2006 New York Code - Bryant Park.

    §  18-128.2  Bryant Park. a. Notwithstanding the provisions of section
  three hundred eighty-three of the New  York  city  charter  and  section
  twenty  of  the  general  city  law  or  any  other  law prohibiting the
  alienation of park lands, the city, acting by the commissioner with  the
  approval of the board of estimate, is hereby authorized and empowered to
  lease  to Bryant Park Restoration Corporation ("BPRC"), a not-for-profit
  corporation organized under the laws of the state of New  York  for  the
  purpose  of assisting the city in restoring and maintaining Bryant Park,
  for the purposes referred to in subdivision b of this section, upon such
  terms and conditions and for such duration as shall be  agreed  upon  by
  the  city,  The  New  York  Public  Library,  Astor,  Lenox  and  Tilden
  Foundations ("NYPL") and BPRC, all or part of the tract of land situated
  in the borough of Manhattan known as the west terrace of  the  New  York
  Public  Library (the "West Terrace"), and more particularly described as
    ALL THAT CERTAIN PLOT, piece or parcel of land, comprising  a  portion
  of  that  land known as Bryant Park, with the buildings and improvements
  thereon erected, situate, lying and being in the Borough  of  Manhattan,
  City and State of New York, bounded and described as follows:
    BEGINNING  at  a point lying along the south side of West 42nd Street,
  482 feet west of the intersection formed by the said south side of  West
  42nd  Street  and  the  west  side  of  Fifth Avenue, and running thence
  easterly along the south side of West 42nd Street 119 feet  to  a  point
  lying  along  said southerly side of West 42nd Street; thence southerly,
  along the rear wall of the New York Public Library Building, 455 feet to
  the northerly side of  West  40th  Street;  thence  westerly  along  the
  northerly  side  of West 40th Street 119 feet; thence northerly 455 feet
  to the point or place of BEGINNING.
    Notwithstanding the foregoing provision, such grant shall not  include
  any portion of the building erected, constructed, equipped and furnished
  pursuant  to  chapter  five  hundred  fifty-six  of the laws of eighteen
  hundred ninety-seven  (the  "NYPL  Building"),  including  appurtenances
  thereto, except upon the written approval of NYPL.
    b.  The  grant  referred  to  in  subdivision  a  of  this section may
  authorize BPRC to sublease all or any portion of the  West  Terrace  for
  the construction of a structure which may be used for the operation of a
  restaurant  and  related  purposes,  and  for  such other uses as may be
  consistent with the purposes of BPRC  and  NYPL,  upon  such  terms  and
  conditions,  for  such  duration  and for such consideration as shall be
  agreed upon by the city, BPRC  and  NYPL;  provided,  however,  that  no
  portion of any such structure shall extend beyond sixty feet west of the
  western  most  portion  of the NYPL Building. It is hereby declared that
  all of the purposes referred to in this subdivision are for the  benefit
  of the people of the city and are public purposes.

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