in the contract which shall also provide an option for an employee to convert insurance coverage upon termination of employment if covered by the insurance during the entire 6 months preceding termination or if covered by the insurance from the initial effective date for that employer, to the date of termination.


(10) The group insurance board may provide for the continuation or suspension of insurance coverage during any month in which no earnings are received during a leave of absence.


(11) An eligible state employee shall not be insured under the group life insurance provided under this subchapter if the employee elects insurance coverage with a county under s. 978.12 (6).

40.70 - ANNOT.

History: 1981 c. 96; 1989 a. 13, 31, 182; 1991 a. 152; 2007 a. 131.

40.70 - ANNOT.

Cross Reference: See also s. ETF 60.31, Wis. adm. code.

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