2010 New York Code
EDN - Education
6541 - Registration.

§ 6541. Registration.    1. To qualify for registration as a physician
  assistant or specialist assistant, each person shall pay a  fee  of  one
  hundred  fifteen dollars to the department for admission to a department
  conducted  examination,  a  fee   of   forty-five   dollars   for   each
  reexamination  and  a  fee  of seventy dollars for persons not requiring
  admission to a department conducted examination and  shall  also  submit
  satisfactory evidence, verified by oath or affirmation, that he or she:
    (a) at the time of application is at least twenty-one years of age;
    (b) is of good moral character;
    (c)  in  the  case  of  an  applicant for registration as a specialist
  assistant, has successfully completed a four-year course of study  in  a
  secondary  school  approved  by  the  board  of regents or has passed an
  equivalency test;
    (d) in the case of  an  applicant  for  registration  as  a  physician
  assistant,   has   received  an  education  including  a  bachelor's  or
  equivalent degree in accordance with the commissioner's regulations;
    (e) has satisfactorily completed an approved program for the  training
  of  physician  assistants or specialist assistants. The approved program
  for the training of physician assistants shall  include  not  less  than
  forty  weeks of supervised clinical training and thirty-two credit hours
  of classroom work. Applicants for registration as a physician  assistant
  who have completed an approved program leading to a bachelor's degree or
  equivalent  in  physician  assistant  studies  shall  be  deemed to have
  satisfied this paragraph. The commissioner  is  empowered  to  determine
  whether  an  applicant possesses equivalent education and training, such
  as experience as a nurse or military corpsman, which may be accepted  in
  lieu of all or part of an approved program; and
    (f)  in  the  case  of  an  applicant  for registration as a physician
  assistant, has obtained a passing score on an examination acceptable  to
  the department.
    2.   The   department  shall  furnish  to  each  person  applying  for
  registration hereunder an application form calling for such  information
  as  the department deems necessary and shall issue to each applicant who
  satisfies  the  requirements  of  subdivision  one  of  this  section  a
  certificate  of  registration  as  a  physician  assistant or specialist
  assistant in a particular medical  specialty  for  the  period  expiring
  December   thirty-first  of  the  first  odd-numbered  year  terminating
  subsequent to such registration.
    3. Every registrant shall apply to the department for a certificate of
  registration. The department shall mail to  every  registered  physician
  assistant and specialist assistant an application form for registration,
  addressed  to  the  registrant's  post  office  address on file with the
  department. Upon receipt of such application properly executed, together
  with evidence of satisfactory completion of  such  continuing  education
  requirements  as  may  be  established  by  the  commissioner  of health
  pursuant to section thirty-seven hundred one of the public  health  law,
  the  department  shall issue a certificate of registration. Registration
  periods shall be triennial and the registration fee shall be  forty-five

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