2010 Wisconsin Code
Chapter 40. Public employee trust fund.
40.06 Reports and payments.


40.06 Reports and payments.




(a) Except as otherwise provided by rule or statute, the employee contributions and premium payments specified in s. 40.05 shall be deducted from the earnings of each employee and from the annuity, if sufficient, of each insured retired employee and transmitted to the department, or an agent specified by the department, in the manner and within the time limit fixed by the department together with the required employer contributions and premium payments and reports in the form specified by the department. Notwithstanding any other law, rule or regulation, the payment of earnings less the required deductions shall be a complete discharge of all claims for service rendered during the period covered by the payment.


(b) Each employer shall withhold the amounts specified from any payment of earnings to an employee whose status as a participating or insured employee has not yet been determined under s. 40.22 (1) and shall refund the amount withheld directly to the employee if it is subsequently determined that the employee does not qualify as a participating or insured employee.


(c) For state agencies, contributions paid by employers shall be made from the respective funds from which the salaries are paid to the employee for whom the contributions are being made. The heads of the respective state agencies shall, at the time that salary deductions in accordance with par. (a) are sent to the department, determine the amount of the corresponding employer contributions, indicate the amount of the contribution on the report submitted to the department and provide for payment to the department, by any method approved by the department, from the appropriate state funds of the amounts payable. If payment is by voucher, the department shall transmit the voucher to the department of administration. The department of administration shall approve vouchers for payment of contributions due under s. 40.05 within 5 working days, s. 16.53 (10) notwithstanding, and the state treasurer shall immediately issue a check, share draft or other draft to the department of employee trust funds for the amount of the voucher.


(d) Each participating employer and, subject to par. (dm), each state agency shall notify the department in the manner and at the time prescribed by the department, of the names of all participating employees classified as protective occupation participants determined in accordance with s. 40.02 (48) or classified as teacher participants in accordance with s. 40.02 (55) or other classification as specified by the department.


(dm) Each determination by a department head regarding the classification of a state employee as a protective occupation participant shall be reviewed by the office of state employment relations. A state employee's name may not be certified to the fund as a protective occupation participant under par. (d) until the office of state employment relations approves the determination.




1. An employee may appeal a determination under par. (d), including a determination that the employee is not a participating employee, to the board by filing a written appeal with the board. An appeal under this paragraph does not apply to any service rendered more than 7 years prior to the date on which the appeal is received by the board. The board shall consider the appeal and mail a report of its decision to the employee and the participating employer or state agency.


3. A determination of an employee's status under par. (d) made after an appeal is decided under this paragraph shall remain in effect until receipt by the department of a notification indicating a classification for the employee different from the determination. The employee may appeal that subsequent determination by filing an appeal as required under this paragraph.


(em) The department may review any determination by a participating employer to classify an employee who is not a state employee as a protective occupation participant and may appeal the determination to the board by filing a written notice of appeal with the board. The determination by the employer shall remain in effect until the department receives a written notification from the board indicating a classification for the employee that is different from the employer's determination.




(a) If any employer fails to transmit to the department any report required by law or by rule before the end of the calendar month following the date when the report is due, the department shall prepare the report and submit to the employer a statement of the expenses incurred in securing the report, including the value of the personal services rendered in its preparation. The department shall file duplicates of the statement with the department of administration.


(b) Within 30 days after the receipt of the statement under par. (a) by the employer the statement shall be audited as other claims against the employer are audited and shall be paid into the state treasury and credited to the appropriation under s. 20.515 (1) (w).


(c) If the employer defaults on payment of the amount specified in the statement under par. (a), the amount shall become a special charge against the employer and shall be included in the next certification of state taxes and charges and shall be collected, with interest as provided in sub. (3) from the date the statement was submitted to the employer, as other charges are certified and collected, or collected as provided under sub. (4). When the amount and the interest are collected, they shall be credited to the appropriation under s. 20.515 (1) (w).


(3) Interest shall be charged on accounts receivable from any employer if the remittance and any corresponding report are not received by the department in the manner and within the time limit fixed by rule or statute at the rate of 0.04% for each day, from the due date to the date received by the department with a minimum charge of $3, and the interest or minimum charge shall be paid immediately to the department. If the amount is not paid within 30 days after it is payable, the amount shall be collected as provided under sub. (4).




(a) Whenever any employer, other than the state, fails to pay to the department any amount due, the department shall certify the amount or the estimated amount to the department of administration which shall withhold the amount or the estimated amount from the next apportionment of state aids or taxes of any kind payable to the employer or, if so directed by the department, collect the amount as provided in sub. (2) (c) and shall pay the amount so withheld or collected to the department. When the exact amount due is determined and the department receives a sum in excess of the exact amount, the department shall pay the excess amount to the employer from whose aid the excess was withheld.


(b) Whenever any amount is payable by a department or agency of the state, the department shall certify the amount payable with an explanation of the charge, together with a voucher in payment for the amount to the department of administration which shall immediately approve the voucher and within no more than 5 days, notwithstanding s. 16.53 (10), make payment from the appropriation of the department or agency which failed to transmit the payment on time.


(5) Whenever it is determined that contributions and premiums were not paid in the year when due, the amount to be paid shall be determined at the employee and employer contribution or premium rates in effect when the payment should have been made and increased by interest at the effective rate which would have been credited if the amount had been paid and deposited in the accumulation reserves of the core annuity division under s. 40.04 (4) and (5) at the time the contributions or premiums were due. The employer shall collect from the employee the amount which the employee would have paid if the amounts had been paid when due, plus the corresponding interest, and shall transmit the amount collected to the department together with the balance of the amount to be paid, or the employer may elect to pay part or all of the employee amounts.


(6) Notwithstanding ss. 16.52 (2) and 40.02 (22) (a), fiscal year coding adjustments may be made for contributions received after August 1 for earnings paid for services rendered in the previous fiscal year, so that the amount of the contributions received and earnings paid are substantially reflected in the annual earnings period to which they apply.


(7) Within 30 days after receipt of a qualified domestic relations order or of a written request from the department pursuant to a qualified domestic relations order, a participating employer shall submit to the department a report, in the form specified by the department, of the earnings, service and contributions of the participant named in the order. The report shall include all earnings paid to and all service and contributions of the participant through the day before the decree date that have not previously been reported to the department.

40.06 - ANNOT.

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40.06 - ANNOT.

The statute of limitations under sub. (1) (e) 1. cannot be applied to extinguish pension rights established prior to its enactment without providing the plan participant with fair notice of the change and fair opportunity to preserve the claim. Dicks v. Employee Trust Funds Board, 202 Wis. 2d 703, 551 N.W.2d 845 (Ct. App. 1996), 95-1661.

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