2006 New York Code - Commissioner Of Records Of City Court Of The City Of New York; Appointment; Salary; Duties

    §  177. Commissioner of records of city court of the city of New York;
  appointment; salary; duties. (1) The presiding justice shall  appoint  a
  commissioner  of  records and a deputy commissioner of records who shall
  be authorized to act generally for and in place of the  commissioner  of
  records.  Such commissioner shall appoint, subject to the prior approval
  of the presiding justice, subordinates to assist him in the  performance
  of  his duties. The salary of such commissioner, deputy commissioner and
  subordinates shall be fixed by the presiding justice, and shall be  paid
  out of appropriations therefor made by the city of New York.
    (2) Such commissioner shall examine into the arrangement and condition
  of  the  records, documents, books and papers, deposited or filed in the
  office of the clerk of the city court of the city of New  York  in  each
  county  within  such city, and into the condition and sufficiency of the
  indices thereof. He shall collate and arrange the same in such manner as
  may be necessary for their restoration and preservation, and shall  take
  such  steps as may be necessary to provide convenient references thereto
  and for such examination and use as the public interest and  convenience
  may require. He shall cause copies thereof to be made whenever by reason
  of age, use, exposure, or any casualty such copies shall in his judgment
  be  necessary, and after such a copy has been compared with the original
  it shall be certified by such  commissioner,  and  shall  thereafter  be
  admitted  in  evidence,  and  shall be considered for all other purposes
  with the same effect as the original. The original shall be placed in  a
  suitable  enclosure  by  such  commissioner,  and  shall  be  preserved,
  properly endorsed and indexed, for such examination as may  be  directed
  by  an  order  of  the  court  in  any action or proceeding in which the
  accuracy of the copy may be questioned.  Such duties shall be  performed
  under  such  conditions  and  regulations  as  may  be  approved  by the
  presiding justice, and in a manner which shall  permit  the  examination
  and  use  of  such records, documents, books, papers and indices, as the
  public interest and convenience may require.
    (3) The office of commissioner of records  of  the  city  court  shall
  terminate upon the completion of the duties in this section prescribed.

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