2006 New York Code - Stewart Airport Commission.

    * § 401. Stewart   airport  commission.  1.  Upon  assumption  by  the
  department of transportation of jurisdiction over the  airport  facility
  and  surrounding  area located in the county of Orange, known as Stewart
  airport, there shall thereupon be created a Stewart airport  commission.
  This  commission  will  be  an advisory council to the commissioner with
  respect  to  administration  and  management  of  the  Stewart   airport
  facilities  and  its  surrounding  areas  with respect to projects to be
  undertaken and operations and  management  of  the  facilities  at  such
  airport.  The  commission  shall be composed of ten members of which six
  must be residents of Orange county, two must be  residents  of  Dutchess
  county and two residents from Ulster county. By virtue of their offices,
  the  commissioner  of transportation or the commissioner's designee, the
  Orange  county  executive,  the  Dutchess  county  executive   and   the
  chairperson of the Ulster county legislature shall be ex officio members
  of  the  commission. The members of the commission shall be appointed by
  the governor with the advice and consent of the senate and,  except  for
  the  initial  appointment  terms,  shall serve for a term of four years.
  However, two of the appointments must be from a list  submitted  by  the
  temporary  president  and majority leader of the senate, and two must be
  from  a  list  submitted  by  the  speaker  of  the  assembly.   Initial
  appointments  shall  be to staggered terms with three of the nominees of
  the governor being made to initial one-year terms and  the  other  three
  nominees  to  initial  four-year  terms,  the  members  nominated by the
  speaker of the  assembly  to  initial  two-year  and  three-year  terms,
  respectively,  and  the members nominated by the temporary president and
  majority leader of the senate to initial two-year and three-year  terms,
  respectively.  If  any  member  shall  thereafter  no  longer  meet  the
  residency requirement of his or her appointment, such position shall  be
  declared  vacant. In the event of a vacancy, the vacancy shall be filled
  in the same manner as the initial  appointments  except  that  the  term
  shall be for the unexpired portion of the term of such members. All such
  members  shall  be  deemed  officers of the state in connection with the
  provisions of section seventeen of the public officers law. The  members
  of  the  commission  shall  appoint  a chairman from among their number.
  Members shall not receive a salary or other compensation, but  shall  be
  reimbursed  for  their  actual  and  necessary  expenses incurred in the
  performance of their official duties.
    2. The Stewart airport commission shall assist in the development of a
  program relative to the administration and  management  of  the  Stewart
  airport  and to advise the commissioner of transportation with regard to
  such other programs relative to the Stewart airport as he may undertake.
  Such program shall include, but not  be  limited  to  identification  of
  future  capital needs, examining the means and methods of financing such
  future capital needs, the promotion and  examination  of  the  financing
  means  and  methods  for the economic development of the area around the
  airport, the joining together  of  such  economic  development  and  the
  airport  operations,  the  identification  and implementation of ways of
  working with the local community  to  accomplish  the  program  and  the
  identification  of  non-aviation uses and purposes and prorations of use
  or purposes for determinations of in lieu  of  tax  payments.  Once  the
  commission  has been established, the commissioner and/or the department
  shall effectuate the authorizations, powers and/or duties set  forth  in
  section  four  hundred  of this article only following the consultation,
  guidance, advice and assistance of the commission. The  Stewart  airport
  commission  shall  meet  at  least  six  times a year at the call of the
  commissioner of transportation or the chairman  of  the  commission  and
  shall  keep  a  record of all its proceedings and recommendations. Staff
  services for the commission shall  be  performed  by  personnel  of  the
  department   of  transportation.  In  carrying  out  the  functions  and
  responsibilities  of  the   commissioner   and   the   commission,   the
  commissioner shall designate an executive secretary from among the staff
  of  the  department of transportation who will act as the administrative
  agent of the commission and assist  the  commission  in  fulfilling  its
  duties and functions.
    * NB There are 2 § 401's

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