2013 New Jersey Revised Statutes
Section 14A:7-3 - Subscription for shares.

NJ Rev Stat § 14A:7-3 (2013) What's This?

14A:7-3 Subscription for shares.

14A:7-3. Subscription for shares.

(1) Unless otherwise provided by the subscription agreement or unless all of the subscribers consent to the revocation of such subscription, a subscription for shares of a corporation to be formed shall be irrevocable for a period of six months if no certificate of incorporation shall be filed within such period. If the certificate of incorporation is filed within such period, or if it is filed at any later time before revocation, such subscription shall also be irrevocable until 60 days after the filing of the certificate of incorporation. Subscriptions for shares, whether made before or after the organization of a corporation, shall be accepted or rejected by the board, unless the certificate of incorporation or the bylaws require action by the shareholders.

(2) (Deleted by amendment, P.L.1997, c.252.)

(3) A subscriber shall not become a holder of any shares for which the full consideration has not been paid. Unless otherwise provided by the subscription agreement

(a) Any payment made by the subscriber, in accordance with the subscription agreement or as called for by the board, shall be applied to pay the full consideration for as many whole shares as possible and any remaining balance of such payment shall be applied as part payment of a share;

(b) A share certificate shall be registered in the name of the subscriber for the number of shares so paid for in full; and

(c) The corporation shall be entitled to retain such share certificate as security for the performance by the subscriber of his obligations under the subscription agreement and subject to the power of sale or rescission upon default provided in paragraphs 14A:7-3(5)(b) and 14A:7-3(5)(c).

(4) Unless otherwise provided by the subscription agreement

(a) Subscriptions for shares, whether made before or after the organization of a corporation, shall be paid in full at such time, or in such installments and at such times, as shall be determined by the board;

(b) Any call made by the board for payment on subscriptions shall be uniform as to all shares of the same class or as to all shares of the same series, as the case may be;

(c) All such calls for payments on subscriptions shall be upon 30 days' notice thereof and of the time and place of payment, which notice shall be given personally or by registered or certified mail.

(5) In the event of default in the payment of any installment or call or other amount due under the terms of the subscription agreement, including any amount which may become due as a result of a default in the performance of any provision thereof, the corporation shall have the following rights and duties:

(a) It may proceed to collect the amount due in the same manner as any other debt owing to it. At any time before full satisfaction of the claim or any judgment therefor, it may proceed as provided in paragraph 14A:7-3(5)(b).

(b) It may sell the shares in any reasonable manner. Notice of the time and place of any public sale or of the time after which any private sale may be had, together with a statement of the amount due upon each share, shall be given in writing to the subscriber personally or by registered or certified mail at least 20 days before any such time stated in the notice. Unless otherwise provided in the subscription agreement, the corporation may not be the purchaser at any sale. Any excess of net proceeds realized over the amount due plus interest shall be paid over to the subscriber. If the sale is made in good faith, in a reasonable manner and upon the notice required by this paragraph, the corporation may recover the difference between the amount due plus interest and the net proceeds of the sale. A good faith purchaser for value shall acquire title to the sold shares free of any rights of the subscriber even though the corporation fails to comply with one or more of the requirements of this subsection.

(c) It may rescind the subscription, with the effect provided in subsection 14A:7-3(6), and may recover damages for breach of contract. Unless special circumstances show proximate damages of a different amount, the measure of damages shall be the difference between the market price at the time and place for tender of the shares and the unpaid contract price. Liquidated damages may be provided for in the subscription agreement in an amount which is reasonable under the circumstances, including the difficulties of proof of loss. The subscriber shall be entitled to restitution of any amount by which the sum of his payments exceeds the corporation's damages for breach of contract, whether fixed by agreement or judgment.

The rights and duties set forth in subsection 14A:7-3(5) shall be interpreted as cumulative so far as is consistent with the purpose of entitling the corporation to a full and single recovery of the amount due or its damages. The subscription agreement may limit the rights and remedies of the corporation set forth in subsection 14A:7-3(5), and may add to them so far as is consistent with the preceding sentence.

(6) The rescission by the corporation of a subscription under which a portion of the shares subscribed for have been issued and in which the corporation retains a security interest, as provided in subsection 14A:7-3(3), shall effect the cancellation of such shares.

(7) A contract made with a corporation to purchase its shares is a subscription agreement and not an executory contract to purchase shares, unless otherwise provided in the agreement.

L.1968, c.350; amended 1973,c.366,s.31; 1988,c.94,s.35, 1997,c.252,s.20.

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