2016 New Jersey Revised Statutes
Title 4 - Agriculture And Domestic Animals
Section 4:24-22 - District A Governmental Subdivision And Body Corporate; Enumeration Of Powers Of Districts And Supervisors

NJ Rev Stat § 4:24-22 (2016) What's This?

4:24-22. District a governmental subdivision and body corporate; enumeration of powers of districts and supervisors
4:24-22. A soil conservation district organized under the provisions of this chapter shall constitute a governmental subdivision of this State, and a public body corporate and politic, exercising public powers, and such district, and the supervisors thereof, shall have the following powers, in addition to others granted in other sections of this chapter:

a. To conduct surveys, investigations, and research relating to the character of soil erosion and the preventive and control measures needed, to publish the results of such surveys, investigations, or research, and to disseminate information concerning such preventive and control measures; provided, however, that in order to avoid duplication of research activities, no district shall initiate any research program except in co-operation with the agricultural experiment stations or any other agency of this State, as may be dealing with allied problems;

b. To conduct in co-operation with existing State agencies, projects within the district on lands owned or controlled by this State or any of its agencies, with the co-operation of the agency administering and having jurisdiction thereof, and on any other lands within the district upon obtaining the consent of the owner thereof, or those who have rights or interests in such lands, in order to demonstrate methods of soil erosion control;

c. To carry out preventive and control measures within the district including but not limited to, engineering operations, methods of cultivation, the growing of vegetation, changes in use of land, on lands owned or controlled by this State or any of its agencies, with the co-operation of the agency administering and having jurisdiction thereof, and on any other lands within the district;

d. To co-operate, or enter into agreements with, and within the limits of appropriations duly made available to it by law, to furnish financial or other aid to, any agency, governmental or otherwise, or any owner of lands within the district, in the carrying on of erosion control and prevention operations within the district, subject to such conditions as the supervisors may deem necessary to advance the purposes of this chapter;

e. To acquire machinery and other necessary personal property, to make provision for its safekeeping and to dispose of said property when no longer needed;

f. To make available, on such terms as it shall prescribe, to landowners within the district, agricultural and engineering machinery and equipment, as will assist such landowners to carry on operations upon their lands for the conservation of soil resources and for the prevention and control of soil erosion;

g. To construct, improve, and maintain such structures as may be necessary or convenient for the performance of any of the operations authorized in this chapter;

h. To develop comprehensive plans for the conservation of soil resources and for the control and prevention of soil erosion within the district, which plans shall specify in such detail as may be possible, the acts, procedures, performances, and avoidances which are necessary or desirable for the effectuation of such plans, including the specifications of engineering operations, methods of cultivation, the growing of vegetation, cropping programs, tillage practices, and changes in use of land; and to publish such plans and information and bring them to the attention of owners of lands within the district;

i. To develop site plans for the construction, operation and maintenance of proposed leaf composting facilities located on agricultural or horticultural land, or on lands owned or operated by a recognized academic institution, as required pursuant to section 7 of P.L.1989, c.151 (C.4:24-22.1); and to conduct an annual inspection of each operational facility within the district authorized by the Department of Environmental Protection in order to certify to the department that the facility is in compliance with the rules and regulations adopted by the department therefor and is operating in conformance with recommended agricultural management practices;

j. To act as agent for the United States, or any of its agencies, or for this State or any of its agencies, in connection with any soil-conservation, erosion-control, or erosion-prevention project within its boundaries; to accept payments, donations, gifts, and contributions in money, services, materials, or otherwise, from the United States or any of its agencies, or from this State or any of its agencies, or from any governmental subdivision or its agencies, or from any corporation, association, group or individual, and to use or expend such moneys, services, materials, or other contributions in carrying on its operations;

k. To sue and be sued in the name of the district; to have a seal, which seal shall be judicially noticed; to have perpetual succession unless terminated as hereinafter provided; to make and execute contracts and other instruments, necessary or convenient to the exercise of its powers; to make, and from time to time amend and repeal, rules and regulations, not inconsistent with this chapter, to carry into effect its purposes and powers;

l. To acquire, by gift, devise, purchase or condemnation, any real property located within the district, or any interest or estate therein, which is required for the proper exercise by the district of its powers; provided, however, that the district shall not acquire any real property, or interest or estate therein, by condemnation without first obtaining the approval of the Secretary of Agriculture and the Commissioner of Environmental Protection;

m. As a condition to the extending of any benefits under this chapter, to, or the performance of work upon, any lands not owned or controlled by this State or any of its agencies, the supervisors may require contributions in money, services, materials, or otherwise to any operations conferring such benefits, and may require landowners to enter into and perform such agreements or covenants as to the permanent use of such lands as will tend to prevent or control erosion thereon;

n. To borrow money for the purchase of equipment, either with or without security;

o. No provisions with respect to the acquisition, operations, or disposition of property by other public bodies shall be applicable to a district organized hereunder unless the Legislature shall specifically so state.

Amended 1957, c.48; 1960, c.20; 1966, c.77, s.6; 1989,c.151,s.4.

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