2020 New York Laws
VAT - Vehicle and Traffic
Title 11 - Registration of Snowmobiles, Motorboats and Limited Use Vehicles
Article 48 - Registration of Vessels
2257 - Registration of Dealers.

Universal Citation: NY Veh & Traf L § 2257 (2020)
§ 2257. Registration  of dealers. 1. For the purposes of this article,
a dealer shall be any person engaged in the business of buying,  selling
or trading vessels.  A person who sells three or more vessels for profit
within  one  calendar  year  shall  be  presumed  to be a dealer if such
vessels were purchased, acquired or otherwise obtained  by  such  person
for the purpose of resale, and were never placed in his consumer use. On
and  after  April  first,  nineteen  hundred eighty-six, no person shall
engage in business as a dealer, or represent or  advertise  that  he  is
engaged,  or  intends  to engage, in such business in this state, unless
there shall have been issued to him a  certificate  of  registration  as
provided  in  this  section.  A  person  shall  not  be  required  to be
registered as a dealer  if  he  sells  no  vessels  other  than  vessels
determined  by  regulation  of the commissioner to be vessels or devices
which would not ordinarily be considered as usable for transportation on
  2.  Application  for  registration.  Every  dealer   shall   file   an
application  for registration as a dealer with the commissioner of motor
vehicles, together with all required fees, in such form and  detail  and
containing   such  information  as  the  commissioner  shall  reasonably
  3.  Issuance  of  certificate.  If  the  commissioner   approves   the
application,  he  shall issue a certificate of registration in such form
as he may prescribe. For the purposes of implementing this article,  the
commissioner   may,  in  his  discretion,  issue  such  certificates  of
registration and number plates on a staggered expiration basis, in which
event the fees set forth in subdivision five of this  section  for  such
certificate shall be prorated on a monthly basis.
  4. Demonstrator numbers and trailer number plates. (a) Upon payment of
the  required  fee,  a  dealer  shall be entitled to receive one or more
demonstrator numbers, which may be used in lieu of a registration issued
under section twenty-two hundred  fifty-one  of  this  article  for  the
operation  of  any vessel owned or controlled by the registrant and held
for sale or demonstration. Demonstrator numbers shall be displayed in  a
manner prescribed by the commissioner.

(b) Upon payment of the required fee, a dealer shall be entitled to receive one or more number plates which may be used in lieu of any registration issued under section four hundred one of this chapter for the operation of any boat trailer owned or controlled by the dealer and held for the purpose of sale or demonstration, provided such operation is directly related to the sale or demonstration of any boat trailer or vessel. The provisions of section four hundred two of this chapter with respect to the care and display of number plates shall apply to number plates issued under this subdivision.

(c) The commissioner may, in his discretion, limit the number of demonstrator numbers or number plates which shall be issued to any registrant. The fee for the replacement of lost, mutilated, or destroyed demonstrator numbers or number plates shall be two dollars. 5. Fees. Every application, other than a renewal application, shall be accompanied by an application fee of ten dollars, which shall in no event be refunded. The triennial fee for such registration or renewal thereof shall be seventy-five dollars. The triennial fee for demonstrator numbers or number plates shall be sixty dollars for each number or number plate. The application for registration, demonstrator numbers and number plates shall be accompanied by the required fees. There shall be no refund of any registration fee or any fee for demonstrator numbers or number plates. 6. No dealer shall sell a vessel except in accordance with regulations established by the commissioner. The commissioner may, in his discretion, require a registrant to maintain a record in a prescribed form of all vessels received or disposed of by him. Upon request of an agent of the commissioner or of any peace officer acting pursuant to his special duties, a registrant shall produce such records and permit said agent or peace officer to examine them, and any vessels on the premises subject to the record keeping requirements of this section during usual business hours or while the registrant is conducting business. The failure to produce such records or to permit such inspection as required by this subdivision shall be a violation.

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