2013 South Carolina Code of Laws
Title 12 - Taxation
SECTION 12-21-2420. Imposition of tax; rate; exemptions; payment, collection, and remittance; disposition of revenues.

SC Code § 12-21-2420 (2013) What's This?

There must be levied, assessed, collected, and paid upon paid admissions to places of amusement within this State a license tax of five percent. The license tax may be listed separately from the cost of admission on an admission ticket. However, no tax may be charged or collected:

(1) On account of any stage play or any pageant in which wholly local or nonprofessional talent or players are used.

(2) On admissions to athletic contests in which a junior American Legion athletic team is a participant unless the proceeds inure to any individual or player in the form of salary or otherwise.

(3) On admissions to high school or grammar school games or on general gate admissions to the State Fair or any county or community fair.

(4) On admissions charged by any eleemosynary and nonprofit corporation or organization organized exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, or educational purposes; or the presentation of performing artists by an accredited college or university; provided, that the license tax herein levied and assessed shall be collected and paid upon all paid admissions to all athletic events of any institution of learning above the high school level; provided, however, that carnivals, circuses, and community fairs operated by eleemosynary or nonprofit corporations or organizations organized exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, or educational purposes shall not be exempt from the assessment and collection of admissions tax on charges for admission for the use of or entrance to rides, places of amusement, shows, exhibits, and other carnival facilities, but not to include charges for general gate admissions except when the proceeds of any such carnival, circus, or community fair are donated to a hospital; provided, further, that no admission tax shall be charged or collected by reason of any charge made to any member of a nonprofit organization or corporation for the use of the facilities of the organization or corporation of which he is a member.

(5) On admissions to nonprofit public bathing places.

(6) On admissions to any hunting or shooting preserve.

(7) On admissions to privately owned fish ponds or lakes.

(8) On admissions to circuses operated by eleemosynary, nonprofit corporations or organizations organized exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, or educational purposes when the proceeds derived from admissions to the circuses shall be used exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific or educational purposes.

(9) On admissions to properties or attractions which have been named to the National Register of Historical Places.

(10) On admissions charged to classical music performances of a nonprofit or eleemosynary corporation organized and operated exclusively to promote classical music.

(11) On admissions to events other than those events enumerated in item (4) of this section, sponsored and operated exclusively by eleemosynary, nonprofit corporations or organizations organized exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, civic, fraternal, or educational purposes when the net proceeds derived from admissions to the events shall be immediately donated to an organization operated exclusively for charitable purposes. The term "net proceeds" shall mean the portion of the gross admissions proceeds remaining after necessary expenses of the event have been paid. This item shall not apply to an event in which the above organizations receive a percentage of gross proceeds or a stated fixed sum for the use of its name in promoting the event.

(12) On admissions charged by nonprofit or eleemosynary community theater companies or community symphony orchestras, county and community arts councils and departments and other such companies engaged in promotion of the arts.

(13) On admissions to boats which charge a fee for pleasure fishing, excursion, sight-seeing and private charter.

(14) On admissions to a physical fitness center subject to the provisions of Chapter 79 of Title 44, the Physical Fitness Services Act, that provides only the following activities or facilities:

(a) aerobics or calisthenics;

(b) weightlifting equipment;

(c) exercise equipment;

(d) running tracks;

(e) racquetball;

(f) swimming pools for aerobics and lap swimming; and

(g) other similar items approved by the department.

The entire admission charge of a physical fitness center which provides any other activity or facilities is subject to the tax imposed by this article. Physical fitness facilities or centers of the State of South Carolina and any of its political subdivisions which are exempt from the Physical Fitness Services Act, pursuant to Section 44-79-110 and, therefore, subject to the admissions tax under this article are nevertheless exempt from the admissions tax if they meet other requirements of this subsection.

(15) For entry into the pit area of NASCAR sanctioned motor speedways or racetracks for drivers, crew members, or car owners where a participation fee is charged these persons by NASCAR, or by the speedway or racetrack, where a charge to these persons is made on a per event basis for entry into the pit area, or where a combination of annual and per event charges to these persons is made for entry into the pit area.

The tax imposed by this section must be paid by the person or persons paying the admission price and must be collected and remitted to the South Carolina Department of Revenue by the person or persons collecting the admission price. The tax imposed by this section does not apply to:

(a) any amount separately stated on the ticket of admission for the repayment of money borrowed for the purpose of constructing an athletic stadium or field by any accredited college or university; or

(b) any amount of the charge for admission, whether or not separately stated, that is a fee or tax imposed by a political subdivision of the State. The revenue derived from the provisions of this section from fishing piers along the coast of South Carolina is allocated for use of the Commercial Fisheries Division of the Department of Natural Resources.

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