2015 Texas Statutes




Sec. 1. ADDITIONAL ASSISTANCE TO LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS. In all counties in this State having ten thousand (10,000) or more cattle, sheep, and goats rendered for taxation, the qualified voters of such county may, as hereinafter provided, employ additional assistance to the law enforcement officers of such county as hereinafter provided.

Upon the petition of ten (10) per cent of the qualified voters of such county, presented to the Commissioners Court in open Regular Session, requesting such Court to order an election to be held in such county to determine whether or not said Court, when acting as a Board of Equalization in such county, shall levy, and cause to be assessed and collected an annual tax not to exceed one (1) cent per head on all sheep and goats and not to exceed five (5) cents per head on all cattle, within such county; said Court shall order such election to be held within such county, in accordance with the petition therefor; and said Court shall forthwith order such election to be held in the voting places within such county, upon a day not less than ten (10), nor more than twenty (20) days, from the date of said order and the order thus made, shall express the object of such election and shall be held to be prima facie evidence that all the provisions necessary to give it validity have been duly complied with; and provided further that such Court shall appoint such officers to hold such election as is now required to hold general elections. The expenses of such election shall be borne by the county wherein such election is ordered and held. In such election so held, the ballot shall read as follows:

"For the levy, assessment, and collection of an annual tax on cattle, sheep, and goats."

"Against the levy, assessment, and collection of an annual tax on cattle, sheep, and goats."

Returns of such election shall be made by the presiding officer of the precincts of such county where such election is held, to the County Judge of said county, who shall forthwith call the Commissioners Court together for the purpose of canvassing the returns; and if it shall be found by the Commissioners Court, upon a canvass of such returns, that a majority of the qualified voters of the county wherein such election is held, is in favor of the levy, assessment, and collection of the annual tax on sheep and goats of not more than one (1) cent per head and on cattle not more than five (5) cents per head, then said Court shall forthwith declare the results of said election and give public notice thereof by proclamation of said Court to be issued and posted at three (3) public places of the county in which such election is held; and shall thereafter, at the next succeeding meeting of said Court acting as the Board of Equalization for such county, levy and cause to be assessed and collected by the Assessor and Collector of Taxes for such county, not more than one (1) cent per head on all sheep and goats and not more than five (5) cents per head on all cattle within such county, on the 1st day of January preceding the date of such meeting.

Sec. 2. TAX MONEYS TO BE DEPOSITED IN DOMESTIC LIVESTOCK PROTECTIVE FUND. All moneys assessed and collected by the Assessor and Collector of Taxes for each county of this State as provided for in Section 1 hereof, shall be paid by said Collector unto the County Treasurer of such County, and said Treasurer shall deposit said moneys to a fund to be known as "The Domestic Livestock Protective Fund," and such moneys shall never be expended for any other purpose than is herein provided.

Sec. 3. EMPLOYMENT OF ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS BY COMMISSIONERS COURT; COMPENSATION; DUTIES; REPORTS. To aid in the enforcement of all the Penal Laws of this State and in ferreting out and detecting any violation thereof, it shall be the duty of the Commissioners Court of such county adopting the provisions hereof, and they are hereby authorized and required to employ for such service, in addition to the officers now provided for by law, as many other competent and discreet persons as, in the judgment of said Court, is deemed necessary for said purposes, and shall fix their compensation; provided however, no such person, or persons, shall be paid in excess of Five Dollars ($5) per day, while in actual service; and provided further that at no time, shall the moneys expended in the payment of such person, or persons, for such services, exceed the amount of money collected therefor. Such Court shall designate the duties to be performed by all such persons and shall require them to make monthly reports in writing to said Court as to the manner in which they have performed such duties.

Acts 1937, 45th Leg., p. 831, ch. 408. Renumbered from art. 7155a by Acts 1981, 67th Leg., p. 1784, ch. 389, Sec. 38(d), eff. Jan. 1, 1982.


Sec. 1. That County Commissioners Courts of this State be, and the same are hereby authorized to purchase materials for the purpose of aiding and cooperating with the agencies of the State and Federal Governments in the construction of buildings for the purpose of housing canneries and canning factories where appropriations have been or may hereafter be made out of the Federal and State Funds set aside for the relief of the unemployed and needy people in the State of Texas, and to pay for such materials out of the County's Permanent Improvement Fund.

Sec. 2. Nothing herein contained shall be construed as repealing or modifying any of the provisions of Chapter 163, General Laws, Regular Session, Forty-second Legislature (known as House Bill 312), nor as taking the provisions of this Act out of limitations of said Chapter 163.

Acts 1934, 43rd Leg., 4th C.S., p. 58, ch. 24.

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