2010 Pennsylvania Code
Title 25 - ELECTIONS
Chapter 12 - Registration System
1222 - SURE system.

     § 1222.  SURE system.
        (a)  Establishment.--The department shall develop and
     establish a Statewide Uniform Registry of Electors to be known
     as the SURE system.
        (b)  Advisory board.--(Repealed).
        (c)  Requirements.--The SURE system shall be developed as a
     single, uniform integrated computer system. All commissions
     shall be connected electronically to the SURE system and shall
     maintain their registration records in the system. The SURE
     system shall, at a minimum, do all of the following:
            (1)  Contain a database of all registered electors in
        this Commonwealth.
            (2)  Ensure the integrity and accuracy of all
        registration records in the system by prohibiting
        unauthorized entry, modification or deletion of registration
            (3)  Assign a unique SURE registration number to each
        individual currently registered in this Commonwealth.
            (4)  Permit the commissions to add, modify and delete
        information in the system as is necessary and appropriate.
            (5)  Permit each commission and the department to have
        instant access to a commission's registration records
        maintained on the system.
            (6)  Be the general register for a commission once the
        commission is connected to the SURE system.
            (7)  Permit each commission and the department to review
        and search the system and to permit the sending of notices to
        the appropriate officials regarding death, change of address
        or other information which could affect the qualifications of
        an applicant or the registration of a registered elector.
            (8)  Provide for the electronic transfer of completed
        voter registration applications and changes of address in
        accordance with this part.
            (9)  Preserve the power of the commissions to make
        determinations as to the qualifications of applicants.
            (10)  Assign a unique SURE registration number to each
        qualified elector who becomes registered and record the
        registered elector in the general register of the appropriate
            (11)  Permit auditing of each registered elector's
        registration record from the day of its creation until the
        day it is canceled.
            (12)  Permit the department to implement section
        1901(b)(1)(i) (relating to removal of electors).
            (13)  Permit the timely printing and transmission by
        commissions of district registers and all other information
        contained in the system as may be necessary for the operation
        of the polling places on election days.
            (14)  Be designed with an emergency recovery system to
        ensure that registration records are not lost in the case of
        an emergency, natural disaster or other such event that could
        cause the system to malfunction.
            (15)  Identify the election district to which a qualified
        elector or registered elector should be assigned.
            (16)  Create and produce reports required by this part.
            (17)  Identify duplicate voter registrations on a
        countywide and Statewide basis.
            (18)  Maintain a record of polling place locations and
        district election officers.
            (19)  Identify registered electors who have been issued
        absentee ballots for an election in accordance with the act
        of June 3, 1937 (P.L.1333, No.320), known as the Pennsylvania
        Election Code.
            (20)  Identify registered electors who vote in an
        election and the method by which their ballots were cast.
            (21)  Print the wallet-sized identification cards
        required by section 1328 (relating to approval of
        registration applications).
        (d)  Records.--Within 30 days of receiving notice from the
     department, each commission shall provide to the department, in
     the manner and form established by the department, an electronic
     copy of its registration records. Beginning 60 days after
     receiving notice in accordance with this subsection and
     continuing until the commission is connected to the SURE system,
     each commission shall provide monthly to the department, in the
     manner and form established by the department, an electronic
     copy of its general register. The provision of records in
     accordance with this subsection shall not be considered a part
     of the establishment or implementation of the SURE system.
        (e)  Implementation.--The department shall implement the SURE
     system as soon as possible. The department shall establish by
     regulation a schedule for each commission to be connected to the
     SURE system. Commissions shall be connected in an order which
     maximizes the accuracy, integrity and protection of registration
     records on a Statewide basis. Upon being connected, each
     commission shall be required to use the SURE system as its
     general register. Connection of the commissions shall commence
     no later than August 31, 2002, and shall be completed Statewide
     by January 1, 2005.
        (f)  Regulations.--The secretary shall promulgate regulations
     necessary to establish, implement and administer the SURE
     system. Regulations shall include all of the following:
            (1)  Uniform procedures for the commissions relating to
        the SURE system, including the process and manner of entering
        information into the SURE system, the type and form of
        information to be entered, the process for identifying and
        removing duplicate registrations, the manner and time frame
        for updating information in the system and the manner and
        form of communications between commissions and between the
        department and a commission.
            (2)  Periodic training requirements for commissions and
        their employees.
            (3)  Such other regulations as are necessary to ensure
        that the SURE system shall comply with all other provisions
        of this part.
     (May 16, 2002, P.L.310, No.44, eff. imd.)

        2002 Repeal Note.  Act 44 repealed subsec. (b).
        Effective Date.  Section 7(1)(ii) of Act 3 of 2002 provided
     that section 1222 shall take effect immediately.
        Special Provisions in Appendix.  See section 2 of Act 3 of
     2002 in the appendix to this title for special provisions
     relating to establishment and implementation of SURE system.
        Cross References.  Section 1222 is referred to in section
     1514 of this title.

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