2015 New York Laws
PBA - Public Authorities
1200 - Definitions.

NY Pub Auth L § 1200 (2015) What's This?

1200. Definitions. Unless expressly otherwise provided, whenever used in this title, the following terms shall mean or include: 1. "Authority." The corporation created by section eighteen hundred one of this title.

2. "Board." The members of the authority.

3. "Board of estimate." The board of estimate of the city.

4. "City." The city of New York.

5. "Comptroller." The comptroller of the city.

6. "Devices and appurtenances." Devices and appurtenances deemed necessary by the authority, to secure the greatest efficiency, public convenience and safety, including the number, location, description and plans and specifications for the stations, suitable supports, turnouts, switches, sidings, connections, landing places, garages, repair shops, buildings, structures, platforms, stairways, elevators, telephone, telegraph and signal devices, facilities for access to the surface, and other suitable appliances incidental and requisite to what such authority may approve as the best and most efficient system of rapid transit in view of the public needs and requirements, including in its discretion, operation of a transit facility or some portion thereof by any device or means, other than separate cars or trains, in the construction of which stationary means for guiding a conveyance in a definite path and means for propelling such conveyance are necessary elements.

7. "Equipment." Rolling stock, omnibuses, vehicles, motors, boilers, engines, wires, ways, conduits and mechanisms, machinery, tools, implements, materials, supplies and devices of every nature whatsoever used for the generation or transmission of motive power and including all power houses, and all apparatus and all devices for signalling and ventilation as may be required for the operation of a transit facility.

8. "Facilities." Routes, tracks, extensions, connections, terminals or facilities.

9. "Fiscal year." A period commencing the first day of January in each year and ending on the succeeding December thirty-first of such year.

10. "Governor." The governor of the state of New York.

11. "Mayor." The mayor of the city.

12. "Person." A natural person, firm or corporation.

13. "Property" or "property rights." Real estate, real property, lands, rights, terms, interests, privileges, franchises or easements of owners, abutting owners or others.

14. "Revenues." All monies received by the authority or its subsidiaries from whatever source, derived directly or indirectly from or in connection with their operations.

15. "Transit facility." A rapid transit railroad, omnibus line or any other facility or any railroad in the city used for local service in the transportation of passengers as common carriers for hire or in the transportation of the United States mail or personal property, and any portion thereof and the rights, leaseholds or other interests therein, together with the devices and appurtenances, facilities and equipment thereof and power plants and other instrumentalities used or useful therefor or in connection therewith.

16. "Street." A public street, marginal street, avenue, road, bridge, viaduct, highway, boulevard, driveway, park, parkway, dock, wharf, pier, ground, river, water, square, place or land within the city.

17. "Metropolitan transportation authority." The corporation created by section twelve hundred sixty-three of this chapter.

18. "Triborough bridge and tunnel authority." The corporation created by section five hundred fifty-two of this chapter.

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