2017 Vermont Statutes
Title 3 Appendix - Executive Orders
Chapter 9 - Commerce And Trade
App 9-2 (No. 12-12) [Vermont State Craft Center Overview Commission

Universal Citation: 3A V.S.A. § 9-2

 I. Composition

The Commission shall be comprised of:

— The Secretary of Commerce and Community Development, or designee,

— The Commissioner of Tourism and Marketing, or designee,

— The Commissioner of Economic, Housing, and Community Development, or designee,

— The Secretary of Agriculture, or designee,

— The State's Chief Marketing Officer, and

— A representative of the crafts community designated by the Vermont Crafts Council who shall serve a three-year term.

The Chair of the Commission shall be the State's Chief Marketing Officer. The Commission shall meet as needed to consider recommendations for State Craft Center designation, but not less than annually.

Administrative support for the Commission and the Standards Group described below shall be provided by the Agency of Commerce and Community Development.

 II. Commission Charge

The Commission shall oversee the formation and operation of a Standards Group that shall be a self-governed entity elected and administered by the Vermont crafts community for the purpose of developing the criteria for and governing State Craft Center designation. The Commission's oversight of the Standards Group shall include providing review and approval of the processes governing designation, termination, and appeals of the same based on recommendations from the Standards Group.

The Commission shall ensure that all State Craft Centers represent the State in the best possible manner through application of the criteria in Attachment #1 and Attachment #2. The Commission shall also afford due recognition to the diversity that exists within the crafts community in Vermont.

The composition and responsibilities of the Standards Group shall be as follows:

A. The Standards Group shall be advisory to the Commission and shall be established, governed, and regulated by the crafts community in Vermont.

B. The Standards Group shall be composed of not more than seven voting members from the crafts community, to be selected by the crafts community through a nomination and election process administered by the Vermont Crafts Council. The members of the Standards Group shall serve a term of three years, except that the Standards Group shall consist of two members serving one-year terms, two members serving two-year terms, and three members serving three-year terms so that the terms will be staggered. Standards Group members may succeed themselves indefinitely. Pursuant to 32 V.S.A. § 1010(e), members of the Standards Group shall be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred in performance of their functions to the extent funds are available.

C. The Standards Group will both determine and perform functions related to State Craft Center and State Craft Education Center designation, including the application process for designation, and annual review of designations. The Standards Group will make a recommendation to the Commission on whether to approve or deny an application for designation.

 III. Effective Date

This Order shall take effect upon signing and supersedes and replaces Executive Order 09-09 (codified as No. 3-49). Members of the Commission and the Standards Group on the effective date of this order shall continue to serve until their successors are appointed.

Dated October 31, 2012.

Attachment #1



Criteria for designation and operation of a State Craft Center and State Craft Education Center will be determined by the Standards Group and approved by the Craft Center Overview Commission. These criteria shall include, but not be limited to:

Marketing and Branding Criteria: Every designated Vermont State Craft Center and Vermont State Craft Education Center will utilize marketing material consistent with the branding of the State, to be monitored by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). The State CMO will approve the development and use of official Vermont State Craft Center Designation marketing materials such as signage or logo.

General Criteria: Whether primarily devoted to hands-on education or to exhibition, the primary underlying criteria for designation as a Vermont State Craft Center shall be high quality and authenticity of (1) educational programs, and (2) Vermont craftwork.

Educational Criteria: A Vermont State Craft Education Center will provide comprehensive craft education taught by acknowledged professionals, will offer exhibition opportunities for work by students and faculty, and will maintain a commitment to the criteria established by the Standards Group.

Exhibition Criteria: Vermont State Craft Centers will exhibit a high percentage (80% or greater) of original, high-quality, Vermont-made craftwork, will offer various approaches of educating the public about craft, and will maintain a commitment to the criteria established by the Standards Group.

Legal and Fiscal Criteria:

1. Designations will be site specific. Additional locations will require separate application and approval.

2. Vermont State Craft Centers will be free from legal encumbrances.

Governance Criteria:

1. Designees will be willing to accept and expect oversight from the Vermont State Craft Center Standards Group.

2. Designees will have in place a formal system for exhibitor feedback, including ideas, problems or complaints, which will then be integrated into the planning process.

3. A Vermont State Craft Center and Vermont State Craft Education Center will make available a year-end narrative to the Standards Group, which includes performance-to-criteria standards and other matters requested by the Standards Group.

Operational Criteria:

1. Vermont State Craft Centers will be operational year-round.

2. Designees will have been in existence for a minimum of three years prior to application for Vermont State Craft Center or State Craft Education Center designation.

3. Designees will be in good standing relative to community relations, customer relations and financial performance.

Attachment #2



Application review procedure, to be determined by the Standards Group, will include:

1. New applicants will file a narrative report on their ability to meet the criteria for designation as set by the Standards Group in accordance with Attachment #1.

2. Existing designees will submit, prior to the review date, documentation required by the Standards Group.

3. The Standards Group may conduct an on-site visit and community hearing. It shall have access to the records of an applicant for designation or renewal related to matters including the applicant's operation, education offerings, and governance policies and procedures. These requirements will be set by the Standards Group.

4. The Standards Group will provide a summary of its findings to the craft center or craft education center within thirty days of the meeting.

5. The Standards Group will develop processes pertaining to an application for designation, termination, and appeals and recommend them to the Overview Commission for approval. No designations will be made until the Overview Commission has approved processes for designation, termination and appeals.

Term of Designation:

1. Upon favorable review of a renewal application, the designation will be extended for a three-year term, with annual review. The initial term shall be two years.

2. The Chief Marketing Officer will represent the State in designation agreements.

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