2013 New Jersey Revised Statutes
Section 34:6-98.6 - General requirements.

NJ Rev Stat § 34:6-98.6 (2013) What's This?

34:6-98.6 General requirements.

6. a. Every operator shall comply with the provisions of this act and the rules and regulations issued hereunder and every person shall comply with such provisions as applicable to that person.

b.Every operator before opening a new mine, pit or quarry, shall report the location of such proposed mine, pit or quarry and the operator's name and address in writing to the commissioner and to the local governing body of the municipality in which the mine, pit or quarry is to be located, and make application in writing to the commissioner for permission to open such mine, pit or quarry.

c.Every operator shall report the location of the mine and the name and address of the owner of the surface and of the mineral rights in writing to the commissioner and the local governing bodies involved before the commencement of operations by him.

d.Every operator abandoning or permanently discontinuing any mine, pit or quarry shall notify the commissioner and the local governing bodies involved in writing no less than 60 days prior to such abandonment or discontinuance.

e.The operator shall post at the surface entrance, or around the surface extremities of any mine, pit or quarry, appropriate, conspicuous and readily legible warning notices of the existence and dangers thereof and shall also place or cause to be placed guardrails, fences or other approved means, sufficient to prevent accidental fallings in any operating or abandoned mine, pit or quarry as the commissioner may direct.

f.The protection shall include adequate fences, when any such mine or area is declared a hazard as provided by this act, or effective and secure capping of surface access to mine workings or other protective measures which in the judgment of the commissioner are necessary to prevent injury to persons or damage to property by accidental fallings into the abandoned mine.

In any case where an abandoned mine constitutes an imminent hazard to persons and the order of the commissioner to protect such mine has not been complied with in the time specified, the commissioner is authorized to take such steps as may be necessary to eliminate the imminent hazard. The operator of the mine shall reimburse the commissioner for the actual cost of whatever corrective measures have been employed in eliminating the imminent hazard. The cost of any such corrective measures, until reimbursed, shall constitute a lien on such property and the mineral rights thereto.

The provisions of subsection e. of this section shall be applicable to mines abandoned prior to the passage of this act when any such mine is declared a hazard by the municipal governing body or by the State, after public hearing, and after such protection is requested by the municipality or State.

g.It shall be the duty of the mine operator, superintendent, or anyone in charge of a mine, with 10 or more persons, to keep at such places about the mine as may be designated by the commissioner, a stretcher and a woolen and waterproof blanket, in good condition, for use in caring for any person who may be injured at the mine. When more than 50 persons are employed, two or more stretchers with woolen and waterproof blankets shall be kept, and in all mines, a supply of first-aid equipment as may be prescribed by the section shall be kept readily accessible for the treatment of anyone injured. In all mines a first-aid corps shall be organized, consisting of the foreman, shift bosses, and other employees designated by the operator or superintendent of the mine to cause the organization of such; and to procure the services of a physician or qualified first-aid instructor to instruct the members of such first-aid corps from time to time, not less than once in each calendar month, until a sufficient number of members of such corps as may be required by the section shall be certified by said physician or instructor to be qualified in the proper handling and treatment of injured persons before treatment by a physician.

h.Adequate medical care or attention shall be provided for all injuries arising out of and in the course of employment.

i.When considered necessary by the section, and so ordered by it, the operator of every underground mine shall make and maintain, or cause to be made and maintained, a reasonably accurate map of the workings of such mine. At least once in every 6 months, or more often, if necessary, the operator or engineer of such mine shall cause to be shown, with reasonable accuracy on the map of said mine, all the excavations made therein during the time elapsed since such excavations were last shown on said map, and all parts of said mine which were worked and abandoned during said elapsed period of time shall be clearly indicated on said map, and all underground workings shall be surveyed and mapped before they are allowed to become inaccessible. Such maps shall at all times be open to examination by an inspector of the section.

j.No person shall disobey an order given in pursuance of the law, or do a willful act whereby the lives or health of persons working in such mines, or the security of a mine, or the machinery connected therewith, may be endangered.

k.Notices shall be placed by the superintendent, or under his direction by the mine foreman or shift boss, at the entrance of any working place deemed dangerous, and at the entrance to old or abandoned workings; and no person other than those who are authorized by the operator or superintendent, shall remove or go beyond any caution board or danger signal so placed.

l.At any mine employing 25 or more persons underground, the operator shall provide, and keep in a readily accessible place, at least 2 approved portable oxygen breathing apparatuses in condition to be used in case of emergency; also, the operator or superintendent of such mine shall provide training and periodic drills for a mine rescue crew in the use of such apparatuses, fire protection methods and rescue work all in a manner as may be required by the section. Tests, at least once monthly, of apparatuses by the actual use thereof shall be made.

m.It shall be the duty of the superintendent of any mine, within the provisions of this act, to keep at all times in the office of the mine and in the timekeeper's office thereof, in an accessible place and subject to inspection by all persons, at least one printed copy of this act.

n.No minor under 18 years of age shall be employed, permitted or suffered to work in, about, or in connection with any mine.

o.Strangers and visitors shall not be allowed underground unless accompanied by the owner, official or employee deputized to accompany them.

p.No person shall be required, without his consent, to work underground in any mine for more than 8 hours in any consecutive 24 hours, which 8 hours shall be reckoned from the time he arrives at his place of work in the mine until he leaves such place, provided that:

(a)A Saturday shift may work longer hours for the purpose of avoiding work on Sunday or changing shift at the end of the week or giving any of the persons a part holiday;

(b)The said limit shall not apply to a foreman, pumpman, cagetender, or any person engaged solely in surveying or measuring, nor shall it apply in cases of emergency, where life or property is in imminent danger, or in any case of repair work.

q.No person shall knowingly injure or destroy any equipment or machinery of any mine; nor, unless lawfully authorized to do so, obstruct or open an airway, handle or disturb any part of the machinery of the hoisting engine of the mine, open the door of a mine and neglect to close it, endanger the mine or those working therein, disobey an order given in pursuance of the law, or do a willful act whereby the lives or health of persons working in such mines, or the security of a mine, or the machinery connected therewith, may be endangered.

L.1954, c.197, s.6; amended 1973, c.257, s.3; 2007, c.155, s.5.

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