2020 Utah Code
Title 20A - Election Code
Chapter 5 - Election Administration
Part 6 - Poll Workers
Section 605 - Duties of poll workers.

Universal Citation: UT Code § 20A-5-605 (2020)
Effective 5/12/2020
20A-5-605. Duties of poll workers.
  • (1) Poll workers shall:
    • (a) arrive at the polling place at a time determined by the election officer; and
    • (b) remain until the official election returns are prepared for delivery.
  • (2) The election officer may designate the title and duties of each poll worker.
  • (3) Upon arriving to open the polls, the poll workers shall:
    • (a) display the United States flag;
    • (b) examine the voting devices to see that they are in proper working order and that security devices have not been tampered with;
    • (c) place the voting devices, voting booths, and the ballot box in plain view of those poll workers and watchers that are present;
    • (d) check the ballots, supplies, records, and forms;
    • (e) if directed by the election officer:
      • (i) make any necessary corrections to the official ballots before the ballots are distributed at the polls; and
      • (ii) post any necessary notice of errors in ballots before voting commences;
      • (iii) post the sample ballots, instructions to voters, and constitutional amendments, if any;
    • (f) open the ballot box in the presence of those assembled, turn the ballot box upside down to empty the ballot box of anything; and
    • (g) immediately before the polls open, lock the ballot box or, if locks and keys are not available, tape the ballot box securely.
  • (4)
    • (a) If any poll worker fails to appear on the morning of the election, or fails or refuses to act:
      • (i) at least six qualified electors who are present at the polling place at the hour designated by law for the opening of the polls shall fill the vacancy by appointing another qualified individual from the voting precinct who is a member of the same political party as the poll worker who is being replaced to act as a poll worker; or
      • (ii) the election officer shall appoint a qualified individual to act as a poll worker.
    • (b) If a majority of the poll workers are present, the poll workers shall open the polls, even though a poll worker has not arrived.
  • (5)
    • (a) If it is impossible or inconvenient to hold an election at the polling place designated, the poll workers, after having assembled at or as near as practicable to the designated place, and before receiving any vote, may move to the nearest convenient place for holding the election.
    • (b) If the poll workers move to a new polling place, the poll workers shall display a proclamation of the change and station a peace officer or some other proper individual at the original polling place to notify voters of the location of the new polling place.
  • (6) If, for any reason, the official ballots are not ready for distribution at a polling place or, if the supply of ballots is exhausted before the polls are closed, the poll workers may use unofficial ballots, made as nearly as possible in the form of the official ballot, until the election officer provides additional ballots.
  • (7) When it is time to open the polls, one of the poll workers shall announce that the polls are open as required by Section 20A-1-302, or in the case of early voting, Section 20A-3a-602.
  • (8)
    • (a) The poll workers shall comply with the voting procedures and requirements of Chapter 3a, Voting, in allowing people to vote.
    • (b) The poll workers may not allow an individual, other than election officials and those admitted to vote, within six feet of voting devices, voting booths, or the ballot box.
    • (c) Besides the poll workers and watchers, the poll workers may not allow more than four voters in excess of the number of voting booths provided within six feet of voting devices, voting booths, or the ballot box.
    • (d) If necessary, the poll workers shall instruct each voter permitted to use a voting device how to operate the voting device before the voter enters the voting booth.
    • (e)
      • (i) If the voter requests additional instructions after entering the voting booth, two poll workers may, if necessary, enter the booth and give the voter additional instructions.
      • (ii) In regular general elections and regular primary elections, the two poll workers who enter the voting booth to assist the voter shall be of different political parties.

Amended by Chapter 31, 2020 General Session
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