2017 Mississippi Code
Title 71 - Labor and Industry
Chapter 7 - Drug and Alcohol Testing of Employees
§ 71-7-9. Collection, storage and transportation of specimens; time of testing; rights of employees upon receipt of positive results; discharge, discipline, etc., of employees generally; payment of costs of testing

Universal Citation: MS Code § 71-7-9 (2017)
  • (1) The collection of specimens shall be performed under reasonable and sanitary conditions. Individual dignity shall be preserved to the extent practicable.
  • (2) Specimens shall be collected in a manner reasonably calculated to prevent substitution of specimens and interference with the collection or testing of specimens.
  • (3) Specimen collection shall be documented, and the documentation procedures shall include:
    • (a) Labeling of specimen containers so as to reasonably preclude the likelihood of erroneous identification of test results; and
    • (b) An opportunity for the employee or applicant to provide any information that he considers relevant to the test, including identification of currently or recently used prescription or nonprescription drugs, or other relevant medical information. The provision of this information shall not preclude the administration of the drug and alcohol test, but shall be taken into account in interpreting any positive confirmed results.
  • (4) Specimen collection, storage and transportation to the testing site will be performed in a manner which will reasonably preclude specimen contamination or adulteration, and specimen testing for drugs shall conform to scientifically accepted analytical methods and procedures.
  • (5) Each confirmation test conducted under this chapter, not including the taking or collecting of a specimen to be tested, shall be conducted by a laboratory.
  • (6) A specimen for a drug and alcohol test may be taken or collected by any of the following persons:
    • (a) A physician, a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse;
    • (b) A qualified person employed by a laboratory; or
    • (c) Any person deemed qualified by the State Board of Health.
  • (7) A person who collects or takes a specimen for a drug and alcohol test conducted pursuant to this chapter shall collect an amount sufficient for at least two (2) drug and alcohol tests as defined by federal statutes and regulations.
  • (8) Any drug and alcohol testing conducted or requested by an employer shall occur during or immediately after the regular work period of current employees, and shall be deemed to be performed during work time for purposes of determining compensation and benefits for current employees.
  • (9) Every specimen that produces a positive confirmed result shall be preserved in a frozen state by the laboratory that conducts the confirmation test for a period of ninety (90) days from the time the results of the positive confirmed test are mailed or otherwise delivered to the employer. During this period, the employee who has provided the specimen shall be permitted by the employer to have a portion of the specimen retested, at the employee's expense, at a laboratory chosen by the employee. The laboratory that has performed the test for the employer shall be responsible for the transfer of the portion of the specimen to be retested, and for the integrity of the chain of custody during such transfer.
  • (10) Within five (5) working days after receipt of a positive confirmed test result report from the laboratory that conducted the test, an employer shall, in writing, inform an employee of such positive test result and inform the employee in writing of the consequences of such a report and the options available to him.
  • (11) An employee may request and receive from the employer a copy of the test result report.
  • (12) Within ten (10) working days after receiving notice of a positive confirmed test result, the employee may submit information to an employer explaining the test results, and why the results do not constitute a violation of the employer's policy. If an employee's explanation of the positive test results is not satisfactory to the employer, a written explanation submitted by the employer as to why the employee's explanation is unsatisfactory, along with the report of positive results, shall be made a part of the employee's medical and personnel records.
  • (13) Except as otherwise provided in Section 71-7-13(10), an employer may not discharge, discipline, refuse to hire, discriminate against, or request or require rehabilitation of an employee on the basis of a positive test result that has not been verified by a confirmatory test.
  • (14) An employer may not discharge, discipline, discriminate against or request or require rehabilitation of an employee on the basis of medical history information revealed to the employer pursuant to this chapter unless the employee had an affirmative obligation to provide such information before, upon or after hire.
  • (15) An employer who performs on-site drug and alcohol tests or specimen collection shall establish chain-of-custody procedures to ensure proper record keeping, handling, labeling and identification of all specimens to be tested.
  • (16) The employer shall pay the costs of all drug and alcohol tests to which he requires, or requests, an employee or job applicant to submit. The employee or job applicant shall pay the costs of any additional drug and alcohol tests requested by the employee or job applicant.
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