2013 New Jersey Revised Statutes
Section 2C:98-2 - Repealer

NJ Rev Stat § 2C:98-2 (2013) What's This?

2C:98-2. Repealer
All acts and parts of acts inconsistent with this act are hereby superseded and repealed, and without limiting the general effect of this act in superseding and repealing acts so inconsistent herewith, the following sections, acts and parts of acts, together with all amendments and supplements thereto, are specifically repealed:

New Jersey Statutes sections:

2A:85-1 to 2A:85-5 both inclusive;

2A:85-6 to 2A:85-14 both inclusive;

2A:86-1 to 2A:88-1 both inclusive;

2A:89-1 to 2A:90-3 both inclusive;

2A:91-1 to 2A:94-3 both inclusive;

2A:95-1 and 2A:95-2;

2A:96-1 to 2A:96-4 both inclusive;

2A:97-1 to 2A:98-2 both inclusive;

2A:99-1 and 2A:99-2;

2A:100-1 to 2A:102-12 both inclusive;

2A:103-1 to 2A:104-12 both inclusive;

2A:105-1 to 2A:105-4 both inclusive;

2A:106-1 to 2A:108-8 both inclusive;

2A:109-1 to 2A:111-21 both inclusive;

2A:111-22 to 2A:111-24 both inclusive;

2A:112-1 to 2A:115-1 both inclusive;



2A:115-4 and 2A:115-5;

2A:116-1 to 2A:119-5 both inclusive;

2A:119-6 to 2A:119-8 both inclusive;


2A:120-1 to 2A:121-5 both inclusive;

2A:122-1 to 2A:122-9 both inclusive;

2A:123-1 and 2A:123-2;

2A:124-1 to 2A:127-3 both inclusive;

2A:128-1 to 2A:134-1 both inclusive;

2A:135-1 to 2A:145-1 both inclusive;

2A:146-2 to 2A:148-22 both inclusive;


2A:151-1 to 2A:151-9 both inclusive;


2A:151-14 to 2A:151-28 both inclusive;

2A:151-31 to 2A:151-41 both inclusive;

2A:151-42 to 2A:151-44 both inclusive;

2A:151-45 to 2A:151-57 os, (inclusive;

2A:151-58 to 2A:151-61 both inclusive;

2A:152-5 to 2A:152-9 both inclusive;

2A:152-10 and 2A:152-11;


2A:159-1 to 2A:159-3 both inclusive;



2A:164-2 to 2A:164-13 both inclusive;

2A:164-14 to 2A:164-23 both inclusive;

2A:164-25 to 2A:164-28 both inclusive;

2A:165-1 to 2A:165-12 both inclusive;

2A:166-1 to 2A:166-7 both inclusive;


2A:166-14 to 2A:166-16 both inclusive;

2A:167-1 to 2A:167-3 both inclusive;

2A:168-1 to 2A:168-4 both inclusive;

2A:169-1 and 2A:169-2; 2A:169-4 to 2A:169-10 both inclusive;

2A:170-1 to 2A:170-3 both inclusive;

2A:170-4 to 2A:170-7 both inclusive;

2A:170-9 to 2A:170-11 both inclusive;


2A:170-16 to 2A:170-19 both inclusive;

2A:170-21 and 2A:170-25;

2A:170-26 to 2A:170-30 both inclusive;


2A:170-32 to 2A:170-41 both inclusive;

2A:170-42 to 2A:170-44 both inclusive;

2A:170-46 to 2A:170-49 both inclusive;


2A:170-55 to 2A:170-64 both inclusive;

2A:170-65 to 2A:170-67 both inclusive;

2A:170-68 and 2A:170-69;

2A:170-70 to 2A:170-76 both inclusive;

2A:170-86 to 2A:170-90 both inclusive;

2A:170-93 to 2A:170-96 both inclusive;



2A:171-4 and 2A:171-5;

2A:171-6 to 2A:171-12 both inclusive;

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L.1978, c. 95, s. 2C:98-2, eff. Sept. 1, 1979. Amended by L.1979, c. 178, s. 145, eff. Sept. 1, 1979.

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