2006 New York Code - Unlawful Eviction.

    §  26-521 Unlawful eviction. a. It shall be unlawful for any person to
  evict or attempt to evict  an  occupant  of  a  dwelling  unit  who  has
  lawfully  occupied  the  dwelling  unit  for  thirty consecutive days or
  longer or who has entered into a lease with  respect  to  such  dwelling
  unit  or  has made a request for a lease for such dwelling unit pursuant
  to the hotel stabilization provisions  of  the  rent  stabilization  law
  except  to the extent permitted by law pursuant to a warrant of eviction
  or other order of a court of competent jurisdiction  or  a  governmental
  vacate order by:
    (1)  using  or  threatening the use of force to induce the occupant to
  vacate the dwelling unit; or
    (2) engaging in a course  of  conduct  which  interferes  with  or  is
  intended  to  interfere  with  or  disturb the comfort, repose, peace or
  quiet of such occupant in the use or occupancy of the dwelling unit,  to
  induce  the  occupant  to  vacate  the  dwelling unit including, but not
  limited to, the interruption or discontinuance of essential services; or
    (3) engaging or threatening to  engage  in  any  other  conduct  which
  prevents  or  is  intended  to  prevent  such  occupant  from the lawful
  occupancy of such dwelling unit or to induce the occupant to vacate  the
  dwelling  unit  including,  but  not limited to, removing the occupant's
  possessions from the dwelling unit, removing the door at the entrance to
  the dwelling unit; removing, plugging or otherwise rendering the lock on
  such entrance door inoperable; or changing the  lock  on  such  entrance
  door without supplying the occupant with a key.
    b.  It  shall  be  unlawful for an owner of a dwelling unit to fail to
  take all reasonable and necessary action  to  restore  to  occupancy  an
  occupant of a dwelling unit who either vacates, has been removed from or
  is  otherwise  prevented from occupying a dwelling unit as the result of
  any of the acts or omissions prescribed in subdivision a of this section
  and to provide to such occupant a dwelling  unit  within  such  dwelling
  suitable  for occupancy, after being requested to do so by such occupant
  or the representative of such occupant, if such owner  either  committed
  such  unlawful  acts  or omissions or knew or had reason to know of such
  unlawful acts or omissions, or if such acts or omissions occurred within
  seven days prior to such request.

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