2006 New York Code - Vessels

                                  ARTICLE 4
                          PART 1--VESSELS, GENERAL
  Section  40.          Equipment.
           40-a.        Manufacture and sale of outboard motors.
           40-b.        Sale and use of tributyltin paint.
           41.          Pilot rules.
           42.          Searchlights; unlawful to flash.
           42-a.        Tow-chains.
           43.          Lights to be displayed.
           44.          Noise levels on pleasure vessels.
           45.          Reckless operation of a vessel; speed.
           45-a.        Beaching a disabled water craft.
           45-aa.       Special  provisions relating to reckless operation
                          and speed on Canandaigua lake; Keuka lake.
           45-aaa.      Special   provisions   relating   to   speed    on
                          Irondequoit bay.
           45-aaaa.     Special  provisions relating to reckless operation
                          and speed on Greenwood Lake.
           45-aaaa*.    Special provisions relating to speed on Sodus Bay.
           45-aaaaa.    Special provisions relating to reckless  operation
                          and speed on Lake Alice.
           45-aaaaaa.   Special  provisions relating to noise and speed on
                          Lamoka Lake and Waneta Lake.
           45-aaaaaa*.  Special provisions relating to reckless operation,
                          noise and speed on the Fulton Chain of Lakes.
           45-b.        Regulation of beaches.
           45-c.        Special provisions relating to reckless  operation
                          and speed on Conesus lake.
           45-cc.       Reckless operation and speed on the canal system.
           45-d.        Special  provisions  relating to speed at Crooke's
                          Point in Great Kills Harbor.
           46.          Vessel regulation zone.
           46-a.        Regulations of vessels.
           46-aa.       Special provisions relating to speed on  lakes  in
                          Chautauqua county.
           46-aaa.      Special  provisions relating to reckless operation
                          and speed on certain lakes in Hamilton county.
           46-aaaa.     Special provisions relating to speed on Cuba lake.
           46-b.        Special provisions relating to speed  on  Saratoga
           47.          Leaving   the   scene   of   an  accident  without
           47-a.        Accidents; police authorities, bay constables  and
                          coroners to report.
           47-b.        Report to the commissioner required upon accident.
           48.          Negligence   in   use   or   operation  of  vessel
                          attributable to owner.
           49.          Operator.
           49-a.        Operation of a vessel while under the influence of
                          alcohol or drugs.
           49-b.        Operating a vessel after having consumed  alcohol;
                          under the age of twenty-one; per se.
           49-c.        Termination of unsafe operation.
                           PART 2--PUBLIC VESSELS
  Section 50.   Owners to notify inspector and apply for inspection.
          54.   Construction against fire.
          55.   Stairways and gangways.
          56.   Fire pump.
          57.   Identification number of vessel.
          58.   Number of passengers.
          58-a. Unauthorized boarding of vessels.
          59.   Manning of vessels.
          60.   Inability to provide licensed officer.
          61.   Repairs.
          62.   Loss of life by misconduct of officers.
          63.   Certificate of inspection.
          64.   Licenses.
          64-a. Suspension and revocation of licenses.
          65.   Fees  for  vessel  inspections  and  for  the  issuance of
          66.   Inflammable or explosive articles prohibited.
          67.   Public vessel equipment.
          68.   Investigations by inspector; penalties; reports.
          69.   Seizure of public vessels.
                     PART 2-A--PETROLEUM-BEARING VESSELS
  Section 70. Minimum conditions for petroleum-bearing vessels in  certain
                areas; tanker-avoidance zones.
          71. Petroleum-bearing vessel advisory commission.
                          PART 3--PLEASURE VESSELS
  Section  71-c.  Capacity plate.
           71-d.  Liveries; safety regulations; penalty.
           72.    Operation  of  pleasure  vessels  on  Round Island lake,
                    Orange county.
           72-a.  Operation of vessels on the inland waters of  Chautauqua
           73.    Towing of persons.
           73-a.  Regulations   of   personal   watercraft  and  specialty
  Section 73-b. Misdemeanors.
          73-c.   Violations.
  Section 74. Service of summons and complaint on non-residents.
                      PART 5--BOATING SAFETY EDUCATION
  Section 75.   Educational program.
          76.     Information.
          77.     Rules and regulations.
          78.     Boating safety certificate.
          78-a.   Insurance rate reduction.
          79.     Courses of instruction.

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