2006 New York Code - Filing And Publication Of Local Laws.

    §  27.  Filing  and  publication  of local laws. 1. Within twenty days
  after a local law shall finally have been adopted, the clerk,  or  other
  officer  designated  by  the  legislative body, shall file one certified
  copy thereof in the office of such clerk except that in the  case  of  a
  county  it shall also be filed in the office of the county clerk and one
  certified copy in the office of the secretary of state. In the case of a
  local law subject to a referendum, however,  such  local  law  shall  be
  filed  within  twenty  days after its approval by the electors, or where
  the local law was subject to a permissive referendum and no petition was
  filed requesting the referendum, the local law  shall  be  filed  within
  twenty  days  after  the  time  for  filing  of such petition shall have
    2. Each such certified copy shall contain the text only of  the  local
  law without the brackets and without the matter within the brackets, the
  matter  with  a line run through it, or the italicizing or underscoring,
  if any, to indicate the changes  made  by  it,  except  that  each  such
  certified copy of a local law enacted by a city with a population of one
  million  or  more shall be printed in the same form as the official copy
  of the proposed local law which became the local law provided that  line
  numbers,  the printed number of the bill and explanatory matter shall be
  omitted, and also have attached thereto a certificate  executed  by  the
  corporation  counsel,  municipal attorney or other principal law officer
  to the effect that it contains the correct  text  and  that  all  proper
  proceedings  have been had or taken for the enactment of such local law,
  which  certificate  shall  constitute  presumptive   evidence   thereof,
  provided that any failure or omission so to certify shall not invalidate
  such local law.
    3.  Notwithstanding  the  effective date of any local law, a local law
  shall not become effective before it is  filed  in  the  office  of  the
  secretary of state.
    4.  Subject to the provisions of subdivision three hereof, every local
  law shall take effect on the twentieth day after it shall  finally  have
  been  adopted  unless  a  different  time shall be prescribed therein or
  required by this chapter or other provision of law.
    5. Local laws shall be published annually by the secretary of state in
  a separate volume as a supplement to the session laws.
    6. The clerk shall record all local laws filed  in  his  office  in  a
  separate book or books, which shall be indexed by him.
    7.  The secretary of state shall have the authority to provide for the
  receipt and filing of local laws by electronic transmission.

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