2006 Ohio Revised Code - 101.83. Effective until 12-31-10.

§ 101.83. Expiration dates for agencies; claims pending at expiration; renewal bills.

(A)  An agency in existence on January 1, 2005, shall expire on December 31, 2010, unless the agency is renewed in accordance with division (D) of this section and, if so renewed, shall expire thereafter on the thirty-first day of December of the fourth year after the year in which it was most recently renewed unless the agency is renewed in accordance with division (D) of this section. An agency created after January 1, 2005, that is created on the thirty-first day of December shall expire not later than four years after its creation, unless the agency is renewed in accordance with division (D) of this section. An agency created after January 1, 2005, that is created on any other date shall be considered for the purpose of this section to have been created on the preceding thirty-first day of December, and the agency shall expire not later than four years after the date it was considered to have been created, unless the agency is renewed in accordance with division (D) of this section. Any act creating or renewing an agency shall contain a distinct section providing a specific expiration date for the agency in accordance with this division. 

(B)  If the general assembly does not renew or transfer an agency on or before its expiration date, it shall expire on that date. 

The auditor of state shall not authorize the expenditure of any moneys for any agency on or after the date of its expiration. 

(C)  The general assembly may provide by law for the orderly, efficient, and expeditious conclusion of an agency's business and operation. The rules, orders, licenses, contracts, and other actions made, taken, granted, or performed by the agency shall continue in effect according to their terms notwithstanding the agency's abolition, unless the general assembly provides otherwise by law. The general assembly may provide by law for the temporary or permanent transfer of some or all of a terminated or transferred agency's functions and personnel to a successor agency or officer. 

The abolition, termination, or transfer of an agency shall not cause the termination or dismissal of any claim pending against the agency by any person, or any claim pending against any person by the agency. Unless the general assembly provides otherwise by law for the substitution of parties, the attorney general shall succeed the agency with reference to any pending claim. 

(D)  An agency may be renewed by passage of a bill that continues the statutes creating and empowering the agency, that amends or repeals those statutes, or that enacts new statutes, to improve agency usefulness, performance, or effectiveness. 

HISTORY: RC § 101.84, 145 v S 226, § 4 (Eff 1-1-97); 146 v H 552, § 3 (Eff 1-1-97); RC § 101.83, 148 v H 548. Eff 3-22-2001/D; 150 v H 516, § 1, eff. 12-30-04; 151 v S 124, § 1, eff. 6-27-05.

Å The effective date of section 1 of HB 548 (148 v  - ) differs from the effective date set for the section by section 12 of the act. See the provisions of OConst art II, §§ 1c and d. 

See provisions of § 6 of 151 v S 124 following RC § 101.23. 

The effective date is set by section 10 of H.B. 516 (150 v  - ). 

Not analogous to former RC § 101.83 (145 v S 226, § 1; 146 v H 552), repealed 145 v S 226, § 3, eff 1-1-97.

Analogous to former RC § 101.84 (145 v S 226, § 1; 146 v H 552, § 1), repealed 145 v S 226, § 3, eff 1-1-97.

The provisions of § 12 of HB 548 (148 v  - ) read as follows: 

SECTION 12. Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 of this act shall take effect on January 1, 2001. 

The provisions of § 4 of 150 v H 516, as amended by § 3 of 151 v S 124 and § 403.05 of 151 v H 66, read as follows:    SECTION 4. The following agencies shall be retained pursuant to division (D) of section 101.83 of the Revised Code and shall expire on December 31, 2010:
                                                             REVISED CODE
AGENCY NAME                                                  SECTION
Administrator, Interstate Compact on Mental Health           5119.50
Administrator, Interstate Compact on Placement of Children   5103.20
Advisory Board of Governor's Office of Faith-Based and
Community Initiatives                                        107.12
Advisory Boards to the EPA for Air Pollution                 121.13
Advisory Boards to the EPA for Water Pollution               121.13
Advisory Committee of the State Veterinary Medical
Licensing Board                                              4741.03(D)(3)
Advisory Committee on Livestock Exhibitions                  901.71
Advisory Council on Amusement Ride Safety                    1711.51
Advisory Board of Directors for Prison Labor                 5145.162
Advisory Council for Each Wild, Scenic, or Recreational
River Area                                                   1517.18
Advisory Councils or Boards for State Departments            107.18 or 121.13
Advisory Group to the Ohio Water Resources Council           1521.19(C)
Alzheimer's Disease Task Force                               173.04(F)
AMBER Alert Advisory Committee                               5502.521
Apprenticeship Council                                       4139.02
Armory Board of Control                                      5911.09
Automated Title Processing Board                             4505.09(C)(1)
Banking Commission                                           1123.01
Board of Directors of the Ohio Health Reinsurance Program    3924.08
Board of Voting Machine Examiners                            3506.05(B)
Brain Injury Advisory Committee                              3304.231
Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board                     105.41
Child Support Guideline Advisory Council                     3119.024
Children's Trust Fund Board                                  3109.15
Citizens Advisory Committee (BMV)                            4501.025
Citizen's Advisory Councils (Dept. of Mental Retardation
and Developmental Disabilities)                              5123.092
Clean Ohio Trail Advisory Board                              1519.06
Coastal Resources Advisory Council                           1506.12
Commission on African-American Males                         4112.12

