2013 New Jersey Revised Statutes
Section 34:8-43 - Definitions

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34:8-43. Definitions
As used in this act:

"Accepting employment" means that a job seeker has entered into an agreement with an employer which includes:

(1) The terms and conditions of employment;

(2) The salary or wages and any benefits to be paid to the job seeker as compensation for employment; and

(3) The date, time and place employment will commence.

"A career consulting or outplacement organization" means any person, required to be registered under section 24 of this act, providing or rendering services, with or without related products, in connection with advice, instruction, analysis, recommendation or assistance concerning past, present, or future employment or compensation for an individual's time, labor or effort.

"Agent" means any individual who performs any function or activity for or on behalf of any person, the purpose of which is to provide services or products to individuals seeking employment, career guidance or counseling, or employment related services or products.

"Applicant" means any person applying for licensing or registration under this act.

"Attorney General" means the Attorney General of this State or a designee.

"Baby sitter" means and includes any individual under 16 years of age, other than a registered nurse or a licensed nurse, entrusted temporarily with the care of children during the absence of their parents, guardians, or individuals standing in loco parentis to them. This definition shall not include persons regularly employed by agencies, or institutions operated by or under the control or supervision of this State, or any of its political subdivisions, nor any child care facilities operated for the care of children when the facilities are similarly controlled or supervised.

"Booking agency" means any person who procures, offers, promises, or attempts to procure employment for performing artists, or athletes, not under the jurisdiction of the Athletic Control Board, and who collects a fee for providing those services.

"Bureau" means the Bureau of Employment and Personnel Services in the Division of Consumer Affairs within the Department of Law and Public Safety created pursuant to section 2 of this act.

"Career counseling service" means any business that, through its agents or otherwise, procures or represents itself as procuring employment or employment assistance or advertises in any manner the following services for a fee: career counseling; vocational guidance; aptitude, achievement or vocational testing; executive consulting; personnel consulting; career management, evaluation, or planning; the development of resumes and other promotional materials relating to the preparation for employment; or referral services relating to employment or employment qualifications. A career counseling service shall be licensed as an employment agency pursuant to the provisions of this act. A career counseling service shall not include career consulting or outplacement organizations required to be registered under section 24 of this act.

"Chief" means the Chief of the Bureau of Employment and Personnel Services.

"Consulting firm" means any person required to be registered under section 23 of this act that:

(1) Identifies, appraises, refers or recommends individuals to be considered for employment by the employer; and

(2) Is compensated for services solely by payments from the employer and is not, in any instance, compensated, directly or indirectly, by an individual who is identified, appraised, referred or recommended.

"Director" means the Director of the Division of Consumer Affairs in the Department of Law and Public Safety, or his designee.

"Employer" means a person seeking to obtain individuals to perform services, tasks, or labor for which a salary, wage, or other compensation or benefits are to be paid.

"Employment agency" means any person who, for a fee, charge or commission:

(1) Procures or obtains, or offers, promises or attempts to procure, obtain, or assist in procuring or obtaining employment for a job seeker or employees for an employer; or

(2) Supplies job seekers to employers seeking employees on a part-time or temporary assignment basis who has not filed notification with the Attorney General pursuant to the provisions of section 1 of P.L.1981, c.1 (C.56:8-1.1); or

(3) Procures, obtains, offers, promises or attempts to procure or obtain employment or engagements for actors, actresses, performing artists, vocalists, musicians or models; or

(4) Acts as a placement firm, career counseling service, or resume service; or

(5) Acts as a nurses' registry.

The director shall have the authority to determine, from time to time, that a particular employment agency or career-related service or product, not otherwise expressly subject to the provisions of this act, is subject to whichever requirements of this act he deems appropriate.

"Fee, charge or commission" means any payment of money, or promise to pay money to a person in consideration for performance of any service for which licensure or registration is required by this act, or the excess of money received by a person furnishing employment or job seekers over what he has paid for transportation, transfer of baggage or lodging for a job seeker. "Fee, charge or commission" shall also include the difference between the amount of money received by any person who either furnishes job seekers or performers for any entertainment, exhibition or performance, or who furnishes baby sitters for any occasion, and the amount paid by the person to the job seekers, performers or baby sitters.

"Job listing service" means any person required to be registered under section 25 of this act who, by advertisement or other means, offers to provide job seekers with a list of employers, a list of job openings or a similar publication, or prepares resumes or lists of applicants for distribution to potential employers, where a fee or other valuable consideration is exacted or attempted to be collected, either directly or indirectly.

"Job seeker" means any individual seeking employment, career guidance or counseling or employment related services or products.

"Job seeker contingent liability" means a provision in an agreement between an employment agency and a job seeker whereby the job seeker may become liable, in whole or in part, to pay a fee, charge or commission of any amount, directly or indirectly, on account of any service rendered by the employment agency.

"Just cause for voluntary termination of employment by a job seeker" means and includes, but is not limited to, cases in which material misrepresentations of the terms or conditions of employment have been relied upon by a job seeker who would not have accepted the employment if the grounds for termination were known before acceptance of the employment.

"License" means a license issued by the director to any person to:

(1) Carry on the business of an employment agency; and

(2) Perform, as an agent of the agency, any of the functions related to the operation of the agency.

"Performing artist" means a model, musical, theatrical or other entertainment performer employed or engaged individually or in a group.

"Person" means any natural person or legal representative, partnership, corporation, company, trust, business entity or association, and any agent, employee, salesperson, partner, officer, director, member, stockholder, associate, trustee or cestuis que trustent thereof.

"Prepaid computer job matching service" means any person required to be registered under section 25 of this act who is engaged in the business of matching job seekers with employment opportunities, pursuant to an arrangement under which the job seeker is required to pay a fee in advance of, or contemporaneously with, the supplying of the matching, but which does not otherwise involve services for the procurement of employment by the person conducting the service.

"Primary location" means an address used for 90 or more calendar days by a person for the conduct of an activity regulated under this act.

"Principal owner" means any person who, directly or indirectly, holds a beneficial interest or ownership in an applicant or who has the ability to control an applicant.

"Temporary employment" means employment in which the duration is fixed as some definite agreed period of time or by the occurrence of some specified event, either of which shall be clearly stated to all parties at the time of referral to the employment.

"Temporary help service firm" means any person who operates a business which consists of employing individuals directly or indirectly for the purpose of assigning the employed individuals to assist the firm's customers in the handling of the customers' temporary, excess or special work loads, and who, in addition to the payment of wages or salaries to the employed individuals, pays federal social security taxes and State and federal unemployment insurance; carries worker's compensation insurance as required by State law; and sustains responsibility for the actions of the employed individuals while they render services to the firm's customers. A temporary help service firm is required to comply with the provisions of P.L.1960, c.39 (C.56:8-1 et seq.).

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