Utah Title 53b — State System Of Higher Education :: 53b-16-103 — Granting Of Degrees, Diplomas, Or Certification -- Board Approval -- Termination Of Previous Approval.

53B-16-103. Granting of degrees, diplomas, or certification -- Board approval -- Termination of previous approval.
(1) (a) An institution of higher education may not issue a degree, diploma, or certificate unless it first receives approval from the board of the adequacy of the study for which the degree, diploma, or certificate is offered.
(b) A student shall demonstrate a reasonable understanding of the history, principles, form of government, and economic system of the United States prior to receiving a bachelor's degree or teaching credential.
(2) Degrees, diplomas, and certificates issued prior to the effective date of this chapter do not require board approval.
(3) The board may terminate the granting of previously approved degrees, diplomas, and certificates if they are inconsistent with the role prescribed by the board for the affected institution.

Amended by Chapter 137, 1988 General Session