Commission on Hispanic-Latino Affairs                        121.31
Commission on Minority Health                                3701.78
Committee on Prescriptive Governance                         4723.49
Commodity Advisory Commission                                926.32
Community Mental Retardation and Developmental
Disabilities Trust Fund Advisory Council                     5123.353
Community Oversight Council                                  3311.77
Compassionate Care Task Force                                Section 3,
124th GA
Continuing Education Committee (for Sheriffs)                109.80
Coordinating Committee, Agricultural Commodity Marketing
Programs                                                     924.14
Council on Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services               3793.09
Council on Unreclaimed Strip Mined Lands                     1513.29
Council to Advise on the Establishment and Implementation
of the Birth Defects Information System                      3705.34Å
County Sheriffs' Standard Car-Marking and Uniform
Commission                                                   311.25
Credit Union Council                                         1733.329
Criminal Sentencing Advisory Committee                       181.22
Day-Care Advisory Council                                    5104.08
Dentist Loan Repayment Advisory Board                        3702.92
Development Financing Advisory Council                       122.40
Education Commission of the States (Interstate Compact
for Education)                                               3301.48
Electrical Safety Inspector Advisory Committee               3783.08
Emergency Response Commission                                3750.02
Engineering Experiment Station Advisory Committee            3335.27
Environmental Education Council                              3745.21
EPA Advisory Boards or Councils                              121.13
Farmland Preservation Advisory Board                         901.23
Financial Planning & Supervision Commission for Municipal
Corporation, County, or Township                             118.05
Financial Planning & Supervision Commission for School
District                                                     3316.05
Forestry Advisory Council                                    1503.40
Governance Authority for a State University or College       3345.75
Governor's Advisory Council on Physical Fitness,
Wellness, & Sports                                           3701.77
Governor's Council on People with Disabilities               3303.41
Governor's Residence Advisory Commission                     107.40
Great Lakes Commission (Great Lakes Basin Compact)           6161.01
Gubernatorial Transition Committee                           107.29
Head Start Partnership Study Council                         Section 41.35,
                                                             H.B. 95, 125th GA
Hemophilia Advisory Subcommittee                             3701.0210
Housing Trust Fund Advisory Committee                        175.25
Industrial Commission Nominating Council                     4121.04
Industrial Technology and Enterprise Advisory Council        122.29
Infant Hearing Screening Subcommittee                        3701.507
Insurance Agent Education Advisory Council                   3905.483
Interagency Council on Hispanic/Latino Affairs               121.32(J)
Interstate Mining Commission (Interstate Mining Compact)     1514.30
Interstate Rail Passenger Advisory Council (Interstate
High Speed Intercity Rail Passenger Network Compact)         4981.35
Joint Council on MR/DD                                       101.37
Joint Select Committee on Volume Cap                         133.021
Labor-Management Government Advisory Council                 4121.70
Legal Rights Service Commission                              5123.60
Legislative Task Force on Redistricting, Reapportionment,
and Demographic Research                                     103.51
Maternal and Child Health Council                            3701.025
Medically Handicapped Children's Medical Advisory Council    3701.025
Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Compact Commission
(Ohio members)                                               4981.361
Military Activation Task Force                               5902.15
Milk Sanitation Board                                        917.03
Mine Subsidence Insurance Governing Board                    3929.51
Minority Development Financing Board                         122.72
Multi-Agency Radio Communications Systems Steering
Committee                                                    Sec. 21, H.B.
                                                             790, 120th GA
Multidisciplinary Council                                    3746.03
Muskingum River Advisory Council                             1501.25
National Museum of Afro-American History and Culture
Planning Committee                                           149.303
Ohio Advisory Council for the Aging                          173.03
Ohio Aerospace & Defense Advisory Council                    122.98
Ohio Arts Council                                            3379.02
Ohio Business Gateway Steering Committee                     5703.57
Ohio Cemetery Dispute Resolution Commission                  4767.05
Ohio Civil Rights Commission Advisory Agencies and
Conciliation Councils                                        4112.04(B)
Ohio Commercial Insurance Joint Underwriting Association
Board Of Governors                                           3930.03
Ohio Commercial Market Assistance Plan Executive Committee   3930.02
Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution and Conflict
Management                                                   179.02
Ohio Commission to Reform Medicaid                           Section 59.29,
                                                             H.B. 95, 125th GA
Ohio Community Service Council                               121.40
Ohio Council for Interstate Adult Offender Supervision       5149.22
Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission                          3383.02
Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council                      5123.35
Ohio Expositions Commission                                  991.02
Ohio Family and Children First Cabinet Council               121.37
Ohio Geology Advisory Council                                1505.11
Ohio Grape Industries Committee                              924.51
Ohio Hepatitis C Advisory Commission                         3701.92
Ohio Historic Site Preservation Advisory Board               149.301
Ohio Historical Society Board of Trustees                    149.30

