2013 Mississippi Code
§ 21-35-25 - Revision of municipal budget

MS Code § 21-35-25 (2013) What's This?

Notwithstanding any provision in this chapter to the contrary, the budget of any municipality may be revised as provided in this section and under the conditions herein stated, and when a deficit is indicated the budget shall be revised.

The governing authorities of any municipality are authorized to revise the budget for expenses of such municipality at any one (1) regular meeting of said governing authorities held not later than August of the first year in which such governing authorities enter upon the discharge of their duties, provided there be funds in the treasury of the municipality, or coming into the treasury during the fiscal year, not appropriated by the budget of the outgoing board of governing authorities, and there is a deficit in any one (1) or more items provided for in the budget of the preceding board. This section shall not, however, validate or invalidate any contracts made, executed or entered into by the governing authorities of the preceding term.

If it appears at any time during the current fiscal year, but not later than the regular July meeting of the board of governing authorities, that collections of anticipated revenues from taxes or other sources will be less than the amount estimated, and a deficit is thereby indicated for any fund, or funds, the governing authorities shall, at a regular meeting, revise and reduce the budget appropriations for such funds as is anticipated will have a deficit, so as to conform to the lowered indicated revenue, including revenue from taxes and all other sources.

If it affirmatively appears at any time during the current fiscal year that actual collections and anticipated revenues from taxes or other sources, including grants or donations, will exceed the estimates, then the governing authorities may revise and increase the budget appropriation of such fund, or funds, affected by such increase in revenue, but no such transfer shall be made from fund to fund, or from item to item, which will result in the expenditure of any money for a purpose different from that for which the tax was levied. The budget, as so revised, shall be spread in detail upon the minutes of said board of governing authorities. However, no such increase shall in any event be construed to authorize expenditures or to incur obligations which will result in a deficit in any fund, or funds.

If the increase in revenue over the estimates is from other than regular sources, including grants and donations, such excess over the estimate may be expended for improvements and new construction, including buildings, additions to buildings, streets, and street improvements.

If it affirmatively appears at any time during the current fiscal year that there is in any fund or account any sum remaining unexpended and not needed or expected to be needed for the purpose or purposes for which appropriated in said budget, then the governing authorities may, in their discretion, transfer such sum or any part thereof to any other fund or funds or account or accounts where needed, by order to such effect entered upon their minutes. This shall not, however, authorize the expenditure of any funds for any purpose other than that for which the levy producing such funds was made.

Any amendments made pursuant to this section to an originally adopted budget which exceed ten percent (10%) of the total amount appropriated or authorized to be expended in a particular department fund shall be published or posted within two (2) weeks of the action in a newspaper in the same manner as the final adopted budget. Separate amendments to an originally adopted budget during one fiscal year which affect a particular department fund shall be considered as one (1) amendment in determining whether the ten percent (10%) threshold requiring publication or posting has been reached. This publication or posted notice shall contain a description of the amendment, the amount of money and funds affected, and a detailed statement explaining the need and purpose of the amendment. The vote of each member of the municipality's governing authority on each amendment shall be included in the publication or posted notice.

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