2018 New Mexico Statutes
Chapter 53 - Corporations
Article 19 - Limited Liability Companies
Section 53-19-2 - Definitions.

Universal Citation: NM Stat § 53-19-2 (2018)
53-19-2. Definitions.

As used in the Limited Liability Company Act:

A. "articles of organization" means the original or restated articles filed pursuant to the Limited Liability Company Act and any amendments to those articles, including articles of merger or consolidation;

B. "corporation" means an organization incorporated under the laws of New Mexico or a foreign corporation;

C. "commission" means the public regulation commission [secretary of state] or its designee;

D. "court" means a court having jurisdiction in the case;

E. "event of dissociation" means an event that causes a person to cease to be a member of a limited liability company;

F. "foreign corporation" means a corporation that is organized under the laws of another state or a foreign country;

G. "foreign limited liability company" means a person that is:

(1) an unincorporated association;

(2) organized under the laws of another state or foreign country;

(3) organized under a statute pursuant to which an association may be formed that affords to each of its members limited liability with respect to the liabilities of the person; and

(4) is not required to be registered or organized under the laws of New Mexico other than the Limited Liability Company Act;

H. "foreign limited partnership" means a limited partnership formed under the laws of another state or a foreign country;

I. "limited liability company" or "domestic limited liability company" means an organization formed pursuant to the provisions of the Limited Liability Company Act;

J. "limited liability company interest" means a member's or assignee's right to receive distributions and a return of capital from the limited liability company. A member's or assignee's limited liability company interest does not include rights the member or assignee has on account of other matters, such as a right to receive accrued salary for services the member or assignee rendered to, repayment of a loan the member or assignee made to or indemnification by the limited liability company;

K. "limited partnership" means a limited partnership under the laws of New Mexico or a foreign limited partnership;

L. "manager" means, with respect to a limited liability company that has included a statement in its articles of organization that it is to be managed by a manager, the person designated as manager in accordance with the articles of organization or an operating agreement;

M. "member" means a person who has been admitted to membership in a limited liability company and who has not dissociated from that company;

N. "membership interest" or "interest" means a member's limited liability company interest and his rights to participate in management and control of the limited liability company;

O. "operating agreement" means a written agreement providing for the conduct of the business and affairs of a limited liability company and that agreement as amended in writing;

P. "person" means an individual, a general partnership, a limited partnership, a domestic or foreign limited liability company, a trust, an estate, an association, a corporation or any other legal entity; and

Q. "state" means a state, territory or possession of the United States, the District of Columbia or the commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

History: Laws 1993, ch. 280, § 2; 1998, ch. 104, § 1; 1998, ch. 108, § 30.


Bracketed material. — The bracketed material was inserted by the compiler and is not part of the law.

Laws 2013, ch. 75, § 9 provided that as of July 1, 2013, the secretary of state, pursuant to N.M. const., Art. 11, § 19, shall assume responsibility for chartering corporations as provided by law, including the performance of the functions of the former corporations bureau of the public regulation commission, and that except for Subsection D of 53-5-8 NMSA 1978, references to the "public regulation commission", "state corporation commission" or "commission" shall be construed to be references to the secretary of state. See 8-4-7 NMSA 1978.

1998 amendments.Laws 1998, ch. 104, § 1, effective July 1, 1998, and Laws 1998, ch. 108, § 30, effective January 1, 1999, enacted amendments to this section. Pursuant to 12-1-8 NMSA 1978, Laws 1998, ch. 108, § 30, as the last act signed by the governor, has been compiled into the NMSA 1978.

Laws 1998, ch. 108, § 30, effective January 1, 1999, substituted "public regulation" for "state corporation" near the beginning of Subsection C, substituted "a person" for "an entity" near the end of Subsection G, and substituted "person" for "entity" near the end of Paragraph G(3).

Laws 1998, ch. 104, § 1, effective July 1, 1998, substituted "an unincorporated organization of one or more persons" for "an organization" in Subsection I and deleted "or managers" following "manager" and "or persons" following "person" and substituted "manager" for "managers" following "designated as" in Subsection L.

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