Ohio Judicial Conference                                     105.91
Ohio Lake Erie Commission                                    1506.21
Ohio Medical Malpractice Commission                          Section 4, S.B.
                                                             281, 124th GA
                                                             and Section 3,
                                                             S.B. 86, 125th GA
Ohio Medical Quality Foundation                              3701.89
Ohio Parks and Recreation Council                            1541.40
Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission                       109.71
Ohio Public Defender Commission                              120.01
Ohio Public Library Information Network Board                Sec. 69, H.B.
                                                             117, 121st GA,
                                                             as amended by
                                                             H.B. 284, 121st
Ohio Quarter Horse Development Commission                    3769.086
Ohio Small Government Capital Improvements Commission        164.02
Ohio Soil and Water Conservation Commission                  1515.02
Ohio Standardbred Development Commission                     3769.085
Ohio Steel Industry Advisory Council                         122.97
Ohio Teacher Education and Licensure Advisory Council        3319.28(D)/DÅ
Ohio Thoroughbred Racing Advisory Committee                  3769.084
Ohio Tuition Trust Authority                                 3334.03
Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine Advisory
Committee                                                    3337.10
Ohio Vendors Representative Committee                        3304.34
Ohio War Orphans Scholarship Board                           5910.02
Ohio Water Advisory Council                                  1521.031
Ohio Water Resources Council                                 1521.19
Ohioana Library Association, Martha Kinney Cooper Memorial   3375.62
Oil and Gas Commission                                       1509.35
Operating Committee, Agricultural Commodity Marketing
Programs                                                     924.07
Organized Crime Investigations Commission                    177.01
Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee of the Dept. of Job
and Family Services                                          5111.81
Physician Loan Repayment Advisory Board                      3702.81
Power Siting Board                                           4906.02
Prequalification Review Board                                5525.07
Private Water Systems Advisory Council                       3701.346
Public Employment Risk Reduction Advisory Commission         4167.02
Public Health Council                                        3701.33
Public Utilities Commission Nominating Council               4901.021
Public Utility Property Tax Study Committee                  5727.85
Radiation Advisory Council                                   3748.20
Reclamation Commission                                       1513.05
Recreation and Resources Commission                          1501.04
Recycling and Litter Prevention Advisory Council             1502.04
Rehabilitation Services Commission Consumer Advisory
Committee                                                    3304.24
Savings & Loans Associations & Savings Banks Board           1181.16
Schools and Ministerial Lands Divestiture Committee          501.041
Second Chance Trust Fund Advisory Committee                  2108.17
Services Committee of the Workers' Compensation System       4121.06
Small Business Stationary Source Technical and
Environmental Compliance Assistance Council                  3704.19
Solid Waste Management Advisory Council                      3734.51
State Agency Coordinating Group                              1521.19
State Board of Emergency Medical Services Subcommittees      4765.04
State Council of Uniform State Laws                          105.21
State Committee for the Purchase of Products and Services
Provided by Persons with Severe Disabilities                 4115.32
State Criminal Sentencing Commission                         181.21
State Fire Commission                                        3737.81
State Racing Commission                                      3769.02
State Victims Assistance Advisory Committee                  109.91
Student Tuition Recovery Authority                           3332.081
Tax Credit Authority                                         122.17
Technical Advisory Committee to Assist the Director of
the Ohio Coal Development Office                             1551.35
Technical Advisory Council on Oil and Gas                    1509.38
Transportation Review Advisory Council                       5512.07
Unemployment Compensation Review Commission                  4141.06
Unemployment Compensation Advisory Council                   4141.08
Utility Radiological Safety Board                            4937.02
Vehicle Management Commission                                125.833
Veterans Advisory Committee                                  5902.02(K)
Volunteer Fire Fighters' Dependents Fund Boards (Private
and Public)                                                  146.02
Water and Sewer Commission                                   1525.11(C)
Waterways Safety Council                                     1547.73
Wildlife Council                                             1531.03
Workers' Compensation System Oversight Commission            4121.12
Workers' Compensation Oversight Commission Nominating
Committee                                                    4121.123

Å Repealed by 148 v H 534 § 2, effective October 5, 2004. 

/DÅ Repealed by 150 v S 2, § 2, effective June 9, 2004. 


Effect of Amendments

151 v S 124, effective June 27, 2005, confirmed the amendment by 150 v H 516. 

150 v H 516, effective December 30, 2004, in (A), substituted "2005" for "2001" three times, and "2010" for "2004". 

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